Dress Up Like A Korean Chic This Fall!

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Good news – K-POP fans! Cuz today’s topic is all about Korean fashion trend and tips to dress like a Korean chic.

If you’ve ever paid attention to K-pop dramas or music, you must be wondering how can the girls look so put together 24/7.

To dress like a Korean chic, there are a few golden rules you need to take note:

1) Always opt for oversized top or sweaters

2) Expose your legs with mini skirt

3) Go for more comfy and baggy outfits.

4) Sneakers are must-haves. Style sneakers with a pair of socks are extremely cute.

Here, I’m gonna share with you 6 Korean chic outfits that are chic AF and very Fall-friendly.


1) For the first outfit, I’ve decided to style it with a navy blue pinstripe pinafore which is so college-y and cute.

Underneath the pinstripe pinafore, put on a white collar blouse with pussy bow detailing to add a touch of youthful and fun look.

For the footwear, I’ve handpicked a burgundy ankle boots with chunky heels which is so on-trend recently. Add on a pair of short socks, it is one of the chic ways to style your footwear.

Lastly, a canvas tote bag with cat prints on it to carry all your essentials with style.




White Collar Blouse with Pussy Bow


Navy Blue Pinstripe A-Line Pinafore Dress


Lace Up Ankle Boots in Wine Red


Cat Ankle Socks in Black


White Cats Printed Canvas Bag


2) Bear in mind that showing cleavage isn’t really a thing in Korean, but exposing a pair of graceful legs is.

For the second outfit, I’ve handpicked this oversized stripes sweater with cute pastel hue and intricate embroidered details on it.

Pair the oversized sweater with a light blue denim A-line pinafore dress.

Then, slip into a pair of white sneakers with metallic detailing and velcro platform.

A baseball cap is a must to look like a korean chic. Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or no make up day, a baseball cap is your best friend to turn you chic instantly.

Lastly, carry a drawstring backpack to keep your outfit minimal and simple.





Women’s Pastel-colored Stripes Sweater with Embroidered Badminton Racket


Light blue denim A-line pinafore dress

white-faux-leather-platform-sneakers-with-metallic-detailingWhite faux leather platform sneakers with metallic detailing


Whatever Drawstring Backpack in White


Embroidered Sailor Moon Baseball Cap


3) For the third outfit, I’ve handpicked a pleated tennis skirt which is one of the iconic style for Korean girls.

Pair the tennis skirt with a knitted oversized sweater. You can’t go wrong with anything oversized to look stylish and chic.

Then, slip into a pair of white sneakers and carry a mini round shoulder bag with feminine bow and metallic chain strap on it.

Lastly, the accessories are very important as the Korean chic paid attention to the small details. Put on a cat ears beanie and a pair of round frame eyewear to polish up your look and you’re ready to go!




High Neck Knitted Sweater with Embroidred Cactus


Pleated Plaid Tennis Mini Skirt


White Lace Up Canvas Sneakers


Women’s Cat Ear Knitted Beanie


Round Eyeglass Frame


Round Mini Bag with Metallic Bow Detailing


4) As I’ve mentioned above, exposed legs are quite a thing in Korean, so be sure to show off your graceful legs with anything below knee-length!

For the 4th outfit, I’ve handpicked this A-line denim skirt with front buttons and dual pockets.

Then, opt for a mustard high neck stripes sweater and pair it with the denim skirt.

Style the outfit with a pair of minimal white leather plimsolls.

Carry a burgundy mini shoulder bag to keep your essentials.

Lastly, put on a white frame cat-eye sunnies and a black basic velvet choker to jazz up your look.




High Neck Knitted Stripes Sweatshirt


A-line Button Down Denim Skirt with Dual Front Pockets


Minimal White Leather Plimsolls with Velcro Platform


Faux Leather Mini Shoulder Bag with Metal Buckle Closure


Cat Eye White Frame Sunglasses


Black Velvet Basic Choker


5) Another iconic style in Korean fashion is “borrowed-from-the-boys” aesthetic.

Whether you’re wearing a boyfriend jeans or boyfriend flannels, they’ll look super chic on you.

For the 5th outfit, I’ve handpicked this retro oversized t-shirt with vintage graphic on it.

Pair the oversized t-shirt with a light blue boyfriend jeans with ripped holes.

Then, slip into a burgundy oxford ankle boots to toughen up your look a little bit.

Throw on a white baseball cap with “youth” letter embroidery and carry a dark brown rucksack backpack to store your essentials wherever you go.

Lastly, put on a round retro black lens sunnies to polish up your chic look.




Retro Oversized Graphic Tee Crew Neck in Cotton Material


Light Blue High Waisted Denim Jeans with Ripped Holes


Burgundy Lace Up Oxford Ankle Boots


Classic Faux Leather Rucksack Backpack


Youth Letter Embroidered Baseball Cap in White


Retro Round Frame Black Lens Sunglasses


6) For the last outfit, channel your inner Korean self with an oversized camouflage jacket with a skinny ripped jeans!

Military chic trend is just in RN, almost every IT girl has an army jacket in their wardrobe.

I’ve handpicked this oversized camouflage jacket with embroidered patches on it. Wear the jacket atop a Killin’ it basic white tee.

Then, pair it with a classic black denim ripped jeans and slip into a pair of pink faux suede sneakers with velcro platform.

Lastly, add on a pair of cat eyes round frame blue lens sunnies and carry a vintage design double pockets backpack.




Oversized Embroidered Patch Camouflage Jacket


Killin’ It Basic White Tee


Black High Waisted Elastic Jeans with Knee Holes


Women’s Faux Suede Lace Up Sneakers with Velcro Platform


Vintage Design Double Pockets Backpack


Retro Cat Eyes Round Frame Sunglasses


That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and I hope you find today’s topic interesting and informative.

Out of these 6 Korean Chic outfit, which one is your favourite?

Tell us because we’d love to hear from you!

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See you guys around & don’t forget to be awesome.

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