10 Things to Tick Off The Winter Bucket List

In less than few weeks time marks the end of 2017 and soon you’ll be scrolling on unending new year resolution posts posted by your friends. Yes, keep scrolling. That is what I would do. This new year resolution has become a thing and makes me wonder how many actually have achieved any of them or keep track of it throughout the year.

Or just posting for the fun of it, putting it on focus yeah maybe for the first few week and then slips off the mind after some time. Yup, that’s me! How about you?

So I have come to a conclusion not to squeeze my brain juice just to form a perfectly structured resolution instead I have come up with a bucket list for the winter. Sounds more practical and achievable, right?

Check them out and pick some from this list to tick it off from your own bucket list!

  1.  Send A Christmas Note – The Snail-Mail Way

Getting gifts for loved ones and friends is definitely gonna be one of the top things on the bucket list. Yet, one of the most stressful ones as well. Thinking of what to buy for each other every year is one difficult question and turns shopping to a Christmas tedious hunt. Why not have it a little twist here?

In the midst of the faced-paced living, send out a Christmas postcard (a handmade one, even better) the snail-mail way. Trust me, this would appear as much surprise as the usual gift, or even more! Postcards holds meaningful words that light up someone’s day and can be kept as long-lasting memories.

2. Go For A Pine Cone Hunt

Let me tell you, do not doubt why pine cone hunt should be on your bucket list. It sounds meh.


It can be exhilarating and a fun activity to do with your friends and family. Try it out. You will be surprised by how you will enjoy filling up your basket with pine cones, scrutinise every one from high and to find the perfect one, carrying each other up just to get that particular nicely grown pine cone on the tree!


3. Make Yourself A Snow Ice-Cream

What? A snow ice-cream? Yes. Fresh ones to be exact.

Instead of building a snowman with the snow, collect them and eat them in your bowl. It is really simple to make and uses less than 4 ingredients (sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract and fresh new fallen snow) to turn the snow into edible snow ice-cream.

It tastes good! Who knows it might turn into your Christmas tradition just like how Olaf turns to be Elsa’s and Anna’s Christmas tradition!

Source: Happy Hooligans

4. Host An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

You and I know we can never run away from those ugly Christmas sweaters because this is where they should be. Host a party or get-together event where everyone wears their best ugly sweaters for a Christmas winter vibe. You can still get in style in those sweaters. It’ll be loads of fun.

5. Be A Santa

Everyone loves the mysterious and surprise feel from Santa, why not you be one? It’s a joyous season so take this opportunity to spread the joy and love not only to your loved ones but to someone new.

A random act of kindness!

6. Bundle Up For A Movie Marathon

If you are a movie maniac, this is the right time to catch up with the movies you have missed this year. Set aside one day to list down all the movie wish list, then take another day to start your movie marathon.

One movie I would suggest is Coco, an animated movie. Google it up. Impressed with the storyline and love how the movie wraps around the family love theme. Highly recommended for all ages from young to the senior ones. Oh, be ready to fall in love with the soundtracks!

7. Start A Knitting Project

If you are all artsy and crafty, get your fingers on for a new knitting project. Get in the hands of learning new things can be fun, plus knitting can be added as a new skill. There is so much to knit, try simple ones from a pot holder, pouch, scarf, blanket to mittens. And so much more.

8. Try A New Look

Looking at your closet, staring at it for quite a few seconds and close it back. If this sounds familiar to you, it is a sign that you need a new look. A new makeover. Go shopping and have a little self-treat. Try on something new, a new style that you have never gone for your entire life. Velvet, fur, thigh-high boots, mesh, colourful stockings, a new hairstyle… anything! Invest in one and you’ll definitely feel good about yourself.

9. Go For A Winter Soak

A perfect getaway for a me-time. Get yourself soaked in the steamy hot springs because it is just too cold outside. Enjoy the heat and relaxed setting the moment you get yourself immersed in the warm cosy hot springs.



10. Get Your Home Decorated For A Festive Mood

Set up the winter mood with some decorations. Be it at any corner or a tiny pine cone, just get it all set up and the atmosphere for this time of the year. If you are running out of ideas, here are some DIY ideas you can start with.


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