2017 Color Trends For Your Home Interior, According To Paint Experts

If you’re thinking of painting your home with whites, lavenders, or creams, it’s time to ditch that idea away because we have something even better for you (and your home) in 2017.

As we are approaching near the end of 2016, you might wanna give your home a brand new touch with the latest, hottest hues as predicted by the famous paint companies. Hence, we’ve pulled out a list of 2017 color trends for your home interior, according to these paint experts.

Taken cues from the modern furnishings and current interior design trends such as metallic finishes as well as black and white furniture, famous paint companies like Behr and Benjamin Moore have both curated a wide array of color paints that address consumer’s desires and personality. Long story short, let’s take a glimpse at these 2017 color trends and be inspired with us!



1. Pastel Pink

If you’re a huge fan of pink, paint your bedroom, living room or even bathroom with pastel pink which is super feminine and sophisticated. Think that pink is meant for little girls or teen girls? Opt for  a muted shade of pink or dusty pink for a grown-up version of pink. Pair with anything white, black or gray to achieve that modern and sophisticated look. Or, you can team this color with striking pink or green plants for a greater contrast.

A chic bathroom painted with pastel pink wall. The office-style drawers and yellow bath tub add a retro touch to the bathroom.
(Image source: Ideal Home)
Add a feminine and serene glow to your living room with pink paint colors. It teams perfectly well with neutral shade furniture and ceiling.
(Image source: One Kings Lane)
A modern pink space with minimalist design. The rich green tropical plant adds a touch of a natural element to the living room.
(Image source: Inattendu)


2. Dusky Blue

Gone are the days of the modern homes in monotonous beige, white and gray wall paints. It’s about time to add a flair of dynamic, bold hues to your home with dusky blue to express your personality and style! Calming, relaxing, and tranquil, dusky blue can be a great option to be used in bedrooms and living rooms. If you’re painting your living room with this color, opt for a same color scheme couch in sensational blue with vibrant throw pillows to create an uplifting atmosphere. Else, choosing a bold couch in dark green color and velvet fabric is also an excellent idea to make it a focal point in the room. Add some modern white imagery or minimalist round mirror accented with metallic frame to the wall for an interesting display.

A dusky blue living room decorated with dark blue couch, bright yellow throw pillows and gorgeous carpet.
(Image source: Home-hivtestkit)
An eclectic dusky blue living room with white frame butterflies art display.
(Image source: Rukle)
A modern bedroom with textured dusky blue wall and black matte finish bed frame.
(Image source: Homedit)
A contemporary living space accented with interesting wall lamp and bold green Chesterfield sofa. A balance between the classic and the contemporary.
(Image source: Decoist)


3. Mineral Gray

If you’re tired of soft and neutral wall colors, walk down the daring path by painting your walls dark gray! It is sophisticated, modern, eclectic and classy that will give your interior a touch of flair. In color psychology, gray represents calm and safe, which is why you should definitely paint your home gray this coming 2017. If you’ve decided to paint your home gray, always go for a textured wall for your bedroom or glossy effect for a plain wall that is well suited for your living room. This will help you to achieve that sophisticated and elegant space with a dramatic effect.

A luxurious master bedroom suite painted with dark gray paint. The black upholstered headboard in buttery leather complements the bedroom perfectly.
(Image source: Decoist)
A traditional entrance hall with dark gray walls and vintage white furniture.
(Image source: The Creativity Exchange)
A dark gray office room with white book shelves and fireplace. Love how the wall changes its color with the natural light source over the course of the day.
(Image source: Decor and the dog)
Another dark gray bedroom inspiration with a copper bed frame and deep green plants. Achieve this look with Shades On by Behr.
(Image source: Behr)



4. Light Blue-green 

An enigmatic shade that ranges between green and blue color, this aqua color (or technically defined as “light blue-green color”) is often associated with the blue ocean, clear lakes, or even swimming pools.

Nothing feels more comfortable and relaxing than a light blue-green wall that can remind us of the summers on the beach. While this pretty hue makes a wonderful backdrop for layering and to complement other colors in furniture and design, it makes people feel calm and serene as if we’re on a beach vacation with crystal blue waters and ice cold drinks. To easily pull off the light blue-green accent wall, team it with white furniture or ceiling to create an enticing, clean palette. To take things up a notch, you can pair the accent wall with striking color sofas, vibrant wall displays or dark-hued door to create a playful twist.

The light blue-green wall created a great backdrop for the bold green couch and beautiful butterflies wall art.
(Image source: Hudson’s Furniture)
A soothing living room painted with a corresponding polished aqua wall, random gold-framed mirrors, white aspen tree, and a soft gray couch with stunning throw pillows. 
(Image source: lappfind)
Feel the serenity in this living room with medium-saturated aqua wall and white furnishings.
(Image source: Interior design tips)
The muted aqua wall complements the deep teal door perfectly.
(Image source: Behr)


5. Dusky Magenta

Considering dusky magenta is paint color that is bold, striking and uncommon among households, this color is greatly suitable for people who work in the creative industry and are not afraid of expressing themselves in an audacious manner.

Before I start introducing this color, let me share a fun fact about this mysterious web color. Magenta is often associated with Fuschia because they both are essentially the same color, except that magenta is technically more red-toned and fuchsia more purple. And Magenta is named after the battle of Magenta, that happened near the Italian town of that name.

So facts aside, dusky magenta is actually a reddish-purple but in a darker range. You can consider painting this luxurious color in your living room, bedroom, kitchen room or even bathroom for a modern living home style. To create a more sophisticated vibe, team it with fun gold accessories such as a vintage gilded mirror, gold-tone wall art, or crystal gold chandelier for a dash of elegance.

Bold walls can look pretty amazing in small spaces such as this five star bathroom with eccentric vibes. The gold-framed vintage mirror makes the bathroom look extremely sophisticated.
(Image source: Pinterest)
A mysterious yet elegant room painted with dark magenta hues, while the lavish gilded mirror adds style to the room.
(Image source: Homedit)


Transform your dining room into five-star dining room with sophisticated dark magenta walls, intriguing wall art and stunning crystal gold chandelier.
(Image source: Homedit)



What’s more easier than pairing the magenta accent wall with white cabinets and marble top island.
(Image source: Behr)



6. Robust Teal

The teal color is a mix of both blue and green but in a darker and richer tone. Darker tones of teal evoke images of the peacock feather, the sea, and the tropics. Lavish and majestic, this color is super versatile it works perfectly with almost any style, ranging from traditional to contemporary settings. Hence, give your home a touch of flair with a robust teal accent wall which will make your guest wow the moment they step into the door. Make the color pops with crisp white furnishing or pairs it with complementary colors such as coral, navy, and pink accessories. Also, you can never go wrong with anything gold against a dark teal wall.

The robust teal wall makes the master bedroom seating area look sophisticated and elegant. The random wall art display adds a touch of flair to the wall.
(Image source: Design Meet Style)
Deep teal hues painted the living room with a dash of elegance.
(Image source: Interior Housing)


A textured deep teal wall paired with bright orange ceiling with red accent.
(Image source: Design Indulgence)


A stunning living room painted with deep rich teal hues, a lacquered bookshelves in the same color as the walls, and a cheetah rug. Everything looks so put together!
(Image source: Design manifest)


A gorgeous luxe master bedroom with only one wall painted with deep teal hue. The rattan bed, animal skin rug, and plants created a boho-chic bedroom style which is super eclectic and exotic.
(Image source: Ave styles)




That’s all for today’s home decor topic and I hope you guys have found some inspiration for your home interior!

Give these amazing color trends a try because your house needs a little brand new makeover it deserves.

Out of all the color trends that I’ve shared, which one is your favorite color?

Tell us because we’d love to hear from you!

Anyways, stay tuned for more topics from us as we update on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Till next time and don’t forget to be awesome!




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