2017 January Food

FOODball Worthy Snacks Ideas for Super Bowl Party!


No clue on what snacks to bring to a Super Bowl party? Don’t worry. Here is a list of creative and simple Super Bowl snacks you can bring. Simple to make and yet being able to impress your guests and friends. Looking scrumptious and mouth-watering through its external appearance and yet taste yummy. Start scrolling […]

2017 January Fashion

What You Can Wear Under Your Valentine’s Day Outfit to Surprise Your Bae

What You Can Wear Under Your Valentine's Day Outfit to Surprise Your Bae

Less than a month time, all the love birds out there are going to celebrate this major love season – The Valentine’s Day! Whether your love is just blooming like the Spring flowers or you’re seeking to rekindle the flame. Nothing can beats the excitement when you surprise your Valentine with the sweetest and smoking […]

2017 January Fashion

Discover 5 Chic Outfits to Wear to a Super Bowl Party


Super Bowl, a grand massive football league event of the year is coming real soon! Some of you may be super excited for it, gearing up to be the best cheerleaders for a team or maybe the halftime ensemble is the only session you look forward to. But it is no harm dressing up to […]

2017 2017 January Fashion

2017 Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspirations


Calling all the lovers out there! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may want to don the best V-themed outfit that guarantees to make your sweetheart fall in love with you over and over again. Whether you’re going for a fancy date night or a casual picnic date, these perfect outfits are going to make […]

2017 2017 January D.I.Y

Creative and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


Chocolates and flowers are soooo last year! Trust me, even though your bae loves receiving them, they will eventually get bored when you always ‘surprise’ them with the exact same gifts. This year your bae will not be receiving either of them. Instead, they will be receiving ¬†your extra efforts and get sweep up the […]

2017 January Beauty Food

Beauty Hacks to Discover from Food You Eat Every Day


Feeling tired of keeping up with those beauty products to keep your skin radiant and bright? Just put them aside for now! You can save up the holes in your pockets and direct your focus on the food you eat every day. Just that? Yes! That will give you positive results as well! Set your […]

2017 2017 January Beauty D.I.Y

Crush-Worthy Nail Art Inspirations for Valentine’s Day 2017


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re heading out with your bae or just watching Netflix with your girl friends in your pyjamas, there’s always no harm to give your nails some pretty makeover! It’s definitely no joke that holidays always produce the most festive and beautiful fingertips. After seeing all those jaw […]

2017 January Weddings

2017 Top Wedding Dress Trends You Must Know!


Having a perfect wedding has always been a girl’s lifelong dream. From the wedding venue, colour themes, accessories to wedding gowns, every tiny little details matter in order to ensure the very big day is one unforgettable and memorable day in which we do not want any regrets to arise. Finding the perfect dress is […]

2016 2016 December Home Decor

Embrace the Maximalist Decor Style That Will Reign 2017


We have often heard of the minimalist interior design where the mantra is “less is more”. A minimalist design theory pretty much revolves around simple and clean lines, limited color palette, barest design elements and the absence of lavish styles. On the other hand, a maximalist design style preaches “less is bore” creed. A maximalist […]