2016 Spring Fashion Trend [Part 2]


All those fashionistas out there !

If you have come across my previous post on 2016 Spring Fashion Trend,

You probably knew that Cold Shoulders and White Shirt Redux have hit the road this year!

Apart from these, there are still numbers of Spring Fashion Trend.

Hence, today I will be showing you another two trends which I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH !

Moreover, I’m going to teach you how to NAIL these trends !

Keep Calm & Continue Reading šŸ˜€


When it comes to runway trends, there is no doubt that some of these looks might not able to translate into everyday fashion.

This is because couture does not always work in daily life.

Nevertheless, there are still several ways to take runway fashion and style and translate it into everyday looks just like these fashion bloggers.

The tip is KEEP IT SIMPLE ! Pretty easy huh.

SARA DONALDSON – Australian based fashion blogger
Chriselle Lim – Stylist and Digital Influencer
Cissy Zhang - Sydney fashion blogger
Cissy Zhang – Sydney fashion blogger

By looking at the outfits wore by the fashion bloggers,

Have a quick guess !

What do you think the next Spring Fashion Trend that I am going to share with you ???

The answer is









One way to make sure your everyday look is runway beautiful is to add some ruffles.

This is one of the most important trends of the coming season, Spring.

I know some of you might not be a fan of ruffles as you are afraid that you will end up looking too girlish and lose your personality.

BUT, trust me you need to start embrace ruffles as it will definitely give your looks a flirtatious vibe.

All you need to do is start with details, you need not pick an outfit with too much ruffles going on.

1. V-neck X Ruffle Dress


If you are very concern about being too girlish.

This outfit is just perfect for you as BLACK not only is the safest colour it also makes you look confidence and tough.

Then with a twist of ruffles on the bottom of the dress, it gives you the though yet feminine look.

Pair this dress with a pair of ankle boots or even a pair of heels. If you want more personality, pair your heels with socks.

2. Ruffle Sleeve BlouseĀ 


If you are not comfortable with dress. Here is another option – blouse.

Try to find a blouse with some ruffles details like the outfit above where ruffles are added on both side of the sleeves.

You can then pair it with a midi skirt, long skirt or even a black wide leg trousers !

It is all depends on your mood, play around with your outfits then you know which style suits you the best.

3. Blouse with ruffle neckline & sleeves


Ā If you appreciate ruffles and want to have more ruffle details on your outfit.

I think this is a very elegant piece !

The most exquisite part that I adore is definitely the neckline as it shows the collar bone !

I suggest pair this with a simple bottom and don’t wear any accessories, if you insist go with something small and simple.

This is because you can’t have too much focus going on one outfit.

4. Tiered Ruffles Chiffon TopĀ 


I will recommend this piece of tiered ruffles chiffon top to all those minimalist out there.

If you are a minimalist but craved for some ruffle details, this can NEVER ever go wrong !

You can either go for ALL WHITE with this top

or you can opt for a monochrome combination by pair it with a black pants !







Christabel - Singapore Blogger
Christabel – Singapore Blogger


Cherry Mui from Hong Kong
Cherry Mui from Hong Kong
Marina - Zadar, Croatia Fashion Blogger
Marina – Zadar, Croatia Fashion Blogger



The Answer is


Stripes have never been out of date !

I believe everyone’s wardrobe has at least a piece of stripes item

regardless of it is a top, bottom or even a pair of socks.

This year fashion designer has taken stripes to very bold edge !

From swirly and bold to irregular and unconventional, stripes in compelling colour combinations and even linear patterns. Ā 


1. Irregular X Unconventional Stripes Dress


For those who wish to wear irregular dress but afraid of the body shape.

This dress will be perfect for you as the dress is in H line which will makes your body look skinnier.

Besides, with those irregular stripes, people might actually think that is the illusion from the dress not your body XP.

P.S this dress come in navvy blue and grey

2. Sexy Stripes


I will recommend this dress if you have good body shape i.e abs or you are just skinny

As the cut off details and stripes will really STRESS on your figure !

For those who ain’t confident with your figure but wish to try,

I suggest you can pair it with a blazer or a denim jacket.

3. Swirl Stripes DressĀ 


If you are a FUN person,

This is definitely perfect for you. Besides, this dress also fulfilled the Spring Trend!

The Swirl and Unconventional ~

Pair this dress with a pair of strappy sandals or even a pair of all white sneakers!!!

4. Maxi in Unconventional Stripes


If you are tall, I strongly recommend you this maxi.

GAWD how can you not love it ?!!

The unconventional stripes in black and white just made the entire dress look super elegant and exquisite !

Most important is the unconventional stripes only placed on the bottom of dress! Such a life saver isn’t it.


Whatever your look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement !!!

Hope you enjoy reading Luulla’s BlogĀ 

Stay Tune for more Fashion Tips


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