8 Inexpensive Preppy Outfits to Try This Fall


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Welcome back to Luula blog where you can find tonnes of awesome fashion tips here! Today, I’m gonna share with you 8 Inexpensive Preppy Outfits to Try This Fall. 

Ever since the infamous TV series Gossip Girl aired from 2007, preppy style has become more famous than ever, thanks to Blair Waldorf. While many of you think that preppy outfits must be very pricey and luxurious, it’s not true! You can re-create that preppy look by mix-and-matching around (while keeping on a budget) with important details such as sheer leggings, feminine cardigan and sweaters, pearl accessories, oxford shoes, button-down blouse and ribbon bow tie! Now, let’s take a look on how these fashion darlings rock their preppy outfits with style.


Autumn-Providence-5 (1)
Sarah Vickers a.k.a Classy Girls Wear Pearls
Love the combination of classic checkered sweater and mini skirt. Sarah rocks the timeless vintage look perfectly!
Sara Escudero a.k.a Collage Vintage
Sara’s old school preppy style: checked mini skirt, basic blue sweater, beige coat and a pair of black loafers. What’s not to love about her pretty outfit?!
Ella Catliff a.k.a La Petite Anglaise
Ella rocks the definition of chic and preppy style marvellously. The combination of gingham polo tee, A-line button down skirt and pastel pink bomber jacket looks so put together and cute!
Olympia’s Blog
Olympia is wearing a burgundy knitted cardigan atop a collar shirt, and a flowy chiffon mini skirt. Totally in love with her college-y / preppy look.
Brenna a.k.a Chic Street Style
Brenna’s bold and beautiful preppy style. She paired a collar shirt with a polka dot dress for a look that yells.
Chloe Ting
Chloe styled her preppy look with a white sweater, gray collar dress, opaque leggings and a pair of high heels. Perfect preppy outfit that is suitable for college girls.
Carly A. Heitlinger a.k.aThe College Prepster
Carly’s black and white preppy style is a steal! She is pairing a basic turtleneck top with windowpane skirt. She even tie a black ribbon around her hair. Simple and chic!
Virgit Canaz a.k.a Preppy Fashionist
Virgit is dressing up like Twiggy from the ’60s and it is such a perfection! She was wearing a blouse with bow details on it, a dress, and a pair of brogues.

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#Preppy OOTD 1

For the first OOTD, opt for a knitted checkered pullover and pair it with a chiffon mini skirt. For the shoes, wear a pair of timeless Mary Jane flats to create a sweet and innocent look. Carry a soft pastel pink handbag to store your essentials. Lastly, add a pearl statement necklace to your outfit because that is one of the preppy girl must-have items.


Shop plaid knitted sweater here
Shop chiffon mini skirt here
Shop Mary jane shoes here
Shop pastel pink handbag here
Shop pearl necklace here

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#Preppy OOTD 2

Inspired by Collage Vintage, I’ve decided to style preppy look with a piece of classic plaid skirt. For the top, opt for a button-down shirt with embroidered details on the collar, and wear a daisy sweater atop the shirt. Combine both top and bottom-wear together and slip on a floral ankle boots. Last but not least, carry a brown leather vintage backpack to keep your books, stationaries and water. Now, you’re all set and ready for class! 😀


Shop daisy sweater here
Shop embroidered collar shirt here
Shop plaid skirt here
Shop shoes here
product-hugerect-482246-157685-1428287258-a0c6a7da637c2c312d6cbb573565fe10 (1)
Shop backpack here
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#Preppy OOTD 3

Rock your preppy style with a touch of athlete vibes! Wear a blouse underneath a blush pink varsity jacket because two is always better than one. Oh, don’t you think the kitty collar blouse is just too adorable? (Cat lovers FTW!) Then, pair the top layers with a trendy button-down A-line skirt for that ultimate chic look. Carry a pastel blue tassel bucket bag to keep your stuff organized while looking stylish at the same time. Slip on a pair lace-up chunky heels to add extra style to your entire outfit. Lastly, don’t know what to do with your hair? Why not tie your hair in a loose ponytail with a ribbon bow tie? You’ll look super cute I swear!


Shop varsity jacket here
Shop cat collar blouse here
Shop button down skirt here
Shop lace-up shoes here
Shop bucket bag here
Shop ribbon hair tie here

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#Preppy OOTD 4

To style the preppy look right, a pair of nerdy glasses and oxford shoes are must-haves! For the top, add a detachable collar shirt to a cute heart-shaped sweater. A detachable collar is the fastest way to transform simple shirts with extra touch of style. Then, pair the top layers with a pleated chiffon mini skirt with floral patterns on it. Wear a pair of classic brown oxford shoes with chunky heels. Carry a sleek British style backpack to store your important stuff while traveling around the cities. Lastly, finish up your look with a pair of chic glasses. This is a perfect outfit choice for school and travel!


Shop heart knitted cardigan here
Shop floral chiffon skirt here
Shop detachable collar here
Shop oxford shoes here
Shop backpack here
Shop glasses here

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#Preppy OOTD 5

For the fifth Preppy outfit style, I’ve decided to combine both dress and collar shirt together to create an elegant and sophisticated look. I’ve hand-picked a kitty collar blouse because the collar detail is simply adorable and unique. Then, wear a piece of slim knitted long sleeve dress atop the kitty collar blouse. Slip on a pair of bunny ears ballerina flats and carry a chain sling bag to polish up your entire chic look. Accessories wise, put on a piece of sleek design watch to track time with style. Lastly, you might also want to add this trendy marble phone case to your collection!


Shop knitted dress here
Shop kitty collar shirt here
Shop flats here
Shop handbag here
Shop marble phone case here
Shop watch here

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#Preppy OOTD 6

Another way to rock the Preppy style right is to wear a pair of sheer stockings! So, this polka dots sheer stockings is the main spotlight in this OOTD. Style this polka dots stockings with a fit-and-flare long sleeve collar dress. Put on a pair of blush pink platform heels for that chic and girlish look. Carry a studded sling bag to polish up the entire preppy style. Then, add a finishing touch with a pair of cute pearl earrings with kitty ears details on it. Lastly, this monochromatic window pane phone case is definitely a steal!


product-hugerect-443585-56587-1422281814-df73ed195bd902bd990016d16508b7a2 (1).422281815_type_hugerect_nid_443585_uid_56587_1
Shop collar dress here
Shop polka dots stocking here
Shop platform heels here
Shop handbag here
Shop pearl earrings here

Shop window pane phone case here
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#Preppy OOTD 7

This OOTD is inspired by The College Prepster. Who doesn’t love her preppy style inspo right? Firstly, a piece of basic knitted turtleneck sweater is a must to pull off that preppy look. Pair the top with a piece of window pane skater skirt. For the footwear, add a splash of color to your entire outfit with a pair of peachy pink ankle strap heels. Carry a versatile gray tote bag that has a top handle and shoulder strap on it. That being said, you can either hand carry it for a formal occasion or hang it around your shoulder for casual outings. For the accessories, opt for a pearl statement necklace for that extra touch of sophistication. (Pearl accessories are preppy girl’s best friend.) Last but not least, create a loose ponytail with a silk ribbon hair tie!



Shop knitted turtleneck sweater here
Shop window pane mini skirt here
Shop suede heels here
Shop gray handbag here
Shop pearl necklace here
shop ribbon hair tie here

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#Preppy OOTD 8

Coming to the last OOTD ideas, I’ve decided to create a Blair Waldorf inspired preppy outfit. In the infamous TV series Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf a.k.a The Queen B’s chic-preppy fashion is always the main highlight of the show and girls are dying to dress like her! No worries we’re here to help. Firstly, a long sleeve shirt with a bow tie around the neck is a trademark of Queen B’s outfit. Pair the blouse with a gray color suspender skirt to achieve that schoolgirl look. Put on a pair of blush pink oxford shoes to add extra college-y feel to your outfit. Lastly, carry a structured elegant handbag and you’re done! Now you can say the famous phrase “You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip girl” like Blair Waldorf.


Shop blouse here
Shop suspender skirt here
Shop oxford shoes here
Shop handbag here

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That’s all for now!

With classes starting just around the corner and weather turning chilly soon, I hope today’s topic will give you some outfit inspiration to try this Fall. Bear in mind that preppy style is not just only restricted to schoolgirls and college girls. It is a great style to wear it for work, travelling, dates and casual outing.

Which preppy outfit is your favorite? Drop us a comment below because we’d love to hear from you!

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in Luulla.

Stay tuned for more awesome tips!

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