Father’s Day gift ideas

The annual festival, Father’s day is finally approaching and it is one of the important festivals that shouldn’t be omitted. We tend to emphasize mother’s day more but father’s day is also one of the crucial days that shouldn’t be forgotten. Father is like a big tree that protects us and shelters us from the storm. They are the main root that supports the family and we as a child, can always count on them no matter what issue we are facing as they are always the first ones that stand up for us. We will always feel safe and sound with their existence around. Hence, we should appreciate their existence by giving them some presents on this important day. Still wondering what to get for them? Don’t be afraid as we have got some ideas covered for you. So read on to find out more.


This might be pretty simple as it is just a plain t-shirt with some printed words on top, but it can easily pair well with any outfit. The printed words on top of the t-shirt have some meanings which are saying that the father is also like a protector and hero that is always protecting us from getting any harm. What’s more is that this is gifted by their beloved children which will be cherished even more.


This shirt is a customised father’s day shirt that allows you to put your dad’s last name on the shirt. You can even get yourself the same shirt with different numbers and names on top. It’s all up to your own preference! Having a twinning outfit with your dad is the cutest thing ever and it is undeniably insta-worthy. Also, the lettering and designs are made with high quality material which will be long lasting and durable. So don’t be afraid of making the names and numbers fade off after wearing it for several times.

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This shirt has the definition of dad on top of the shirt which is saying that they are irreplaceable in every child’s heart and they are the hero of their son and first lover of their daughter. There are several options available for the shirts and design colour which allows you to customise your own shirt according to the colour you like. 



2. Belts

Belts are often used by men as they can be worn to any occasion. They need this the most when wearing formal wear. As it will be frequently used, they obviously need those that are simple with a single colour and not many patterns on it. So here’s one presented to you that you should consider as a gift as leather belts can last for many years without easily getting damaged. Not only that, it is also a sign of a fashion icon that will make one look extra classy and can enhance the overall look of a man. With simply a leather belt, you can grace any outfit.


This is a white colour luxury belt with a jaguar buckle. The matching colour of white with gold conveys the meaning of purity and success. It has the lingering look that will make you exude charm. Moreover, you can even choose your preferable length according to your waist size.


3. Shoes

As the saying goes ‘a pair of good shoes can take you to good places’. Having a pair of good shoes is really important as one can simply wear them anytime and anywhere they like. Here’s one pair of leather shoes you shouldn’t miss out on. If you are looking for shoes that can protect your feet and are comfortable at the same time, this one’s for you. Leather shoes can last longer compared to other materials and it is water resistant. So don’t have to worry about making your feet wet or damaging your shoes even on rainy days. Also you can’t deny the fact that leather shoes will make one look stylish. I can assure you that your dad will definitely look much younger with this pair of shoes on. Not only that, this pair of shoes is handmade which is distinctive from others. Handmade items are the best, isn’t it?


Apart from formal leather shoes, a pair of sports shoes should also be taken into consideration. The knitting material makes it possible for your feet to feel the breath whenever you run or walk around even for the whole day. The design of this running shoe not only can be used for sports purposes but it is also ready for casual use. You can be both sporty and fashionable at the same time with this pair. It would definitely be your favourite pair for both work and outdoor activities.


Loafer shoes are the easiest to wear as you don’t have to wear any socks and you are ready to head out. This is especially suitable for your dad as loafers don’t require tying or lacing. They  don’t have to bend down to tie their shoes which is really convenient and won’t hurt their back. Also, it is very comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off which will be easy for those who are rushing to head out or head back home. 

Men Brown Leather Handmade Loafer Shoes


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