Discover 5 Chic Outfits to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl, a grand massive football league event of the year is coming real soon! Some of you may be super excited for it, gearing up to be the best cheerleaders for a team or maybe the halftime ensemble is the only session you look forward to.

But it is no harm dressing up to be a part of this event because you will never run away from a Super Bowl party! So start scrolling for 5 chic outfits you can wear this coming Super Bowl party!



#1 Comfy Casual

A comfy casual outfit is perfect for you if you just want to make yourself at ease while watching the game. Still look edgy with this outfit. It’s time to get your sweatpants out and match it with a white slouchy knitted sweater featuring batwing sleeves. This look is real simple and basic. Finally, elevate this look with a baseball trucker cap and you are off to go!


White Slouchy Knitted Sweater with Batman Wings

$ 35.00 USD


Gray Slim Sweatpants

$20.00 USD


Youth Baseball Trucker Cap

$23.20 USD


White Classic Basic Sneakers

$33.99 USD



#2 A Sweet Cheerleader

If cheerleader role is your take during the game, this outfit is for you! Combine a printed white basic v-neck tee with a varsity baseball jacket and a denim button-up skirt. Add a hint of delicate touch to it with a floral print casual backpack and a pair of pink basic sneakers. Don’t miss out those pom poms and cheers as you put this outfit on!


Varsity Baseball Jacket

$35.00 USD


White 1975 Basic V-Neck Tee

$11.99 USD


Denim Button-up Skirt with Dual Front Pockets

$28.00 USD


Sweet Floral Casual Backpack

$28.99 USD


Pink Lace-up Basic Sneakers

$33.99 USD



#3 Edgy Wild Fashionista

Opt for this edgy wild look if casual is just not enough to be in sync with the party especially the halftime ensemble moment. A pair of black leather jeans with patchwork and a cracked printed top with bell sleeves is all you need to get this look being showcased. Accessorise this outfit with a simple black clutch featuring criss-cross pattern and a bright red tassel fringe short boots to spice up the entire look!


Cracked Printed Top with Bell Sleeves

$16.00 USD



High Waist Leather Pants with Patchwork 

$26.99 USD



Synthetic Leather Clutch Bag featuring Criss-Cross Pattern

$15.99 USD


Tassel Fringe Short Boots with Back Zipper

$42.99 USD



#4 The After School

Who says that knee-high socks are meant only for schooling days? You can still nail it with style as you pair it up with a knit-dress at a length which falls perfectly right at your tights, leaving about 10cm away from your socks. Style it up with a pair of slip-on sneakers and a black rivet backpack. With this combination, there is no way you would look like a total cliche.


Knit Long Pullover Sweater Dress

$32.99 USD



Black Knee-high Socks with White Stripes

$8.00 USD



Casual Slip-on Sneakers

$41.00 USD



Black Rivet Chic Backpack

$28.99 USD



#5 A Neutral Viewer

Not a fan of any particular team? No worries. Just be neutral with this all time classic V-neck jacquard sweater with a pair of ripped jeans to add a little sophisticated vibe. Accessorise it with a pair of lace-up canvas sneakers and a double pocket backpack and you are good to go!


V-Neck Jacquard Knitted Sweater

$30.00 USD


Ripped Pencil Denim Pants

$27.99 US


Classic Lace Up Canvas Sneakers

$17.99 USD


Black Double-pocket Backpack

$54.99 USD


Got a slight clue on what to wear to a Super Bowl weekend party?

I’m sure you do! Let us know which is your favourite outfit and how you would style it in a different way.

Stay tuned for more cool topics from us! See you soon!

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