Creative and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Chocolates and flowers are soooo last year! Trust me, even though your bae loves receiving them, they will eventually get bored when you always ‘surprise’ them with the exact same gifts. This year your bae will not be receiving either of them. Instead, they will be receiving  your extra efforts and get sweep up the feet! I promise whether you and your partner have been together for years, or this is your first Feb 14, with this guide, you two are sure to have some unforgettable memories. Some of the ideas below will cost you barely anything, while some might cost you more — it’s all up to you. Keep reading to get inspired!

1. Write Her A Love Letter 


You might think it’s silly to write a love letter. But sometimes a simple Valentine’s Day card just won’t cut it. A great gift doesn’t have to be flamboyant or expensive. All you need to do is get old school and pick out the right envelope, some fancy paper and use a fountain pen to write. While writing, try to be natural, use your usual conversational style and write whatever comes to mind. You can always give a letter along with some flowers or a small gift. If you want to get creative, why not tie your love letter with a helium balloon?

2. Cook A Fancy Meal 

During Valentine’s Day, not only the restaurants are packed with couples, the price tend to be more expensive than usual. So why not just skip the reservation and attempt to male a multi course meal yourself? You can also decorate the dinner table according to your preference. P.S remember to light up some aroma candles to inject a romantic accent. Now, you and your bae can enjoy some privacy and the presence of each other.

3. Plan Something You Normally Would Not Do


Seize the opportunity of V day season and do something you wouldn’t do on the usual dates. For instance, you hate going to the theme parks but your loved one does. So why not encourage yourself to step out from your comfort zone and bring your significant other there. This will definitely surprise your bae and your willingness will be much appreciated. Besides, this will also add some sparks and interest to your Valentine’s Day date!

4. Stuff Helium Balloon With Notes 


Every girl would be extremely delighted to see a room fully decorated with balloons. Hence, surprise them even more when you write some small notes and stuff them in every single balloon or hang on its strings. You can write things you love about them or fond memories you have had together.

5. Personalise A Gift 


If you’re planning to give your bae gifts, the easiest way of achieving this is by buying small trinkets with symbolic value, tools she uses everyday or decorative items and having them engraved with their initials. If you feel initials are too mainstream, you can even write an inside joke just the two of you know, a deep and meaningful message from you to her or a thought-provoking romantic quote.  As long as you make it truly heartfelt and personal, something that carries emotional value for her and has a deeper symbolic meaning, your efforts will be rewarded tenfold.

6. Surprise Them With A Workday Delivery 

Everyone else will have their orders sent over. So why not deliver it yourself to their home or even office. Trust me, your partner will be absolutely happy and surprise at the same time when you show up on their doorstep with flowers and goodies. If you can’t make an appearance, have something special delivered such as a home cooked lunch.

7. Make Your Partner Some Love Coupons 


I know love coupons do sound cheesy but believe me once in a blue moon this cheesy stuff is going to add some romantic accent to your relationship. You can either find some templates online, print it and fill in your coupon messages. Or you can get creative and make it yourself. You can absolutely bring your creativity to the next level regarding your messages.

8. Curated A Personal Gift Basket 

It is not necessary to pick only one gift. You an shower your partner by creating the ultimate romantic hodgepodge that will take her a good 5 to 10 minutes to go through. She will get more excited and happier with each little item she takes out. All you need is find a pretty basket or box and put all the goodies in and some filler material such as soft red or pink fabric, hearts, small candies and chocolates.In terms of goodies, you can have some scented candles, her favourite body cream, chocolates, beauty products, wine, flowers and of course a romantic handwritten Valentine’s Day card where you can try and express the feelings you have for her. P.S write it in your usual conversational style. Don’t overdo it with the romantic cliches.

9. Surprise Her With A Romantic Getaway 


Nothing can beats the thrill of a sudden romantic vacation. A getaway doesn’t mean you have to go out of country but the objective is to spend time with your partner that means a lot for her.  P.S. make sure you plan it all from the activities you’re doing to the accommodations so that your bae can enjoy their time and don’t have a thing to worry about.

10. Threat Them To A Spa 


If both of you are the type of couple who enjoys spending a lot of time together, but seldom get the chance to do it because of the hectic city life and demanding jobs and tight schedules. A relaxing treatment at a spa center will be absolutely perfect for you! You and your bae can get the rest that you deserve and recharge your batteries. If spa center might be too costly for you, why not create your very own at home. All you have to do is fill up the tub with the perfect temperature of hot water, toss in the bath bomb, light up some candles, fill up the glass with some wine or champagne and walaaa you’re all done! If you plan to do your own bath bomb here is the —> tutorial.

11. Make A Scrapbook 

Creative and Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Scrapbook might sounds mainstream but a D.I.Y scrapbook which document your milestones from the day you both first met will be so much meaningful. You can even write some love notes on the blank spaces. Make sure to leave some pages empty so you two can fill the rest together.


That’s all for today’s V day topic.

A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be heart-shaped, fluffy, cuddly or edible for your girl to be wowed by your gesture.

As long as you give her with all your hearts!




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