6 Basic Female Body Types | Find Out What You Are!

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Do you know what is the most important step in dressing? Dress according to your body shape!

While not all of us have a perfect body shape, finding your body shape and dress according to it is very important in order to look best. Because you do not want to wear a clothe that reveals all your weakness, definitely a no-no.

Celebrities and models look super fine in their dresses because they knew the science of dressing, which is finding the right clothes that suit their body shape. And always remember one thing, on-trend clothes are not meant for every body, so be sure to choose the right piece that flatters your body most.

Long story short, today I’m gonna share with you 6 basic female body types as a kick starter. Once you’ve determined your body shape according to the listed characteristics, then you’re one step closer to finding the best clothes that can make you look insanely gorgeous.

Let’s find out what body shape you are!


1. Hourglass Body Shape

This body shape is characterised by a well balanced hips and bust, which means a fuller bust and a rounded bottom and hip. If you have this type of body shape, lucky you because you have the most desired body shape among men and women! Having a fuller bust and rounded bottom also means you have a well-defined waist which is obvious and gently curves out to your hips. Besides, when some weights are gained, fats tend to accumulate above and below the waist. But don’t worry about it because curves are sexy! Just remember to eat moderately and workout frequently to maintain your beautiful figures will do. Wonder who shares the same body type as you? Famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are best known for their beautiful curves!

2. Pear Body Shape

This body shape is named after a pear fruit because it resembles a pear! For people who have pear body shape, your hips are larger than your bust, which means you are more likely to have a fuller hips or thighs and a small top half as well as small bust. However, you have a beautifully defined waist and a slimmer arms and shoulders! When some pounds are gain, extra weight flows towards the bottom and legs. A lot of people have this misconception about pear shaped people are plump, but this is so wrong! Think of celebrities like Keira Knightly, Jennifer Hewitt and Shakira for example, they are skinny but they have pear shaped body because extra pounds goes right towards the hips and upper thigh. But hey! Don’t you think their body figures are simply gorgeous and flattering? Cuz I do! Just remember one thing, your waist is your best asset so don’t be afraid to flaunt it!

3. Apple Body Shape

If you have an apple body shape, then you have an average to big bust, a rounder shoulder line and flattish bottom. Because you have a full midsection, your waist is undefined and it appears to be the broadest part of your frame. But the good news is, you guys have the most alluring and graceful legs which many girls are dying to have that amazing legs! Lucky you! Here are the celebrities who have an amazingly flattering apple body shape: Catherine Zeta Jones, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson and Kate Winslet.

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted triangle body shape is also known as athletic body type. This body shape is characterised by a bigger top half body, straight and square shoulder line, fuller bust and a wide back. If your body type is inverted triangle, then your hips are slim and more likely to have a flat bottoms. You have a delicate waist and when you gain some pounds, fats are more likely to accumulate in your belly and upper body. Nevertheless, you have the most beautiful pair of shapely legs so don’t be shy to flaunt your asset! This body shape may project an athletic and muscular anatomy, which propels a kind of energetic and sporty vibes. Because of the copious shoulders that bear resemblance to clothes hangers, most of the runway models have inverted triangle body shape as clothes look better on wide shoulders. In other words, you’re so lucky because you’re born a supermodel! Want to know who else is in team inverted triangles? Think Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Teri Hatcher, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and Demi Moore. 🙂

5. Rectangle Body Shape

This body shape is the most typical body type as there are over 45% of American women share a rectangle body characteristic. If you have a rectangle body figure, then you are more likely to have a slim bottom that is straight and flat. Your physique is characterised by straight shoulder and torso, less-defined waist and an average tummy. When some pounds are gained, they may be distributed equally to your torso, upper thigh and arms. Nonetheless, your legs are always in shape so don’t be afraid to show off your graceful legs! Celebrities who are best known for rectangle body shape are Hilary Duff, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman.

6. Lean Column Body Shape

Woo, here comes the last body shape which is lean column body shape! This body shape is characterised by narrow shoulders, flattish ribcage, small bust and a non-defined waist. Typically, this body shape is almost similar to rectangle body shape, but the only difference here is that this figure is slimmer. If you’re a lean shape, then join the lean column star team which include Cara Delevigne, Blake Lively, Gwen Stefani, Emma Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift and Emma Watson.




That’s all for now! I hope you’ve found out your body shape and feel proud of your own body!

In the next series of body shape topic, I will look into more in-depth details and discuss about how to dress for your body type.

What is your body type? Drop us a comment below cuz we’d love to hear from you. <3

Stay tuned for more awesome topics and don’t forget to be beautiful today!



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