Chic Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Incredibly Easy (Video Tutorials)

Let’s be frank: Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun with your squads. Whether you’re going to dress up like a creepy doll or a sexy cat, your Halloween costume can’t be completed without a good makeup! In today’s topic, I’m going to share with you a few Halloween makeup ideas that are incredibly chic and easy to do. All you need is a little bit of patience and some makeup tools, that’s it! Long story short, here are six spookspiration Halloween makeup ideas that you should try for this Halloween cuz they look freakin’ awesome and creepy AF. Go ahead and be scary ladies.

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1) Black and White Photo Halloween Makeup.

Source: The Xiaxue @ Youtube

  1. Prepare black and white face paint. Start off with mixing both face paint to create a grey shade. Start applying the grey face paint all over your face. Make sure that every part of your skin that has color is fully covered with grey paint.
  2. Okay, so you’ve covered your skin with grey paint, now it’s time for highlight & contouring! Create a darker shade by mixing a lil bit of black paint, and contour. If you find it hard to contour using face paint, try using black eyeshadow to contour your face, that’s what XiaXue did in her video after finding it difficult to contour her face with face paint. 😉
  3. It’s time to apply blush! But use black blusher instead of normal pink blusher because you’re a b&w chic.
  4. Apply black lipstick.
  5. Shape your brows with black eyeshadow, then, define it using an eyeliner pen.
  6. Do nose contour using the similar method of how you contour your face.
  7. Complete your eye makeup by putting on eyeliner, contact lens, eyelashes and eyeshadow.
  8. Put on a wig if you do not have black hair.
  9. Now it’s time to paint your hand grey and put on black nail polish. And that’s it, a creepy monochrome makeup that will make your friends squeal in no time!


2) Easy Deer Makeup.

Source: TheMakeupChair @ Youtube

  1. Start off the look with applying foundation to your face.
  2. Prepare a light shade foundation and a dark shade foundation to do contouring. Apply light shade foundation underneath your eyes in the shape of elongated triangle. Then, go up on the edge of your nose, around the edge of the nose, down towards the lips, chin and also inner corner of the eyes. Use a clean makeup sponge and gently dab around the edge of the foundation to blend it in.
  3. Now it’s time to do contour using a foundation with darker shade. Contour your cheek, around your hairline, on the tip of the chin and tip of the nose.
  4. After that, use contour palette to apply another layer of highlight & contour with matching shades. This will make your skin appear powder-y and softer, just like a soft and furry deer face.
  5. Fill in your eyebrows using brow palette. Do go for a dark brown color to create a warm and soft finish.
  6. Let’s move on the eyes. Apply black eyeliner around the inner corner of your eyes (elongate ’em a little bit) and lower eyelid. Then, put on mascara for that dramatic effect. After that, apply dark brown eyeshadow over the black eyeliner and kinda smudge ’em out a little to create a soft finish.
  7. Contour the top of your nose and the tip of your nose. Then, line the centre part of your lip and the top of your lip.
  8. For the lips, fill the outer line of your upper lip with brown lipliner. Blend your bottom lip with concealer and powder.
  9. Using a dark brown lipliner, create a curve shape from one nostril to another nostril, and create a “m” shape on the top. Use a black eyeliner to create the same shape, but a little bit smaller, inside that shape you’ve already created just now.
  10. Now it’s time to create little dots on your cheeks using the white foundation.
  11. Apply highlighter on your cheeks, nose, forehead, those little dots you’ve created, and on the tip of the nose. And voila – now you look like a deer which is sooo adorable and cute!


 3) Full Glam Cat Face Makeup.

Source: Melly Sanchez @ Youtube

  1. Begin with applying foundation all over your face.
  2. Start contouring using your favourite contour palette to get your cheekbones more visible. Apply it on your cheeks, along your hairline, your nose and your chin. Then, use highlighter to highlight your face with a makeup sponge. Blend them evenly.
  3. Apply translucent powder to set your makeup.
  4. Time for eye makeup! Apply dramatic eyeshadow, cut crease and glitters to your eyes.
  5. Once you’ve done adding glitters to your both eyes, apply concealer underneath your eyes to clean up that area. Blend it out with a makeup sponge and set the makeup with translucent powder.
  6. Then, darken up your lower lash line for that dramatic cat eye effect.
  7. Put on mascara and apply bronzer to your face.
  8. Apply blusher to your cheekbones and also highlight.
  9. Moving on to the cute little cat nose, use black gel liner to draw out the cat nose on the tip of your nose.
  10. Draw a vertical line to connect your nose to your upper lip. Then, apply black lipstick to your upper lip.
  11. Add three little dots on top of your lip and draw whiskers, just like how you draw a cat face!
  12. Lastly, add glitters on your bottom lip and that’s it! A full glam cat face makeup which is so sexy and chic.


 4) BAD Plastic Surgery Makeup.

Source: Laura Lee @ Youtube

  1. Apply liquid latex in a circle all around your face to make your skin look lifted as if they went really bad because of a plastic surgery. Then, use a makeup brush to spackle the latex for that choppy surface.
  2. Apply scar wax on top of the latex surface to create a flesh-like peeling off effect. Also, apply scar wax on your nose to make it look like you’ve had a bad nose job.
  3. Now, apply foundation all over your face and cover up the scar wax to make it look like your skin.
  4. Then, you can add more latex on your face to touch up the fake scar.
  5. Now here’s the fun part. Apply blood scab behind the scar wax to create a creepy bleeding effect.
  6. Put on fake lips to make it look like you’ve had a real bad lips job. (ew) Then, dab some blood scab around the fake lips.
  7. Add purple eye shadow underneath your eyes to create black eyes.
  8. Use black eyeliner to create dashed lines that indicate the incision.
  9. Lastly, wrap gauze around your head to make you looking like you’ve just came out from a surgery. Dab some blood scab on the gauze and voila – a very, very gross yet creative halloween makeup idea.


5) Creepy Doll Makeup.

Source: Cherry Wallis @ Youtube

  1. Start it off with applying white foundation all over your face to create that porcelain doll skin. Not to forget apply it on every part of your skin especially on your neck and ears.
  2. Set your makeup in place by applying finishing powder.
  3. Complete your rosy cheeks with a blusher.
  4. Next step is highlighting your face using a highlighting powder. Apply it on your nose, cheekbones, forehead and lips.
  5. Using a light brown eyeshadow, contour your nose to create a more defined and smaller nose.
  6. Then, use a plum shade eyeshadow and apply it on your entire eye lid.
  7. Apply white eyeliner under lower lash for that creepy doll-eyes look.
  8. Fill in your brows and keep it simple and natural.
  9. Moving on to the eyes, create a winged eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner.
  10. Apply dramatic eyelashes to create that perfect doll eyes look. Then, apply individual eye lashes on your lower lash for that bigger eyes effect.
  11. Use white liquid eyeliner to add freckles on your nose.
  12. Lastly, use red lip tint to draw dolly lips. Make sure that the width of the bottom lip is thinner than the top one when you’re applying the lipstick. And there you go – a creepy doll makeup to flaunt at your halloween party!



6) Unicorn/Mermaid/Fairy Makeup

Source: TheMakeupChair @ Youtube

  1. Start off with filling your eyebrows with purple eyebrow cream.
  2. Apply some tapes at the edge of your eyes for that perfectly winged eye look.
  3. Then, apply primer on your entire eyelids, followed by a purple eyeshadow
  4. Pick a darker purple eyeshadow and apply it onto the outer and inner corner of the eyes, leaving a gap in the centre.
  5. Pick a lighter shade of color and apply it onto the centre of the eyelid. Then, pick a stunning pink color and apply it around the purple eyeshadow.
  6. Add more depth to your eye makeup by applying darker purple eye shadow onto the outer and inner corner of the eyes. (You can mix black and purple eye shadow to create a dark purple look)
  7. Apply iridescent glitters to the centre of your eyelid for that magical glow.
  8. Apply black liquid eyeliner.
  9. Put on dramatic faux eye lashes.
  10. For the lower lashes, apply purple eyeshadow and fade it out with a splash of pink. Then, add white eyeliner onto your lower waterline.
  11. Now moving to contouring, use purple shade to contour your nose, hairline and cheekbones.
  12. Set your makeup in place with a setting powder. Next, apply highlighter to your face.
  13. Lastly, finish up your unicorn/mermaid/fairy look with a grey-ish purple matte lipstick.


That’s it for today’s Halloween topic and thank you for reading!

I hope you guys find these Halloween makeup idea cute and inspiring.

Out of these five Halloween makeup ideas, which one is your favorite?

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