Do Not Underestimate the Power of Handbags: The Most Visible Accessory!

Which outfit should I wear? Do I look good in these? Does this top match with my new outerwear? Sounds familiar? I guess these are some of the common questions that every girl would face as they start their day. Hey, I know that majority would focus more on the top and bottoms, but accessories like handbags do play a role in spicing up your outfits.

Handbags are often seen and used for its functional purposes like filling them up with purse, handphones, cosmetics and notebooks. Yeah, that’s true. Handbags do really ease us in making sure all those things are in one place, I wouldn’t deny it. But little did you know that handbags too serve as a fashion accessory, self-expression and a status symbol. It conveys who you are and signals your fashion style.

So, do not underestimate the power of handbags as part of your outfit. Start eyeing on handbags and treat yourself one as we begin a new year! Do not know where to start with? Here are some of the bags that are just perfect for you this season.



1. Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

Leather bags are just one of the top on the list you should have in your wardrobe. They just go well with outfits from casual fall sweaters to minimalist outfits. When you are just tired of matching here and there. Just pair up your sweater together with a button down shirt in it and a pair of ripped jeans. Grab this leather canvas messenger bag and you are good to go!

Worry about all the hassle you need to do in maintaining a leather bag? Thinking that it requires polishing every alternate day just to keep it looking good and shining? Fret not. It’s just a myth. A simple tip for you here: just clean your leather bags once in a while with a damp cloth and that’s it! Your bag is as new as before.


Casual and Classic


Knitted Kimono Tassel Cardigan with Messenger Bag


Vintage Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag

$ 60.00 USD

This vintage leather and canvas bag is great to add to your collection this season. Plus, this bag comes with many compartments which are essential to fill your stuff. This bag can also fit a 15-inch laptop and would be so convenient for you without having to bring another bag specially for it. Sounds good? Check this vintage canvas and leather bag out!

2. A Cute Cross-body Bag

Sometimes a small bag is what you need to go for a short vacation, walking around the city and meet up with friends over the weekends. Then, a cute cross-body bag is something you are looking for! A small-sized bag just nice to fit a purse and handphone. It’s so convenient and with this, you can enjoy the bliss of being hands-free.

Having a small sized-bag has also its benefits. Here is one useful tip especially to small and petite women. By carrying a small bag, it’ll definitely help in elevating your height and appear taller while carrying a big bag would show otherwise. Don’t believe it? Try it now!


Black & White

White cross-body bags looks awesome with the simplest of outfits be it just black & white


Elegant and Simple White Cross-body

$25.00 USD

 Here we have one simple cross-body bag which will suit from plain tees to colour striking outfits. Matching your outfits with this, adds a simple touch of elegance to it with its simple and contemporary look.


Petite Floral Design Cross-body

$27.99 USD

Another cross-body bag here for you which is a simple and sweet vintage bag with a flowery design on it. Have it on with a petite or flowery-pattern dress or top to pull off with a feminine look. Just like this.


Sweet Floral Style

3. A Daytime Clutch Bag

A clutch has been the in thing aside from the regular handbags. Now, it is not limited to parties and dinner occasions, it also another accessory alternative during the daytime. The usual totes and shoulder handbags seems dull and so common? Try this clutch on! It is time to give your neck and shoulders a rest. Give yourself a new look and style during the daytime. A care-free and comfortable look is something you should go for now.

But one simple tip to take note: don’t try to over-stuff your clutch with too many items. Keep it at a minimum number to avoid damaging your clutch or simply look distracting. Hence, carry light which leads to a happier you.


Chic Carefree Look with a Clutch Bag

Do not know where to start with? Try matching a clutch with a white top adding on with a blazer with denim shorts. Isn’t it simple and yet still look stylish?


Fashionable Leather Envelope Clutch Bag

$22.00 USD

  Here we have one envelope clutch bag just for you. This is the perfect size for you to start with as a clutch if the size is one of your main concern.

4. Tassel and Fringe Bag

Fringe trend has been around since the 70s and it is still now a hit. This fringe adds a touch of Bohemian and tribal style to it. Those fringe twirling around is certainly eye-catching. Yet, it will not overdo your outfit but rather turns it into something fun and playful. So just start on with a fringe bag. Incorporate it into your everyday look with casual apparels. Just put on one fringe at one time. Coz you totally do not want to end up as a cowgirl but a cool girl instead.


Bohemian kind of Style

Fringes add flare to the ordinary black dress


Swirly Fringe Bag

 $25.00 USD

Here is one fringe bag with its choppy edges dangling down. You can either sling it around your shoulders or hold it casually in your hand. Just do it your way! So fringe it now for this edgy look.


Suede Tassel Backpack

$24.99 USD

Maybe you would prefer a backpack for an adventurous look? We have it here for you too!

5. Adorable Prints Handbag

To all cat lovers out there, you certainly do not want to miss this! Don’t you think cats are just adorable? These cute little creatures still appear as adorable as they look even on prints. Interestingly, they do gel along with your outfit as long as your pair them up well. This has been a fashion craze in Japan. But hey, anyone can pull this off as well.

This cat printed design bags portrays the chic look. Match them with a knit sweater dress. Ultimately, a pair of basic sneakers makes a perfect ensemble and off you go!


Casual Fall Fashion


Black Kitty with a Bow

$32.50 USD


Classy Cat Style

Here are two of the cat printed bags we have for you. It is a cool looking cat print. You can have it your own style, either the shoulder bag or the ‘back to school’ style.


Retro Kitty Printed Shoulder Bag

$19.99 USD


Retro Cat on Dawstring Bag

$8.49 USD

*This is on sale! Grab it fast before the sale ends!



So have you decided which one should be added to your collection of the ‘most visible accessory’?

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?’ No! Bags are a girl’s best friend too! What do you think?

We would love to hear from you! So feel free to comment on your thoughts and what other bags should be added into most of the ladies’ collection.

Stay tuned for more updates on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

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