Easy Hairstyles Which You Can Style In Less Than 5 Minutues

It’s hard to believe that the Summer vacation is almost come to an end, the good news is seize this back to school season and upgrade your everyday hairstyle.

I know finding new clothes and supplies are fun but it’s even more exciting to freshen up your look with a new style.

I have picked up several hairstyles which you can style in less than 5 minutes and also guaranteed to stand out on your campus.

Now, you can  hit the snooze button for another F I V E … minutes … more {Snooooooze}

1. High Pony

The first hairstyle will definitely goes to the high pony.

High pony scores the highest marks for being an equally easy as well as put-together style!

You can either throw up your second day hair and embrace the natural self. Then, add some hair spray and tease your tail for a flirty look.

Or you can always take a flat iron to the ends and create that undone bends for an effortlessly cool finish.

Tips: Give your hair some texture whenever you’re styling high pony.

If your hair is freshly washed and a little too smooth, you can always add some hairspray or dry shampoo.

This will allow your ponytail to stay in place all day long

Fanny Lyckman
A simple high pony goes well with any style especially the athleticleisure look.
If you have that effortless long sleek hair, embrace it! Tie it up high and you’ll have this fresh and professional look for school. It’ll definitely help you score additional marks if you’re having presentation.
Add a splash of edginess and high fashion to your back to school look with a high pony!
Want to showcase your choker or jewelry better, a high pony will never do wrong!

Hair ties which are so pretty, you just couldn’t resist!

Hair ties in various shades of pink.
This will create that lovely dovey look.


Colourful set of hair ties


Satin hair ties


2.  Curls

You must be thinking how could curl hair be done in 5 minutes.

Today, Im gonna share with you super easy tips to have the perfect curls!

Tips: Make sure you use a heat protection spray first, so you don’t fry your strands.

1st Option

Source: Besthairbuy.com

1.  Secure your hair in a high pony.

2. Split the tail in half.

3. Wrap the first half over and around a 1-inch curling wand for 10 seconds or less. (it all depends on how easily your hair curls)

4. Repeat with the second half.

5. Let down your ponytail and separate the curls with your fingers.

2nd Option

If the first one doesn’t work for you, you can try out the second way which doesn’t need a curling wand at all.

Source: Kayley Melissa
Jenn Im
The perfect curl will definitely makes you look like you’ve put so much effort in styling yourself!
Amelyn Beverly
If you have a mid-length hair, add some curls on it. You’ll be surprised how curls can add a twist to your everyday look!
Venice Min
Want to create that new romantic look for school. Easy, curls will do everything for you! Look how gorgeous is Venice in this curly hair.
Who says curl hair can only be feminine? Look how Lara nailed it with a bomber jacket. She totally slays!

You can always wear hair accessories to bring your curls to the next level.

Black and white checkered hairband with bunny ears


Thin black hairband with floral and pearl embellishments


Gold leaves headband


3. Half Knot / Bun

If you’ve read my previous post on half knot, you’ll know this is the most hyped hairstyle in 2016!

This is due to they looks simple but at the same time it looks like you’ve actually done something to your hair, even if you haven’t washed it for days.

Want to know how to style this hairstyle –> Check em out here

Source: Pinterest
If you have a cool hair color, definitely try a half bun, it’ll create that edgy and stylish look!
She created that cute and feminine look with a half bun.
If you have a shirt hair or mid length hair, this is also the MUST TRY hairstyle! The half bun is so versatile, it will create different looks depends on your outfit. If you team it up with a choker or bomber, your half bun will add a splash of edginess.
If you’re wearing a simple top, half bun will elevate your look instantly!

4. Top Knot / Bun 

For me, top knot is one of the easiest hairstyle to pull off especially when you’ve a bad hair day, cuz who knows right when your hair is up in a bun!

Depends on the occasions, you can also make the bun look totally different with just a few adjustments.

If you want a fancy bun, you can always go for a braided top knot.

The braided details will make you look like you’ve been spending hours on your hair.

Source: Pinterest

When you’re bored with the braided bun, a messy bun is also another great option. for you to take as a reference.

Source: Pophaircuts
Minna Furtwangen
She just slays her top bun like nobody else! Besides, the messy bun also makes her jewelry stands out!
Court Smith
By adding a piece of statement hair accessory, you’ll bring your top bun into the next level!
Source: Pinterest

5. Boxer Braids aka Double Dutch French Braids

If you want something quirky, fun and edgy definitely try out boxer braids.

It’s not difficult like you used to talk, all you need is a little practice and you can even braid this in your car!

Source: Missy
When you think your clothes you’re wearing is boring.No worries, braid your hair into this cool boxer braids and you’ll look effortlessly stunning!
Source: Pinterest
Instead of wearing the same clothes with your besties, having the same hairstyle like this will also makes you stand out in the crowd even tho you are a freshies.
Fanny Lyckman
Be that edgy girl with this cool and quirky boxer braids! Throw on a pair of shades and you’ll have all eyes on you!

Till next time.

Sending some love from me to you.


Hope all these hairstyles will give you inspirations to nail your new school year! 

Whatever you look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement!


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