5 Vibrant Colour Combination Outfits You Didn’t Know It’ll Work!

Light neutral pastel colours or black and white has always been your first choice in matching outfits? Has your wardrobe been overwhelmed and dulled by those colours? It’s time to get those colours alive! Swap your usual black and neutral colours with vibrant colour combination outfits.

Keep scrolling to discover the combinations that will never fail to amaze you and you think it might not work!



1. Blue & Yellow

Source: from left Wonderland Magazine, LoLoBu, Glam Radar

Blue and yellow combination portray a chic and yet delicate accent. As you stare longer to this pair, you’ll find that blue flows well with yellow. Adding a pop of yellow softens the blue. Any shades of yellow from pastel yellow, mustard yellow, fluorescent yellow, they do tone well with it! So don’t be afraid to pair this two up in your next outfit as you will be sure to get eyes on you as you flare this combination!




This outfit gave a bold look at the first sight with its royal blue but it is toned down with a yellow skater skirt for a feminine overall look. Adding on with a pair of ballet flats and a yellow satchel bag which complete this gorgeous match!


Blue Striped Knitted Sweater

$20.00 USD


Yellow Skaters Skirt

$38.99 USD


Yellow Chained Satchel Bag

$15.99 USD


Ballet Ankle-Strap Flats

$35.00 USD

2. Pink & Olive Green

Source from left: Tanger On-the-go, Outfits Hunter

Olive green and pale pink is a perfect combination creating a fun and yet sweet accent. If bright colours are too overboard for you, this combination would be just the perfect first step. Looking good on all complexion. You are gonna adore this!



Here, we have a sweet and feminine match for pink and olive green combination. Pair up a simple pale pink spaghetti strap top with an olive green midi skirt. The top’s glittery fabric adds a sparkling touch to the entire look. Topping off a little texture to it by accessorising with a brown laced shoulder bag and a pair of petite ankle-strap pump heels. So grab this worthy outfit into your wardrobe right away!


Pale pink Sparkle Spaghetti Strap Top

$15.88 USD


Olive green Midi Skirt

$79.00 USD


Brown Lace Shoulder Bag

$19.99 USD


Petite Ankle-Strap Pump Heels

$39.99 USD

3. Orange & Navy Blue

Source from left: Indulgy, Glam Radar

Orange is an overpowering colour that projects the sunshine and youthful feel. It may seem like a difficult colour but different shades of it are quite versatile. Try this bright neon orange and match it with a navy blue which adds an elegant sense to the entire look. If you think bright orange is a little too much for you, start it as accessories. Just elevate your navy blue outfits with orange scarf or bag. That already gives you the orange flavour and spice up the overall look.



Try this match here! Team a navy blue chiffon romper and an orange clutch. Finish off this gorgeous look with a retro pantos sunglasses and a pair of ankle-strap heels.


Navy Blue Chiffon Romper

$19.99 USD


Handmade Leather Orange Clutch

$119.00 USD


Retro Pantos Sunglasses

$15.99 USD


Ankle-strap Heels

$38.00 USD

4. Red & Pink

Source from left: The Atlantic Pacific, Buzzfeed, Fancy Fine

Spice up that sizzling hot look with pink and red! Creating a contrast of both bold and sweet accent as you pair them up. Very stylish and the word boring can never be found with this combination. This also goes well on different occasions from formal till casual outings. If you would like to give all out, challenge yourself with chilli red and shocking pink, but if you would like to tone down a little, chilli red and light pink is great! Try this out and you will fall in love with it instantly.



This outfit showcases a casual look by pairing a red lace spaghetti strap top with pink casual shorts. Finally, carry a chic tassel chain bag and a pair of pink ankle-strap heels to complete this stunning look!


Red Lace Spaghetti Strap Top

$24.95 USD


Basic Casual Cotton Shorts

$14.08 USD


Chic Tassel Chain Bag

$24.99 USD


Pink Ankle-strap Heels

 $29.00 USD


5. Orange & Purple 

Source from left: Chictopia, My Edit

Orange and purple are a style favourite. Another great combination of orange is purple. Creates a balance between both dynamic colours. The key to this pair is to match a neutral piece to the look to keep it from too overwhelming with colours. As you walk down the street with this dynamic combination, this outfit will be sure to be an eye-catching one!



If you are going for a date or a dinner special occasion, try a new look and style with this outfit! Team up an orange demure retro look dress with a pair of purple pointy stilettos. You will definitely leave your loved ones breathless as you put this on. Add a flair to the gorgeous look with a purple chain shoulder bag and a modern tassel bracelet. And tadaa you are ready to go!


Orange Sleeveless Round-neck Retro Dress

$17.98 USD



Modern Purple Tassel Bracelet

$15.00 USD



Purple Chain Shoulder Bag 

$25.00 USD


Purple Pointy Suede Stilettos

$32.99 USD


Has this list changed the way how you see colours?

Try them now!

and Say YES to COLOURS!

Feel free to share with us once you have tried them. We would love to hear from you!

If bright colours are still a no-no to you, no worries, stay tuned for neutrals combination soon.

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