D.I.Y Distressed Jeans & Frayed Hem Jeans

Distressed Jeans nor Frayed Hem Jeans aren’t a new trend anymore. (not even close)

However, they are way more popular right now than ever! From celebrity to fashion elites and your classmates, everyone is stylin’ it!

But there is always a problem with buying already-distressed denim or frayed hem denim. Which is you don’t have much control over the the rips and frays themselves.


It tends to happen when you finally find a pair of jeans that fits all your bends and curves like a glove, but the distressed is not what you want or you end up stepping on your hem itself.

That’s why, rather than ponying up $200 for a designer pair, we suggest figuring out how to make the perfect ripped jeans or frayed hem jeans yourself. (You can even have both if you want)

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Distressed Jeans

1. Choose Your Denim

You can either opt an old pair of jeans and give em a new remake or you can always get go for thrifting and get yourself a pair of cheap ones! 

Whether your preference of style is skinny, boyfriend, or flare jeans, distressed looks great on anything!

If you want your jeans to look extra-worn, wash them a few times in hot water and a little bleach before you get started.

2. Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need a pair of sharp scissors or an x-acto knife, a piece of cardboard (or any books with thick cover which you don’t need anymore), a piece of sandpaper, and a pair of tweezer.


3. Let’s Start By Putting Your Jeans On to Mark 

Use a pen or chalk to denote exactly where you want your rips or distressed areas. For a rather impressive hole in the knee area, it is best for you to start cutting two inches above the knee and two inches below.

4. Start Distressing 

Lay your jeans flat on the table or floor and slip in a thick cardboard or old books into the leg to prevent from slicing through both layers of fabric. Then, use your X-acto knife to start slicing at the line you marked. Continue to slice in horizontal stripes until you start seeing the white horizontal threads beneath the denim surface. Make each strip about half inch to an inch part, the cuts need not be equal in length or width (just do it according to your preference) Once you’re at there, you can start using tweezer to fray the threads. If skin is what you’re after, start cutting the distressed areas with your knife or scissors. Then, you can use sandpaper to fray the edges or make worn out effect on your jeans by rubbing the sandpaper on the surface of your jeans.

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1. Choose Your Denim

For frayed hem jeans, straight leg denim works the best among all but you can always experiment with skinny and flared styles jeans.

Who knows it might actually works for you right 🙂

2. Gather Your Supplies 

For frayed hem jeans, all you need is a pair of scissors and a toothbrush. (Simple huh)

white_bg_1280X822 (1)

3. Put your jeans on and measure where you want the new hem of your jeans to fall.

You can mark it with chalk if you want to draw a straight line across.

Then lay your jeans out flat on a flat surface and make sure both hems are lined up neatly and ready for cutting.

4. Its time to cut the denim

After marking and making sure the lines are aligned, take a pair of sharp scissors which will be able to cut through two layers of denim easily.

Then, you cut across your chalk line slowly and neatly, make sure the edges are straight. (You do not wish your pair of jeans end up to be uneven, don’t you)

If you’re unsure on how short you want them to be, its always the best to go with a longer first then re-cut them if you want them shorter.

5. Let’s Start Fraying

After you are satisfied with the new length, its time for the finale – F R A Y I N G!

This is always my favourite part as its super easy. All you need to do is take the toothbrush and start brushing off the raw hem and the white threads will come off.

Till next time.

Sending some love from me to you.

Hope you have fun d.i.y your jeans!

Whatever you look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement!


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