10 Affordable Gift Ideas For Him


Many girls find that shopping for the opposite sex can be a little tricky especially if he’s that special someone who you’d want to impress. Whether it is for his birthday, wedding, anniversary or a just-because gift, there are cool gifts out there you can get for him without having to burn a hole in your pocket. You find that hard to believe? Check out these affordable gift ideas and when I say affordable, they’re all BELOW $50.00 USD. Click on the items that interest you for more details. Happy shopping!

1. “Keep Calm and Kill Zombies” T-shirt

Is he a fan of The Walking Dead? If yes, you must get this awesome tee for him. Made from soft and light-weighted cotton, this casual tee will be his everyday basic tee that matches with his favourite denim or khaki shorts. It’s a simple yet comfortable tee that he can put on while slaying zombies on his video game.



“Keep Calm and Kill Zombies” T-shirt
$16.99 USD

2. Metal Art Motorcycle Decor

One thing that men can love with his life is his car or motorcycle. Yeah, it’s something most girls don’t understand. It’s similar how men never get our love for shoes. Anyway, even if you know nothing about cars or motorcycles (If you’ve got it, you go girl!) but still would like to show some support in his interests and hobbies, this is it. If he’s a hardcore biker, an artistic metal art motorcycle decor is pretty impressive.


Metal Art Motorcycle Decor
$29.99 USD

3. Keychain Beer Bottle Opener

Everyone could use a beer after a hectic day. However, imagine this frustrating situation. He grabs a few bottles and head off to the beach but only to realize he forgot to bring the beer bottle opener. Instead of cracking it open with his teeth, get him this keychain beer bottle opener. It’s stylish and doesn’t make him look like an alcoholic when he hangs it together with his keys. Plus, it’s a practical gift. Extra points for that.


Keychain Beer Bottle Opener
$7.00 USD 

4. Electric Self Stirring Coffee Cup

If he isn’t a beer-and-meat kind of guy, maybe he’s a heavy coffee drinker who has 10 cups of coffee each day. That’s easy. Get him a coffee cup. Not just any boring, ordinary coffee cup. It’s a self stirring coffee cup. There’s no need to be searching around high and low for a teaspoon to stir in his sugar and creamer anymore. With just a push of a button, this cup will help him to stir his drink. Actually, this cup can actually be pretty travel-friendly. It doesn’t seem much but he’s definitely going to love this electric self stirring coffee cup.


Electric Self Stirring Coffee Cup 
$6.99 USD

5. Anchor on Rope Bracelet

An anchor on rope bracelet will be a nice and fashionable gift for him too. This bracelet is so versatile, it will complement any outfit he puts on while adding a sporty and active vibe to his look. The simple bracelet design would also match watches perfectly without looking over accessorised.


Anchor on Rope Bracelet
$3.00 USD

6. Canvas Messenger Bag with Leather Flap and Handle

Perfect for both work and play, this canvas messenger bag is perfect for him whether it’s to be lugged to college, work or casual events. Made of sleek leather and canvas, it gives the bag a two-toned outlook, making it business-like without looking too formal. It’s designed with a top handle and an adjustable crossbody strap which makes gives him different styling options and ways to carry the bag. Practical and stylish, what’s not to love about this bag? In fact, this bag is suitable for both men and women. You can get one for yourself too.


Canvas Messenger Bag with Leather Flap and Handle
$49.99 USD

7. “Legendary” Cufflinks

If he’s a suit and tie kind of guy, there are even more options when it comes to getting a gift. This pair of cuff links says everything about him. It’s a compliment and a practical gift. A 2-in-1 combo, if you ask me. A legendary gift for a legen- wait for it- dary guy!


Legendary Cufflinks
$12.00 USD

8. Genuine Leather Belt with Gold and Silver Buckle

Do not underestimate the power of a simple leather belt. Any formal look would not be complete without a fine looking leather belt. Not only does it hold up loose pants, it can be worn to give a hint of luxe accent. This one is made of genuine cow leather and it comes with a gold and silver buckle that adds a classy, opulent touch.


Genuine Leather Belt with Gold and Silver Buckle
$8.00 USD

9. Aqua Blue Linen Necktie

A brightly coloured tie adds a pop of colour to any plain, monochrome formalwear. Hence, this simple blue linen necktie will add an interesting touch to any formal shirt and it’s a colour that can easily match with any shirt without looking too quirky. It’s a pretty good deal. Don’t forget to get the next item on the list to hold the tie in place.


Aqua Blue Linen Necktie
$10.00 USD

10. Silver Metal Tie Clip 

Sometimes, the tiny details makes the biggest difference. A miniature tie bar isn’t just to clip the front end of the tie to the back end, it holds the shape of the tie and fastens both ends to the placket of the shirt. Tip: Make sure you don’t place the tie clip too high or too low. It should go between the third and fourth buttons of the dress shirt.


Silver Metal Tie Clip
$5.00 USD


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