3 ways to be the star of prom night 2022

Prom has always been exciting as it means that you have successfully completed your high school years and it is a celebration before you and your friends go different pathways. Still struggling with how to make yourself look attractive at prom? With these 3 ways, you will definitely be the star of prom night 2022 and let everyone’s eyes cannot get off you. You surely want to look amazing on an important night like this. Do not worry as we have got you covered by providing some useful ways for you to look good at prom.

  1. Choosing the right dress

Choosing the right dress is very important as you obviously want to impress others with your gorgeous outfit. There are many prom dresses out there which range from a casual maxi dress to evening gowns. Choosing the right one that suits your temperament will be a plus point and will make you stand out from the crowd. Here is a dress I would recommend for prom 2022. This is a cute tulle long A line prom dress evening dress from luulla. This dress has a gradient of colour which changes from purple to pink with spaghetti straps, lace patterned and long a-line dress. It even has this detailed embroidery in front of the dress. The overlay pattern of the dress will make you look more elegant and add mystery to your whole look. It has a fairytale vibe that will make you feel like a princess. Anyone who desires to be a princess in the fairytale can try this out. 


Cute tulle long A line prom dress evening dress

$158.89 USD


2. Makeup


Makeup is quite essential as everyone wants to look good in pictures. A good makeup will highlight your features and make you look extra charming. There will be a suitable makeup look for you no matter what your skin tone, style, and prom dress colours are. Here’s two makeup looks for you that will transform you from a normal look to a glamorous person.


-natural and simple makeup

If you are a more gentle and soft person and you don’t want to look exaggerating at prom night, here’s a look that you would like to go for. Natural and simple makeup will help to enhance your features and at the same time give a subtle touch to your whole look. Use light eyeshadow colours such as earth tone colours and apply nude colour blusher with highlighter at the end to glow up your face. A matte colour lipstick or a colour that suits your skin tone will finish up your whole look. 


Source: Unsplash


-glam makeup

Glam makeup is an upgraded version of natural and simple makeup, with an extra sparkle, fake long lashes and eyeliner. If you are a bold and straightforward person, then this makeup is for you. Apply a lighter eyeshadow colour on your inner eyelid and then only slowly go towards a darker colour. Complete your eye makeup with a winged liner and fake long lashes. This will help to emphasize your eyes. Add a darker colour lipstick to complete your glam makeup look.


Source: Unsplash


3. Accessories


Now you are all ready to go to prom but you are still missing some items which are accessories. A prom dress without accessories is like a human without a soul. You need some accessories like earrings and necklaces to complement your beauty. There are plenty of accessories options out there waiting for you but I have found some that you might like.


Source: Unsplash


This pair of earrings might look pretty simple but you can never go wrong with it. It can match with any of the prom dresses and you don’t have to be afraid of looking weird with this. Gold has the meaning of magic, wisdom and love. This colour will highlight your whole look and outfit but at the same time it won’t look extra exaggerated. It is a pair of earrings that will make you look bold and elegant.


Source: Unsplash


This is a two-piece choker and necklace which is in silver colour. This necklace is best when worn with dresses that are strapless or those v neck sequins dresses as it won’t make you look too simple or empty around your neck area. It shows that you have put in a little effort for your whole prom look but it won’t steal much attention away. However, do take note of what kind of prom dresses you are going to wear. Do not add any necklace if your dress itself already has a lot of glitters or decorations.

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