5 perfect Easter day gifts for someone you love

As we all know, Easter is a Christian day that occurs annually and it commemorates the belief in Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Many children will be extremely excited on this day as they think it is time to buy new clothes and they even have the chance to be creative by decorating eggs and take part in the Easter egg hunts where the Easter Bunny hides eggs. Some of them even receive Easter baskets stuffed with presents, snacks and candies during this period of time. Here’s some Easter gift ideas from luulla that you might be interested in if you are currently looking for some gift ideas for your loved ones. These gifts will actually be useful to them all year long and they surely will be impressed and pampered by your gifts. So read on to find out what are some of the perfect easter day gifts. 


1. Cute bunny phone case


You may think that some gifts are just for kids but adults can join in the fun too. This is a phone case from Luulla that is applicable to any iPhone model. It has cute bunny ears on top and it is in pink colour which makes the whole phone case more lovely. This would be a perfect gift for girls as they will definitely adore it. Not only that, the phone case material is soft which won’t be easily damaged even if you accidentally drop your phone. It even has this cute chain below which makes it extra adorable. 

Cute bunny phone case

$25 USD


2. Bunny earrings

This pair of bunny earrings have a cute ribbon bow and it is just perfect for any occasion no matter if you are going for dinner, a party or a date. The bunny in the middle is an extra plus point to the whole earrings as it not only suits the easter day theme but also makes you look extra lovely. Besides that, this pair of earrings is made with zinc alloy which is hypoallergenic. So don’t be afraid to wear this as it is suitable for anyone.

Cute Ribbon Bow Bunny Earrings

$16.12 USD


3. Easter bunny coffee mug

This coffee mug might look pretty simple but it will immerse yourself into the festive mood as it has an easter bunny in front of the mug. You can have a sip of your favourite drink while looking at the cute bunny. This will be a great easter day gift for your family and friends. You may think that it is just a normal coffee mug that has an easter bunny in front. But you’re wrong as this mug has two-sided decor which allows you to insert your text behind the mug. Hence, this mug will be a customized mug just for you and it would be a unique one as no one else in this world would have the same as yours.

Easter bunny coffee mug

$46 USD


4. Easter toy

These easter toys come in sets of four and it would be a perfect decoration for Easter celebration. You can use it as a decoration to hang it around your phone, pencil case, keys or even just a decoration at home. However, these easter toys are not ready made, you have to make them on your own and give them to your loved ones. Do not worry as it is very easy to make with instructions provided to you. Do enjoy making these on your own as handmade gifts are usually the most sincere and warmest gifts ever, don’t you agree?

Cute Easter toy PDF patterns

$10 USD



5. Bunny easter card


This handmade greeting card has a grey colour bunny holding a pink colour flower which is made from cotton yarn. There’s a hand printed message in the front right beside the bunny which allows you to write down your own message when sending it to your loved ones. Greeting cards might be the simplest gifts but it is also the most heart touching ones. 

Personalised bunny easter card

$6.40 USD


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