10 Thrilling Activities to Do Because YOLO!


Are you bored of visits to museums and art galleries when you’re on vacation? If you’re a thrill seeker who’s looking to break free from boring routines and step out of the comfort zone with adrenaline pumping activities, I’d say go for it and knock yourself out because you only live once (YOLO)! Here’s a list of 10 extreme activities to do before you die. Trust me, you don’t want to look back on your life with regret. You’d rather look back and think “Wow! I did it. I’m cool.”

1.   Tree Camping (Elk, California)


Don’t put those camping skills you’ve learned during those young Girl Scout days to waste. Back then, you were cool. Put those camping skills to practice and bring them to the next level by doing it up in the trees. Tree camping, where you set a “Treeboat” bed- which comes with a mosquito net, blankets and a pillow in the trees and lay there all day to the relaxing sound of nature.  Tree camping is not like any ordinary camping activity. You will require the proper equipments which is available for rent or simply google “tree tents” to get one. A popular spot to tree camp is Elk California because they have countless tall and sturdy trees that offers an exquisite view.

Tree Tent on Amazon for sale




Elk, California – www.exploretheusa.com/Tree_Camping_in_Elk_California

2.  Cliff-face Camping (Estes Park, Colorado)


Tree camping isn’t thrilling enough for you? Bring your camping game to vertiginous heights! If wall climbing is your jam, cliff-camping should make it to your bucket list. You can opt to have a picnic up on the vertical wall and 75 feet off the ground with a great scenic view of Estes Park and Longs Peak. Ultimately, feel the excitement and spend a night camping out on sheer rocks for a unique experience. Gears are provided when you make a reservation to book a cliff camp. All you have to bring is your a change of clothes and other personal belongings with you. My advise would be to pack light.

Ester Park, Colorado – http://kmaconline.com/cliff-camping-colorado

Kent Mountain Adventure Center
PO Box 835
Estes Park, CO 80517
Phone: (970)586-5990
Email : kmac@frii.com

3. Volcano Boarding (Cerro Negro, Nicaragua)


When snow boarding is so last season, volcano boarding will be your new favourite sport. You will first need to hike up Cerro Negro which is approximately a one hour hike. The fun begins when you surf your way down the 728 meter high active volcano at incredible speeds that can reach up to 80km/h! The volcano last erupted in 1999 and it’s still active. Don’t worry, its activity is regularly monitored. Make a tour reservation in advance to have one of the most thrilling adventures in your life.

Cerro Negro, Nicaragua – www.volcanoboard.com

Vapues Tours León
North side of the Church Laborio, in front of Casa Cural León – Nicaragua
Tel:+(505) 2315-4099 | +(505) 8539-7430
E-mail: leon@vapues.com

4. Zorbing (New Zealand)


Have you ever wonder how does a hamster feel in a hamster ball? Crawl into an enormous inflatable orb and tumble around the track choice with both wet and dry options. It’s simple, safe and fun. Everything in a simple rounded package. Are you ready to roll?

The Original ZORB New Zealand – www.zorb.com

Open 9am – 5pm daily
Minimum age of 6 years old
Maximum weight 250kgs or 550lbs

149 Western Road
Rotorua, New Zealand.
International number +64 07 357 5100

5. Nevis Bungy (Queenstown, New Zealand)

nevis bungee

Experience the exhilarating feeling of free falling from amazing heights. Try the highest bungee in New Zealand – The Nevis Bungy!  You will first be greeted by an extraordinary stark beauty of the Nevis River before the terror of jumping off a height of 134m in 8.5 seconds of free fall throws your stomach into your mouth and snaps your eyes shut. It’s fast and dangerous but that’s why we want to do it, right?

AJ Hackett New Zealand – www.bungy.co.nz
Email: bungycentre@bungy.co.nz
0800 Bungy Jump (0800 286 4958)
Tel: +64 3 450 1300

6. A ride on the world’s steepest roller coaster (Yamanashi, Japan)


You’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs when you take a ride on the world’s steepest roller coaster. Experience that heart-racing adrenaline rush like never before when you get on the  Takabisha roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park. This speedy machine goes at 100km/h and takes you through seven twists and a drop of 43 meters. The highlight of this attraction the moment when it takes up straight up the sky and followed by halt on the tilted top just before finishing off a maximum tilt drop of 121°.

Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park – www.fujiq.jp/en
5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara,
Fujiyoshda, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan;
Tel: +81 0555 23 2111
$10 per ride, entrance ticket to the park costs $13

7. Free Dive at Dean’s Blue Hole (Bahamas)


Take a beginner’s diving course at Vertical Blue and plunge into the world’s deepest blue hole. Although you will not be able to break the professional diver William Trubridge’s world record, it is still an experience of a lifetime to explore the exceptionally deep, dark and calm sea abyss. A blue hole is another term that refers to sinkholes that are filled with water with an underwater entrance which is a cavern located way beneath the surface.

Dean’s Blue Hole – http://verticalblue.net/

8. Bridge Climb (Sydney)


When driving on a bridge gets too mainstream, why not climb one? Get a spectacular panoramic view of Sydney and its surroundings when you reach the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Standing at 134m above sea level, soak up the beauty of this city from a different angle.

BridgeClimb Sydney – http://www.bridgeclimb.com
3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000
Tel: +61 (2) 8274 7777
Email: admin@bridgeclimb.com

9. Hang Gliding (Ellenville, New York)


It is every thrill seeker’s pursuit to soar high above the ground on a hang glider. Let the wind be your guide as you take flight to enjoy the wonders of hang gliding. Mountain Wings Flight Park offers up to three exclusive training hills to train. It may seem frightening for the first time to be taking off at such heights with a tandem flight attached to you but the feeling is amazing once you glide through the sky. Learning to pilot a hang glider is a process but it’s an absolutely worthy experience that will leave you breathless.

Mountain Wings Hang Gliding Shop  http://www.mtnwings.com
Location: 77 Hang Glider Road in Ellenville, NY 12428
Phone: 845-647-3377
Email: mtnwings@verizon.net

10. Cage of Death (Darwin, Australia)


Think you’re as brave as Steve Irwin? For starters, take up the challenge of facing some of the biggest saltwater crocodiles on the planet in a cage that’s made out of nothing than a few inches of glass. Whether you choose to go solo or in pairs, don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with these deathly carnivorous predators. You can observe  every movement made by this gigantic creature in a clear 360 degree view once the cage of death is lowered into the pen.

Crocosaurus Cove – www.crocosauruscove.com
Darwin Crocodile Park,
58 Mitchell St., Darwin;
Tel: +61 8 8981 7522;
$160/240 for one/two persons


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