The Best Time To Eat The Right Food!

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In today’s topic, I’m going to share with you something related to food and health!

A lot of you might think that as long as you eat healthy food everyday, you’ll remain healthy and strong. But do you know that there’s some hidden secret behind these healthy food?

Yes, eating the “right food” at the “right time” allow us to absorb nutrients better because our body needs certain nutrients at different timing.

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the best time to eat the right food


If you’re a banana lover, the best suggested time to eat bananas is after meals as it helps in digestion and moderate blood sugar levels. According to Authority Nutrition, each banana contains a high amount of fibre called pectin, which helps in maintaining the structure of the flesh. Besides, almost 1/3 of fibre in each unripe banana are water-soluble fibre, which helps in preventing constipation and diarrhoea. Simply put, both pectin and water-soluble fibre are a good source of fibre that may moderate blood sugar levels and suppress your appetite by keeping you feeling fuller longer. Therefore, eating a banana after meals may help in improving digestion and curb hungers.

Meanwhile, it is not suggested to eat bananas at night as it may lead to mucus formation and cold. Some people might think that eating bananas at night is OK to curb the late-night hunger, however, it is not suggested to eat it on an empty stomach as it can upset the stomach since it contain a fair amount of magnesium. Also, if you’re on a diet, you might wanna skip this fruit at night because each banana contains a high level of sugar.

the best time to eat the right food


The best timing to eat an apple is during breakfast time. Similar to bananas, apple peel contains a fair amount of fibre pectin which is good for digestive system and preventing constipation. Pectin also helps eliminate carcinogens and heavy metals out of the body.

However, it is not suggested to eat an apple in the evening as it may disrupt your sleep quality. Pectin which helps in stimulate bowel movement will add extra burden on the intestinal digestive functions, and eventually may lead to bloating and indigestion. In addition, eating an apple on an empty stomach can increase your stomach acid and lead to upset tummy.

the best time to eat the right food


Eating yogurt as breakfast is generally a bad idea because it is not suggested to eat yogurt on an empty stomach. This is because the level of acid in stomach is high when you’re hungry, and if you eat yogurt, the lactic acid in it will destroy the acid in the stomach. Eventually, it may disrupt the health protection system and making you more prone to disease. The best time to eat yogurt is mostly after meals, when the level of stomach acid is low. This may help the lactic acids in yogurt to develop without a high concentration of gastric juice. One more secret advice about eating yogurt is that remember to brush teeth after eating it because some bacteria and acids in yogurt can damage your healthy teeth. (Read more: 8 Things You Need To Know When Eating Yogurt)

the best time to eat the right food


If you have a weak digestion capacity, you might want to consider eating potatoes in the morning as breakfast. This is because potatoes are rich in carbohydrate, and it is easy to digest. Potatoes contain both soluble and insoluble fibre, which help in promoting bowel movement and prevent constipation. Thus, eating potatoes in the morning offers a fair amount of nutrients and energy to kick start your perfect day. Besides, potatoes contain vitamin B6 and high potassium which is good for preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. However, it is no suggested to eat potatoes during dinner time because potatoes are high glycemic index (GI) food. High GI food,  such as white rice, white potatoes, and white bread are carbohydrate foods that break down quickly during digestion, making you feeling hungry faster and cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Therefore, eating potatoes at night may cause weight gain.

the best time to eat the right food


Eating tomatoes for breakfast are incredibly healthy as it helps improve digestion and increases metabolism. Tomatoes also can help improve digestive system by preventing both diarrhea and constipation, due to a high amount of fibre found in each tomato. However, eating tomatoes at night may cause indigestion and disrupt sleeping quality. Pectin and oxalic acid in tomatoes can cause stomach swelling if eaten for dinner.

the best time to eat the right food


Similar to potatoes, white rice are high GI food which cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels, and make you crave for sugary food. Thus, if you’re on diet, you might want to skip white rice for dinner as it can cause weight gain and late-night cravings. However, it is okay to eat rice for lunch because it is high in carbohydrate. You need energy boosting food like white rice to carry out daily task and get your body into high gear.

the best time to eat the right food


Oranges are great alternative of healthy snacks as it can improve digestion and increases metabolism. So, when you’re craving for sugary food or when you’re feeling hungry and want something to snack on, oranges are a great choice to fix your cravings and curb hungers. However, eating oranges for breakfast is definitely a no-no as you do not want to upset your tummy. While it is common that oranges are acidic food, eating it on an empty stomach can increase acid level and cause stomach irritation and gastritis.

the best time to eat the right food


Nuts contain a high amount of good fat, protein, fibre and nutrients that are good in preventing heart disease and make you feel fuller longer. However, while nuts are high in calorie and fat, eating them at night is generally a bad idea as it may cause weight gain. Thus, you might want to avoid eating them during night time if you do not want to gain extra pounds. Try to a handful of nuts during the mid-day as a healthy option of snacks.

the best time to eat the right food


Meat are loaded with great source of iron and protein, both which are good for reducing fatigue and repairing muscles. Thus, eating a right amount of meat for lunch can supply your body with vital nutrient that helps to build body strength and repair body muscles.  However, meat usually takes around 4-6 hours to digest completely. Therefore, if meat is taken for dinner, it may cause indigestion and eventually damage your digestive system if taken for a long term period.

the best time to eat the right food


Do you know that dark chocolate is extremely healthy? Dark chocolate has become the new diet food as it contains certain healthy ingredients such as flavanoids. A dark chocolate a day helps lower down cholesterol, control blood pressure, improve blood circulation, enhance mood and boost brain power. Besides, dark chocolates are appetite-suppressant food which will satisfy your craving while keeping you fuller longer till the next meal. Thus, a piece of dark chocolate in the morning is good to provide you all the good stuff you need to kick start the day. However, you might want to keep dark chocolate away from your snack list because they can cause weight gain if did not eat in moderation.

the best time to eat the right food

That’s all for now! I hope you learnt something from today’s topic and find it interesting.

Whatever food you’re taking, always remember one principle which is eat everything in moderation.

I believe that life is too short to not to enjoy good food, but always eat in moderation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Which is your favourite out of all these listed food? Tell us cuz we’d love to hear from you. <3

Stay tuned for more awesome tips and don’t forget to be awesome today!



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