Fall/ Winter Nail-Color Trends You Have To Try Right Away!

Among all the grand scheme of new launches on beauty products, there is no doubt that nail polish is the most overwhelming product!

You can see tons of brands flood the market with numerous new colors every season!

This has made it extremely difficult for us to keep track especially for those newbies!

Hence, I’ve decided to compile a list which include the best of the best on-trend nail colors which you have to try out this Autumn/ Winter.

Before you want to start panting your nails while watching Netflix, take some time to familiarize yourself with the hottest new shades of the season.

Without further do, let’s take a look on these colors which are going to be major!

This season, you get to see numbers of fascinating color palettes which signify the evolvement of environment, from pastel spring blossoms to deep red and orange hues just like the leaves change in the fall.

1. Forest Green


If you are the nature lover or were into emerald nails all Summer long.

A pine forest green shade is all you need this Autumn/ Winter 2016!

In addition, this color will add a splash of festive mood to your daily look as it definitely reminds us of the Christmas tress!

How to wear: Create that elegant and high fashion look by wearing this nail color with jewel tone high neck ruffle flare sleeves blouse, a suede skirt and a pair of ankle boots!


2. Midnight Blue


Midnight blue which is also known as navy, isn’t new but is definitely the MUST have color this A/W 2016!

Instead of sticking with plain black, why not switch things up and go for a midnight navy this season?!

If you feel navy is ain’t your thing, check out the sparkly navy blue which will scream the sophisticated winter wonderland!

Besides, this hue is guarantee to keep you looking chic, while adding a splash of glitz!

How to wear: Midnight blue goes extremely well with black and nudes outfit! Style this nail color with a nude trench coat, a black dress and a pair of knee high boots.


 3. Think Burgundy  


Go deep and dark this season with burgundy hue.

If you’re new in nail polish, I highly recommend you to try out this color as burgundy not only complements any skin tone, it is also one of the color which will never go out of style.

Just like the wine for which it’s named.

Burgundy is chic, trendy and indicates an edgy personality.

How to wear: Pair your burgundy nail color with a matching lip combo for that sophisticated elegant yet edgy look!


4. Apple-Picking Red 


A classic red is the ultimate statement of glamour.

Hence, it is always the all season nail-color staple, especially during the festive season such as Christmas and New Year!

Not to mention, this apple-red polish will also make your dark Autumn/ Winter outfit pop and look super cute on Instagram!

How to wear: Create that old classic for this Fall/Winter by wearing bold red nail polish with a midnight blue outfit.


5. Pumpkin Orange


Give your nails a fresh and bold touch in this daring pumpkin orange hue.

Whenever we think of Autumn, we kind of relate to fallen maple leaves, pumpkin spice latte.

These two are all in orange hue.

Hence, why not paint your nails in this gorgeous orange to spice up your Autumn/ Winter look?!

How to wear: Keep the rest of your outfit simple to let the orange hue be the only spotlight!


 6. Rich Chocolate 


If you prefer dark hues, rich chocolate is another great option this Autumn/ Winter!

This deep and rich color creates a high fashion look in a subtle manner.

P.S this color is sure to make your fingers look extremely delicious. Remember not to lick them (just saying).

How to wear: This cocoa-infused colors look extremely great with earth-toned outfits and accessories.

Pair this nail polish color with a nude outerwear, a pair of indigo blue denim jeans, a brown leather bag and a pair of ankle boots.


7. High Shine – Metallic  


This Autumn/ Winter is anything but boring with this high shine – metallic color palette.

High shine nail polish is the play ground for ladies who are glamorous, fashion forward and knows how to mix couture pieces with high street!

If real diamonds are out of question, nails can still look decadent enough to break the bank!

How to wear: When you wear metallic nails, try to keep your outfit color palette simple. For instance, keep it monochrome so your nails can be the highlight.


8. Nudes 


Simple and clean nails will never go out of style.

If you are the minimalist and do not prefer anything crazy, I’ll highly recommend you to pick this color palette as all the colors are very soothing, calm and of course easy to channel!

So what are you waiting for?

Find a neutral that works for your skin tone! Nudes, beiges, and browns, what’s next?

How to wear: Nudes palette goes well with anything, from bold colors to black and white, nude nail polish will complement your outfit!


9. English Rose


If you are a big fan of rose quartz the past Spring and Summer, English Rose is the best pastel option for you this Autumn/Winter!

This pastel pink reflects British landscape- the english rose field.

This hue will add feminine and romantic accent to your look.

Besides, it will also mellow the rest of the look out!

How to wear: Channel all pastel hue from head to toe this Autumn/ Winter. Trust me this english rose nail polish is going to make you look lovely dovey!

10. Mossy Green 


For those who love forest green, this is the muted version you’ll adore.

A tone down green which inspired by the moss.

Creating a calming and soothing mood which you will ever get bored of looking at them!

FYI, muted us another big trend this coming season!

How to wear: This nail polish color will look great on nudes so pair this with a cream sweater, a brown outerwear, a skirt, tights and a pair of ankle bootie. 

Source: A Little Polish
11. Powdery Blue 

If you are a big fan of serenity the past Spring and Summer, Powdery Blue is the best alternative which can transform you from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter!

This dusty and powdery color reflects the soft blue sky,  and the calming sea in a muted version.

How to wear: This color goes super well with dusty rose and white. Nail this nail color by wearing a dusty pink coat, a white turtleneck and a pair of denim jeans and heels.

Source: The Nail Network


That’s all for today!

Enjoy exploring these on trend nail colors and find the perfect one for yourself!

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