Back to School Supplies Which Make You the Coolest Kid in Class

Today, we’ve prepared you a cool list of accessories which will help you stay organised in studies and on top of their game.

They key is these picks will help you stay stress free throughout the semester.

All our picks lean on the practical side but with a fun twist!

Keep scrolling and find out more!

1. Binder

Showcase your reports, homework, study modules or even your own paper notes in an organise way with these gorgeous range of binders.

Aside from making sure you’ll never lose your important notes, these gorgeous binders will also brighten your day whenever you use them!

This eye-catching typewriter binder will give you the motivation to look through your notes!

This DIY Ring binder comes with 2 free refill packs of your choice.

You can choose among these  –> line sheets in green, blank sheets in yellow, grid sheets in blue, to do list sheets in lavender or weekly planner sheets in maroon.


This gorgeous pastel blue shade binder with glasses and pencil images will definitely captivate your heart!

This binder also comes with 2 free refill packs of your choice.

You can choose any two among these  –> line sheets in green, blank sheets in yellow, grid sheets in blue, to do list sheets in lavender or weekly planner sheets in maroon.


If you have a thing for sweet tooth, this cute candy jar binder is what you seek for!

This cute binder will give off the Parisian vibe as it’ll reminds you the candy shop in Paris!

But make sure you don’t drool while revising the notes in this binder XP

This binder also comes with 2 free refill packs of your choice.

You can choose any two among these  –> line sheets in green, blank sheets in yellow, grid sheets in blue, to do list sheets in lavender or weekly planner sheets in maroon.


2. Notebook 

It’s extremely important to keep a notebook by your side as we tend to forget things easily if we don’t jot em down.

With cute notebooks, it’ll be more motivative while making notes during lecture classes or even jot down the ideas for assignments whenever you think of em. 

The first notebook which I want to recommend is this cute yellow notebook with this cool quote on it.

It says “secret book of all my super awesome ideas”. Don’t you think by seeing them, you’ll feel more productive to get things done?


If you tear your notes from the notebook, I’ll prefer you to opt a ring b=notebook as it’ll still look the same even you rip off the pages.

This ring notebook has this cool stamp prints all over it which makes it super cool and unique.

Furthermore, the cover is in this fabric material which will make your notebook look super quality!


I know some of you prefer blank pages as you tend to do better notes with them.

In this case this minimal notebook is all you need, you can express your creativity while jotting down your notes!


3. Planner

For me, is good to keep a planner with you regardless it is a weekly planner or monthly planner.

This cute bambee weekly planner will reminds you of the childhood.

Plan all the things you need to do ahead in this gorgeous hard cover weekly planner.


I believe some of you might have love hate relationship with planners as it always come with printed dates which make you feel like its a waste when you don’t feel the column up.

Thus, this indie seller has got you covered with this gorgeous blue planner with no dates, months or even years!

Now you can keep this planner for years as long as you don’t run out of pages!


4. Sticky Notes

They come in handy whenever you want to remind yourself of the important task you have to do, dates of replacement classes etc.

As all you need to do is pasting this sticky notes on your fridge, wall, cover of textbook or even your binder and files.

This doily notepad which comes in this gorgeous shade of green has a total of 3 printed sheets per notepad.


If you’ve a huge thing for moustache this cute moustache notepad will definitely make your day!

This pack comes in 2 notepads which include 40 sheets per pad.

One is in aquamarine blank notebook whereas the other is in this lovely pink stripes.



Looking for something quirky and fun, this bandage sticky notes are purfect for you!

They will even create a conversation topic for you and your classmates!

It comes in 3 different sizes which are even better as you can use according t the amount of your information.


5. Pencil Case

Of course, a pencil case is a MUST. How can you go to school without em!

Want something non quintessential pencil case?

Make sure you check em out below!

I bet you’re friends will go banana when they see you use this fun and quirky banana pencil case.

This banana pencil case is in the right size which able to contain all your stationeries without being too bulky for your bag.


Prefer something more cute?

This adorable panda pencil case is all you need!

Aside from stuffing your stationeries, you can also slip in your gloss or lipstick in case you need them to touch up your makeup!


6. Laptop & iPad Case

In case you need to bring your tech device to school for assignments or homework.

It is important for you to carry them around in a case as you want to make sure they are in full protection!

You don’t want them to be scratch, don’t you?! 

This green macbook case is inspired by the letter envelope as it comes with two buttons and one string which allow you to tie and secure the opening.

With this case, you can ensure your lappie is safe and you’ll look stylish while carrying them.


This adorable elephant macbook case will make you fall head over heels!

Besides looking super adorable, this macbook case also comes with a compartment which you can slide in your cable, charger or even phone which is super handy!


For those who carry iPad instead of laptop.

Make sure you keep them protected with a case.

This slim fit iPad case will make sure your iPad is protected in a sleek way without being adding too much weight to your school bag.


This is another option for iPad case.

This design is a combination of vintage and edgy.

It comes with these cool rivets details and a belt tie for you to secure the opening.


7. Power Bank

Of course we need a power bank! Who can stand a dying phone especially during school!

*** of course it is optional if your school doesn’t allow you to bring phone.

This power bank is available in 6 different colors for you to choose from.

Besides, due to the power bank is not bulky, you can carry them anywhere easily.


That’s all for today, we hope that you find this pice of information interesting and useful.

Ciao and see you on our following editorial!


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