3 mother’s day gift ideas that you wouldn’t want to miss

As everyone knows that mother is the greatest creature on earth as they are the ones that are willing to sacrifice for us without asking for any payback and taking care of us since the day we are born. They are like candles, which they are willing to consume themselves to light up others. Not only that, they are also the ones that will love us unconditionally for who we are and also always be there for us no matter what issue we are facing. However, as we are growing up, they are also growing old day by day. Hence, we have to practice filial piety with fervor as that’s the only thing we can do for them. On this special day, we certainly want to show our love to them by giving them some gifts that might put a smile on their faces and delight them. Here’s some mother’s day gift ideas from Luulla that you might want to have a look at to enlighten you about mother’s day gifts.

  1. Necklaces


This delicate necklace is a perfect gift during mother’s day. Pay attention to the details of this necklace and it is definitely a special piece that your mum will treasure. It comes with two colours which are rose gold and silver and it can be worn every day. This necklace is suitable for any occasion as it is dainty. Additionally, you can even engrave the disc of the necklace with your mum’s initials. Also, the four stars bring out the meaning of luck. Thus, it is definitely a unique gift not only in terms of the appearance but also the meaning behind it. 

Sweet Simple Four Star Pendant, 925 Sterling Silver,Minimalist Necklace,Boho Necklace,Dainty Necklace

$41.72 USD


2. Scarves

It is time to embrace scarves as the cold weather starts to kick in. This scarf is made from soft and flowy chiffon material which emanates a feminine vibe. Besides that, the wheel print adds a sophisticated and elegant vibe to the whole scarf. It comes with four colours including blue, pink, red and orange and it is not only comfortable to touch, but also lovely to feel. This is truly a thoughtful gift for your mum as it can warm and touch the deepest part of their hearts. This scarf is good to pair with any outfits from little dresses to plain tees. You can create your own fashion style with this scarf as it allows you to wear it in many ways. You might think that this is just useful for winter but it can also be used during summer as a fashionable shawl. 

Chiffon Silk Scarf with Wheel Prints

$13.99 USD


3. Handbags

This leather handbag has a padlock design in front of the bag which is pretty unique. The scarf wrapped handle makes the whole bag look extra gorgeous. Not to mention the size of the handbag that is just right to carry out everywhere. It also has a huge capacity that allows you to put in many of your stuff inside. Moreover, this handbag has 5 color options which includes wine red, pink red, beige, purple and black colour that are pretty simple to match with any of your outfits. Furthermore, gifting leather handbags would be a good idea as it can sustain for a long period of time and it usually has a stronger durability which allows you to carry heavy stuff without the fear of damaging it. If you want to choose a handbag that is both functional and fashionable, this one’s for you. 

Leather Handbag With Padlock Fastening Detail And Scarf Wrapped Handle

$24.20 USD


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