8 Exercises to Get You Fit From Home

Getting fit and removing all those fatty fats off your body have always been your new year resolution or goals? No worries! Your goal can soon be checked off with these simple 8 exercises to do at home. These exercises are easy to follow and it is threat-free for beginners. Most importantly, you can avoid being cramped in a gym with others or having to take a long drive there. Now, you can feel carefree to sweat all out in your most comfortable place call home.

So check out these 8 exercises that can be done as fast as in 20 minutes with no equipment needed!


 1. Spider Lunges

Spider lunge is also known as Spiderman Climb. It works on your flexibility of your hips, hamstring and lower back. Abs are also the main target area in this exercise. So work on this to have great abs!

Source: Buzzfeed


1. Begin with a push-up position

2. While exhaling, put your right foot next to your right hand and land flat on your foot. While the rest of the parts are kept in position.

3. After a moment, inhale and return your right leg to the original position.

4. Do likewise for the left leg and be sure to maintain a strong plank position throughout the exercise.


If this might be a little too tough for you and flexibility is one of the problems, start slow by bringing your foot half way. Once you get a gist of it, start increasing it gradually right up next to your hand.


2. Squats

Squats is one perfect exercise to get your booty firm. Not only that, it also improves the knee and your lower back. However, the desired outcome comes in only when you do it right. So here are a few dos and don’ts you should take note to get it right.

Source: Buzzfeed


1. Stand with your feet between shoulder-width or slightly wider than your hip-width apart. Have your back straight, shoulders down and toes pointed slightly out for stability.

2. Look ahead and slightly up as you lower down your body in a sitting position.

3. Do it slowly and go as low as you can.

4. Then, rise back up slowly and repeat these steps

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Make sure your knees are in line with your toes and do not pass over it
  • Keep your back straight
  • Don’t let your knees bend inward
  • Do not let your heels or toes come up
  • Do not go down too shallow


You can start by keeping the squat shallow if this is a hard one but challenge yourself to go lower as you get a hang of it.


3. Side Leg Lifts

Side leg lifts are effective on your glutes, outer thigh and booty. Really easy and less catching for breath kind of exercise. It is advisable to perform it on a mat for better comfort. So let’s start with this side leg lifts to get your way to better booty!

Source: Better Butt Challenge


1. Lie down on side of your body. Place your arm right next to your face and bend it backwards while keeping another hand to your hips. And your legs should be stacked on top of one another.

2. Make sure to position yourself in a straight line from head to heels.

3. Then, start lifting your leg a few inches from the ground and keeping it straight.

4. Hold up to that position for one second, then slowly lower down and return it towards your balancing foot. Keep all movements controlled and slow.

5. Repeat these steps and after that with another leg to ensure that both legs are trained equally.

Additional tips:

  • Throughout the exercise, make sure that you lock your body and not letting your body sway back and forth.
  • Do not do in momentum but rather create movement with your muscles for a better result.


4. Jumping Lunge

Jump into your lunge to get well-toned carves and legs! Definitely, help to burn as you get your heart rate up. Switching your foot back and forth by jumping in the air helps in boosting dynamic stability and coordination.

Source: Women’s Health


1. Start with a lunge position, having your right foot forward and left foot at the back.

2. Bent your elbows 90 degrees and place it right beside your upper body.

3. Once you are ready, jump straight up at the same time lift your hand upward with your elbows still bent.

4. While you are in mid-air, switch your legs and land softly in a lunge position with your left leg forward and right leg at the back this time.

5. Repeat these steps to complete this exercise.

Additional tips:

This exercise can be a bit hard on the knees. If you have recovered from a knee injury or pain, you may want to try this modified version of jumping lunge to reduce the knee impact. The difference between this and the one on the top is to hop your feet back together before switching your legs for another lunge.

Source: Pop Sugar


5. Side Lunges

A lower body workout which strengthens and firms up your glutes, inner outer thighs and hips. It is also a knee and back friendly exercise, so don’t worry about getting injured. Side lunges work a little different compared to squats and normal lunges. This exercise requires side-to-side motion rather than the usual forward and back.

Source: Get Healthy U


1. Chest up and stand with legs apart, slightly wider than the shoulders with toes pointed forward.

2. Shift your body weight over to the right side by taking one large step with your right foot to the right side. Bend your knee to a 90-degree angle and lunge toward the floor while keeping your left leg straight.

3. Make sure your knee does not go past your toes.

4. Then, push off your right foot and return to the centre to complete one rep.

5. Repeat these steps for another side as well. Ensure that both sides are trained equally.


  • In order to keep your back straight, focus on bending at the waist by engaging the glutes.
  • Do not collapse at the knee while you do a lunge in order to get the areas trained.

Additional tips:

  • Once you have mastered this, you may up level by adding some weight. Do the side lunges together with dumbbells to increase your challenge!


6. Jump Squats

Jump squats are a high-intensity one. Boost your heart rate as you reach greater heights. Works and burns parts like legs and glutes. This is somewhat similar to squats just an additional jump in the air to bring the level up. Before trying this exercise, familiarise yourself with the landing and takeoff position as well as the right jumping technique for jumping squats.

Source: Pop Sugar


1. Start by positioning your feet shoulder-width distance apart.

2. Then perform a regular squat by bending your knees down to the ground, aiming to keep your thighs slightly higher than your knees. Keep your chest straight, chin up and head facing forward.

3. As you lower your knees down, place your hands on the side going backwards.

4. Engage your core then jump in the air explosively with your hands swinging upright to gain greater heights.

5. As you reach the peak during the jump, prepare upon landing. Keep your core tight to prevent your body from swaying off in mid-air. Land as gently as possible with your legs slightly bent before controlling your back down into a squat position.

6. Repeat these steps to complete the set.

Additional tips:

  • Ensure that your whole foot is used to jump not just your toes.
  • Prevent letting your shoulders lean out beyond your knees because this may strain your back.

Once you have mastered this, and think that this is just a piece of cake for you. Try jumping up and down a platform such as a bench or solid box. Once you have leapt onto the platform, take a slight pause, step down and repeat the exercise.


7. Single Leg Deadlifts

Single leg deadlifts is a real challenge to your body balance. For beginners, not to be terrified as you see the word deadlifts there. We can start without those lifts to get the ball rolling. This exercise develops ankle, knee and hip stabilisation. Besides, it also helps to strengthen the glutes and hamstring and correct the imbalances between sides of the body.

Source: Buzzfeed



1. Stand in an upright position with both feet together.

2. Then keep your core tight, as you lean forward down by lifting right leg to the back. Keep your toes pointed down and your hips locked.

3. Ensure that you maintain a flat back and that your weight is evenly distributed in your one standing leg.

4. Try to bend as low as you can and maintain your stability.

5. Return to the original position to complete one rep.

6. Repeat these steps with another leg to finish the set.

Additional tips:

  • If you wanted something to hold on, you can start with a cone or a water bottle. Just to get a gist of it and the flow of maintaining your balance. As you improve, you may use a dumbbell or a kettlebell to increase your level!



8. Walkout

Walkout help to improve the total core strength through its entire range of motion. This exercise helps to build the upper body strength and also flexibility. It is great to perform as a warm-up targeting the shoulders and arms.

Source: Pop Sugar


1. First, stand with your feet at a hip-width distance apart. Bend over at the waist and place your hands on the floor right in front of your feet.

2. Shift your weight as you move forward with your hands in an alternate motion until you reaches a plank position.

3. Keep your core tight and ensure to keep your legs straight. As you move towards the plank position, make sure you keep your back flat.

4. Reverse the direction back to the standing position.

5. As you walk your hand back, push your hips as high as possible and press your heels into the ground.

6. And this completes one rep of the exercise.

Additional tips: (Source: Muscle and Fitness)

  • Prevent your hips from sagging low or hiking high during the walkout.
  • Keep your elbows strong as you walk in and out your hands.
  • Bend your knees slightly if you are not able to reach the ground. Gradually move towards a straight knee as your flexibility improves.


How to?

1. Set aside 20 minutes of a day.

2. Pick 3 types of exercise moves from this list.

3. Perform each movement accordingly with 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest


Movement 1: 30 seconds

REST: 10 seconds

Movement 2: 30 seconds

REST: 10 seconds

Movement 3: 30 seconds

REST: 10 seconds

4. Repeat this circuit for 10 times and you’ll be seeing positive results in real time.


Are you ready to get a perfect toned body this year?

There is always a first step to reach the ultimate goal.

So start with this now!

Share with us on your progress. We would love to be a part of your journey!

Stay tuned with us for more fabulous fitness topics! See you then 🙂


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