10 Thing You Do With Your Best Friend

Hi everyone! How are you? Are you enjoying this Spring season? We all are excited for Spring break! Yay!

Do you have best friend? Who and how you consider a person as your best friend? Best friend are always there for each other and always do things together. But simply doing things together doesn’t mean you guys are best friend. We have prepared a list of 10 things that you do with your best friend to verify the relationship status.

1. Sleep over

Girls love to sleep over at their best friend place! Playing truth and dare, gossiping, chatting and stay awake whole night.

2. Go To Concerts

Going to concert with your best friend is a must! Even if you guys didn’t like the same celebrity, best friend will accompany you to concerts!

3. Have Matching Items

Matching outfit, accessories, nail polish and the list goes on. Here are some items that you and your best friend should have!

4. Finishing each other words

They understand your glance and know what your thoughts in certain situation. They know what you’re gonna say next and completing each other words is just normal.

5. Shopping

Girls love shopping! And we love shopping with our best friend!

6. Apply Mascara

We can fix our makeup anywhere but we only wear mascara in front of our best friend. ONLY.

7. Sharing

We always share stories with our friend. For best friend level, it is more than stories. You guys share wardrobe too! And food.

8. Always be the first

You guys are best friend when you know everything about each other even before your parents know it. The first in everything! They trust you in every small details in life.

9. Take pictures

This is quite normal. We take pictures with our friends all the time. With best friend, we take a LOT of pictures with crazy poses and weird face selfies.

10. Pet name

We don’t call each other by name, we have our pet name. And its only exclusive for our best friend.

Did you and your best friend fulfill these 10 criteria? If yes, congratulation! If not, you know what you should do.

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