2017 August Fashion

Stylish Autumn / Winter Coats You Need to Own


If you’re planning on wearing the same old jacket that you’ve buried somewhere in your closet, here’s my take on the fall coats or light winter coats you need to have this season to get through the next few frigid months.  These are the coats that you’ll see what all the cool girls on Instagram […]

2017 July Fashion

Summer 2017 Trend Alert: GO GINGHAM!


Do you remember Primark’s £15 ‘must-have’ gingham dress that made its fans go wild? It looks something like this. Source: Mirror.co.uk The summer dress was extremely popular and now it’s probably sold out. The very last one was bought by a shopper, Dianne Bourne, at Primark’s Manchester City Store and it is reported that they may […]

2017 2017 July

10 Affordable Gift Ideas For Him


Many girls find that shopping for the opposite sex can be a little tricky especially if he’s that special someone who you’d want to impress. Whether it is for his birthday, wedding, anniversary or a just-because gift, there are cool gifts out there you can get for him without having to burn a hole in […]

2017 2017 June Fashion

The Perfect Travel Shoes : Foldable Ballet Flats


As the number of female travellers are on the rise, there is no better travel companion than a pair of comfortable shoes. Introducing one of the most trendy and travel-friendly pieces that has ever been invented, get your hands on travel ballet flats. Yes, I repeat, TRAVEL BALLET FLATS! How can any traveler not think […]

2017 D.I.Y Food

10 Summer Cocktails to Keep You Refreshed


Refreshing, cold and boozy cocktails sound like something we could use to beat the summer heat. Throw a pool party, whip up some kick*ss cocktails and impress your girlfriends like the sophisticated girl you are. There’s nothing like sippin’ on fruity cocktails by the pool on a lazy afternoon while getting a sun-kissed tan. You […]

2017 2017 May Travel

10 Thrilling Activities to Do Because YOLO!


Are you bored of visits to museums and art galleries when you’re on vacation? If you’re a thrill seeker who’s looking to break free from boring routines and step out of the comfort zone with adrenaline pumping activities, I’d say go for it and knock yourself out because you only live once (YOLO)! Here’s a list […]

2017 D.I.Y Food

Easy Acai Bowl Recipe

Do you have the tendency to skip breakfast just because you’re breakfast doesn’t look delicious or you’ve totally bored of the ideas of having toast every morning?! Then, get excited because acai bowl is coming to your life! There are many food trends out there that are unwarranted, but when it comes to acai bowls which feature […]

2017 2017 May Food

20 Signs You’re A SHAMELESS Foodie!

good food good life

Do you eat to live or live to eat? As a foodie, it’s definitely the latter. It’s our life mantra. Eating is one of the simple pleasures in life. We all have our food-loving moments but some people are just always in the mood for food. You’re a shameless, unapologetic foodie if you find 20 […]

2017 2017 May Travel

10 Picturesque Islands in Southeast Asia That We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

10 Picturesque Island in Asia That We Can't Take Our Eyes Off

Summer is just ahead us and I think it is a great time for me to share with you the 10 picturesque islands in Asia which I can’t take our eyes off! Before I jump straight to the topic, there is one thing you should know about me, I am 100% without a doubt, a […]