6 ways to style your holiday party outfits

Looking for some dress inspirations that can be worn to christmas parties, new year’s eve countdown or even party with friends? We have some dresses listed for you from sequin dresses to midi dresses that allow you to style your holiday party outfits in 6 different ways. Be ready to shine bright like a diamond this year! And of course don’t miss out on champagne to celebrate with you during parties. Enjoy yourself and have a memorable night over there!

1. Sequin dress

What’s the most important thing about going to parties? Yes, to get noticed in the crowd. Hence, we need some glitters in our dresses to sparkle up our nights and be the star of the night.

Temperament, fairy birthday party dress,socialite homecoming dress, noble dress, sequin brithday dress,custom made

Sequin birthday dress

$79.20 USD


Here’s a sequin birthday dress with some glitters all over the dress. Not to mention that the length of the dress is not too long so it is just suitable for parties and you won’t be afraid to get tripped over. Moreover, the colour of this dress is pink so it has this princess vibe which is suitable for those who have a princess fairy dream.

 Off shoulder evening dress, new style, summer sequin dress, champagne atmosphere temperament dress ,Custom Made

Summer sequin dress

$100.30 USD


Different from the previous one, here’s a long dress present to you by luulla. This is an off shoulder sequin dress with two layers of dress covering. The first layer is made up entirely from sequin and covers the second layer underneath. Also, the second layer of the dress is filled with glitters which make it look more gorgeous.

Champagne evening dress, light luxury birthday party dress, sequin prom dress,Custom Made

Sequin prom dress

$119.70 USD


Here’s a champagne colour sequin dress present to you, a combination of glamorous and dazzling looks all in once. Ready to shine all day and twirl in this dress and rock yourself on the dance floor!

2. Midi dress

Other than wearing sequin dresses, we also have other dresses for you to slay your party outfits. If you want dresses that are not too long and allow you to easily dance around in the party, midi dresses are for you.

Off shoulder party dress,fairy midi dress,homecoming dress,custom made

Fairy midi dress

$119.70 USD


With the glitters shimmering, this off shoulder midi dress ensures a gorgeous look all night long and it is available in three different colours. It surely is a perfect option for a party outfit. I personally really like the red dress as red is the ultimate cure for sadness so just put on your red dress and dance away the blues!

New , off shoulder homecoming dress,temperamental midi dress, gradual change purple party dress,custom made

Temperamental midi dress

$119.70 USD


Here’s a off shoulder purple midi dress that can be styled in two ways which you can wear it like the picture shown above or make it off shoulder depending on your personal preference. The gradual change in colour makes the dress look more layering and rich in depth. Not only that, the colour purple brings out the meaning of romantic and light-hearted which is certainly a great meaning.

Flying Sleeve Midi Dresses, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses, Graduation Dresses,homecoming dress,Custom Made

Flying Sleeve Midi Dress

$99 USD


Here comes a champagne colour flying sleeve midi dress that can be worn to parties. Besides for going to parties, it can also be worn as a bridesmaid dress, graduation dress or even homecoming dress. Champagne colour indicates elegance and it won’t appear as too sharp or glaring because it is just a soft colour that makes people feel warm.

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