Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. As mums are our dearest, let us not forget our hero, dads as well! Dads are not only the leader of the house, being our ATMs (giving us allowances, heh), but they too are our advisors in difficult decision making situations, our source of encourager to do what seems impossible to us. Some dads might be a stern one, a person whom you do not wanna mess with in the family, but deep down you do know that your dads do so with a reason and all he did was to make you a better person, to who you are today! Check out the list of thoughtful and practical gifts for dads this year.

#1 Working Bags

Here is one practical item that your dad can use on a daily basis, ensuring all the essentials and documents are organised in one place, not to be left out as they got to work every morning.

Your dad needs a new bag for work? Find a durable one like this, made with PU leather yet looking smart and stylish as he matches it with his daily ensemble, shirt and slacks. This bag has many useful compartments to fit files, important documents to small essentials like pen and keys.

Stylish PU Leather Man Bag

$35.99 USD

If your dad prefers a backpack style over a hand-carry style, this computer bag would be a perfect fit. This size fits a 15-inch computer that comes with an interlayer specially to give extra layer and protection for the laptop so you do not have to worry. Not only that, it has many other compartments to fit documents, cell phone and many more. It is simple in colour and design, suitable for dads who goes for simplicity.

Multi purpose Computer Bag

$46.99 USD

If you wish to find a unique shape of working bag for your dad, this would be a great option for you. This bag comes with an additional strap that allows you to carry it in two styles wither by hand or sling it over the shoulder. It is convenient for traveling or for work, not too bulky yet big enough to store the essentials.

Black Zipper Men Messenger Bag

$43.99 USD

#2 Two in One – Card Holder and Phone Case

Guys are so different from woman, I am pretty sure you are nodding your heads right now. Woman carries handbags, wanting to junk everything in their bag ensuring they got what they need at that point of them, as it they have a fear of losing out something. Hence, women seems like Mary Poppins with her bag. On the other hand, men could just walk out of the house with his phone, wallet and car keys. That’s it!

So why not make it much more convenient by taking this opportunity to gift your dad with this 2 in 1 card holder and phone case. What a genius invention! Wouldn’t you agree?!

This case is available for both iPhone and Samsung models. The card holder side comes with magnetic closure that enables you to easily open it and securely closes it. Not a fan of brown? Pick a wide range of colours by checking it out on the link below.

PU Leather Case and Card Holder for Iphone and Samsung

$14.99 USD

Here is one with a hint of retro. With magnetic closure as well. Another extra feature for this case, it can be used as a stand. Just lay it horizontally with the flap at the back. Voila! Watch any video hands-free at anytime and anywhere!

Retro Leather Wallet Card Holder for iPhone

$12.99 USD

#3 Men Wrist Watches

No men feels complete without his watch. If your dad is one who will never leave the house without his watch, maybe it is time to give him a new one this Father’s Day. But first, you gotta know what are his styles or what type of the style is he lacking and here you can fill the gap. Maybe he lack of a casual one or a sporty one or he is more into those functional or traditional type. Do not fret, we have lots of style that are sure gonna meet your dad’s needs.

Here is a fashionable timepiece for cool and stylish dads. Stylish yet business looking style with 6 dials.

Men’s Business Watch

$25.00 USD

While here is another one with more sporty strap where your dad can pull it off in both casual and formal wear. It comes with several colours for your selection.

Men Mechanical Analog Rubber Strap Sports Wrist Watch

#4 Handmade Leather Shoes

Let your dad look astonish from the head to toe with our handmade leather shoes. These leather shoes are beautifully handcrafted, with beautiful details that is sure to make him shine at any occasion from work to formal events.

Here is a pair of timeless classic brogue shoes with wingtip front made with quality leather accented with details that makes it fashionable to pair it with jeans for a casual style or suit-up for formal occasions. Custom made one now for a perfect fit for your dad!

Handmade Fawn Leather Wingtip Men Brogues

$249.99 USD

If your dad is not into brogue style, here is a pair of two-tone formal shoes. Smart and modern-looking with a shiny finish. This pair is hand-stitched and soft to the feet that keep them happy all day long.

Handmade Two Tone Men Formal Shoes

$159.99 USD

Another style here we have for you is a pair of loafers. Simple with the top made with suede for a mixture of textures. Easily worn just slip in and tada!

Handmade Leather Suede Men Loafers

$189.90 USD

#5 Men Bracelets

If your dad loves some accessories to spice up his looks. Here are some handmade bracelets from funky to modern styles for your pick.

If your dad wants a modern touch, grab this gemstone bracelet for him. It is simple yet unique in shape and style. This bracelet is packaged beautifully as well, so by the time you receive it, it is ready to be given!

Men Gemstone Bracelet

$20.82 USD (Promo Price)

Another more rugged style option for you is this triple strap bracelet. It is unique in the sense where it allows you to personalise and carve your own initials on it.

Men’s Personalised Bracelet

$33.15 USD

#6 Coats, Jackets and Tops for Men

Grab this chance to gift your dad a top. There are several types of tops for your selection from casual to formal. We have vest. coats, cardigans to summer shirt.

This vest is slim fitting then it fits just perfectly. Add a pop of colour with this vest and match it with a coat.


Single Breasted Vest Jacket

$22.00 USD

For a cooling season, grab this cardigan that looks in-style and easy to match with any top. This cardigan is very comforting and adds warmth as the chills sets in.

Turn Down Knitted Men Cardigan

$33.00 USD

To match with the vest, here is casual blazer that matches well with T-shirt or with a long shirt. The one button gives a casual vibe that makes this piece versatile.

One Button Casual Blazer

$30.00 USD

For the summer time, here is a cool printed shirt that gives a quirky vibe. Matches easily with shorts or long pants for different kind of styles.

Printed Summer Short Sleeved Shirt

$24.00 USD

So here are some of the gift ideas for your dads. Hope this list helps to make this year a memorable one for both of you.


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