8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Short Hair

Looking for the ideal hairstyle on your wedding day? But…having a short hair is bothering you and keep you wondering if a bride ever looks good with short hair because short hair has kept the options limited and having a long hair has always been a standard image of a bride? Say no more to all these worries as it is just a stereotype. Now, there are many stunning and contemporary bridal hairstyles for short hair to make you the most attractive looking bride on your very big day.

We have already handpicked and gathered the best hairstyles for you here. So continue browsing for more to find for the perfect hairstyle which fits your style and complement your wedding dress look!


1. Wavy Bob with Wild Flowers

Wavy bob is a timeless and classic look that never fails to portray its fashionable and sophisticated look. Those wavy strands add volume to the look as it dangles down beautifully on the shoulder. If your hair is gorgeously filled with highlights, these waves would perfectly show off those tones well keeping the entire look simple and yet captivating. Add on with a flower crown with your favourite flowers for a delicate touch and a great substitute to tiaras.

Source: Erin & Ray Photography


Source: Style Me Pretty
Source: The Wedding Scoop


2. Braids

Braids are one simple style which you cannot leave behind. The twist and turn spur a romantic touch and whimsical sense in the air. There is countless braids style which looks extremely magnificent from headband braid, french side braid, fishtail braid, french braid, braided bangs and much more.

Source: Bajan Wed


Source: Be Trendsetter

A headband braid is also a unique take on the trend now. The braids beautifully display over the head giving a volume to the look. Bangs are a great combo with this look! Try it with your bangs.

Source: Overdose Vip


3. A Messy Updo

Keeping your hairstyle as natural with a messy updo. Just do a simple curl and twist and have them secure up with bobby pins. Leave little strands of wavy hair and tendrils on the side which dangle down naturally. This looks best with an elegant modest dress or an off-the-shoulder wedding gown.

wedding-updo-hairstyle-short hair
Source: Hi Miss Puff
Source: Foliver
Source: Instagram

4. Backcombed Hairstyle

If you opt for a chic and elegant style, this backcombed hairstyle is for you! Have the front fully combed back with some hairspray or gel to keep it in place. This look will totally give you a wow look as it draws the attention to your face, shining out your beautiful frames and cuts with its style back.

Source: Micahgianneli
Source: Byrdie


5. Pixie Cut with Metallic Headband

Keep your funky style up high with pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle says it all with its cool and edgy style. Your natural look just pulls it off right away or just amp up with a really simple thin metallic headband. And let your beauty do the rest!

Source: Artfully Wed


Source: Jodi and Kurt

6. Vintage Curls

If the retro vintage theme is something you are planning for your wedding, this retro look is something you should go for. It will totally bring you back to the 60s and set the mood right with the setting. Having the curls placed beautifully around the head wrapped in alternate directions. Make your guest swoon as you walk down the aisle with this vintage look and your elegant retro wedding dress!

Source: Parananoivas
Source: Pretty Designs


7. Birdcage Veil

If you find the long ballerina veil or even the elbow-length veil seems too long and draggy, try this birdcage veil. It sparks off the stylish vibe as you put it on. Anchored with a flower which gives a sweet detailing to the delicate bride short hair look. This style would suit the outdoor wedding and casual theme well.

Source: Brides
Source: Chic Vintage Brides


8. Veil-It-On

There are many different styles of veils from ballerina laced veil to waist glimmer illusion veil. Adding elegant and charming touch to complete the ultra bride overall look. So there is not a reason you cannot wear a veil with short hair. Veil-it-on and you will definitely charm your crowd out and of course your partner with your mesmerising look as you walk down the aisle and say I do.

Source: Snippet and Ink
Source: Parananoivas


 Have you set your eyes on any of these hairstyles yet?

Your happily ever after starts here

Let us know which is your favourite style at the comment area below.

And stay tuned for more wedding topic really soon! See you! 🙂

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