Autumn Outfit Ideas

Tadaaa! It’s finally the time of the year where your jackets and sweater are finally in use and it’s definitely a perfect time to dress up. The change in season has opened up plenty of opportunities allowing you to fill up your wardrobe. It’s not just about jackets, other outfits like sweater vest and knit dress are also fashionable and will certainly slay your autumn look. Need some ideas on what outfit you should wear during autumn days? We are here for you to provide you with some inspiration on autumn outfits.

1. Sweaters

Sweaters and autumn are like french fries and ketchup. When the autumn season is here, sweaters are a must to wear as they are the easiest to wear and it totally depends on how you want to style them! Instead of the normal sweaters that you’ll see, we’ve got some cute and sweet styles covered for you so that your outfit doesn’t look too boring.

Vintage, temperament, round neck, loose cardigan , cherry, hemp pattern, short knit sweater , women's halter top

Short knit sweater

$28.80 USD

Here’s a cherry patterned sweater that can be worn in two ways. You can either wear the sweater on its own or simply pair it with the tank top with the sweater covering outside as the jacket. Not only that, it comes with three colours which you can choose according to your preference.

Summer, new,V collar floret pattern sequin cardigan, sleeve sweet wind ice silk cardigan knitting

V collar floret pattern sequin cardigan

$31.50 USD

Next, here’s a floral patterned cardigan which might look pretty simple but it has this Korean minimalist vibes that don’t have to add anything extra to make it stand out. The cardigan itself and pants is enough to kill your look already. Also, look at the details, instead of using the normal buttons, they use the gold buttons which makes it look more classy.

Soft waxy cardigan, new, classy, cute, loose, lazy sweater top

Soft waxy cardigan

$31.50 USD

Well, if you want a simpler design, we have one for you. Here’s a plain sweater with some cherries surrounded at the collar area. This is suitable for those who are going to college or university as it has the preppy style. If you don’t like this colour, we still have other options for you to choose such as brown and white.

2. Dresses

Dresses are one of the easiest and go-to autumn outfits which you can never go wrong with it. If you ever get bored of wearing the tops, you can consider wearing these dresses as they are also the latest trend now.

Vintage, contrast color plaid, temperament, little fragrance long sleeve knitted dress

Little fragrance long sleeve knitted dress

$31.50 USD

Here’s a vintage long sleeve knitted dress present to you by luulla. It makes me feel like I’m back to the 80s when wearing this dress. The plaid pattern makes the whole dress doesn’t look dull yet elegant at the same time. It goes well with a pair of boots or even flats!

Stand collar bottom sweater top, halter PU leather dress, waist dress, fashionable two pieces

Halter PU leather dress

$35.10 USD

Here’s another fashionable two piece leather dress present to you. It might look pretty simple but with the help of leather dress, it looks more classy as leather material always has a superior quality. It comes with two colours which include brown and black that allows you to choose from.

New motorcycle mid-length loose waist pu leather jacket women's leather dress

New motorcycle mid-length loose waist pu leather jacket women’s leather dress

$45 USD

Different from the previous one, this dress is a one piece dress which you have to wear on its own. The pros of wearing this type of dress is that you can just wear this out without worrying what to match for the outfit. Again, it’s a leather dress with a bowknot in the middle which makes it look more graceful.

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