Halloween 2016 Inspired Costume – Cool and Easy Costumes Which You Can Actually Pull Off

September has officially marks an end, which signifies the trick and treat season, Halloween is just in a month time.

It seems like when Halloween isn’t here, something goes viral every day until when you finally try to decide what you gonna wear for this Halloween, then your mind goes blank.

Before you panic and call in sick, I’ve put together this year’s best picks all in this post.

Each of these costumes is awesome in its own way!

Take a look and let these costume ideas convince you that you’re not too old to dress up!

1. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) 
Source : officialyoan


Suicide Squad has finally hit the theaters this year and it has already making 2016 headlines!!

If you’re a huge fan of Suicide Squad like me, then the sexy and gorgeous Harley Quinn is the best character for you to play in this Halloween!

Show everyone that you are Daddy’s little monster and the Joker’s star cross lover as you rock this costume and defeat the Batman!

Trust me, you’re gonna steal the crowd away with this look!

Source – Brit + Co

If you want to make Harley Quinn costume yourself, click the below picture to find out how Alexa made hers.

Source – Alexa Poletti

Besides, getting a Harley Quinn makeup done is super easy with this makeup tutorial from Allison Emm. 

Source – Allison Emm 

2. Pikachu and Ash- The Catch Them All Theme
Source: Charlotte Baigent

With a new world older that’s obsessed with Pokemon Go, I bet everyone will be considering dressing up as their favourite characters for this coming Halloween.

If you want to join the theme, Pikachu is one of the best character you can play!

Not only you will be the most recognizable characters in Pokemon, the outfit is super easy to re-create as long as you mix and match yellow and black items!

If you’re teaming up with your partner, you guys can play the Ash and Pikachu team, which will definitely make you guys the cutest couple.

Source: Pinterest
She created the Pikachu look with a yello tee, a pair of black shorts and a pair of sneakers. To finish off the look,  she wore the Pikachu ear headband and a tail. Who says Halloween needs to be creepy?!


Here is another outfit I’ve created for you. If you want to channel Pikachu in a sexy way.

Team a yellow sleeveless dress with a pair of black high heel strappy sandals, a black mini shoulder bag and a Pikachu headband.





Yellow Sleeveless Short A-Line Skater Dress 




Strappy High Heel Stiletto Sandals 




Complete your Pikachu look with the Pikachu makeup.

If you want something bold, you can try out the daring face painting, if you want something subtle, try out the eye makeup below.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
If you’re not a fan of face painting, try this Pikachu eye makeup which will make you look cute in this Halloween!
3. Twinning Emojis
Source: @sammysammydoyle
A black bodysuit, a pair of black flats and a cute black bunny hairband sum up this look!

If you think Harley Quinn and Pikachu might be too mainstream for you.

Why not dress up like the iPhone emoji – the twins!

It will be super cute and you can team it up with your bestie or even your sister!

Not to mention, the outfit is super simple to create.

All you need is a black bodysuit, a blond wig, a pair of black shoes, and a cute black bunny ear headband.

Source: @jenntovah
OHMYGAWD ! They look exactly like a twin! Super cute!
Source: @jaredeberhardt
If you’re uncomfortable with bodysuit, you can always opt a black dress. If the weather is already chilly, wear a pair of stocking.
Source: @piper_jamieson
A black tee and a black tule skirt can also create a gorgeous twinny dancing emoji look!

Below is the look I’ve recreated.

Since the weather is chilly, I will suggest you to opt a long sleeve bodysuit.

Then pair it with this cute pom pom flats.

To make the look 100% similar with the icon, never forget your bunny ears headband.

I also added this cute bunny ear crossbody to make the look pop.




Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit 


Black Pom Pom Flats


Black Leather Bunny Crossbody

4. Netflix and Chill

For those who are a Netflix maniac, this is the perfect Halloween costume for you.

Who hasn’t Netflixed and Chilled at one point or another, right?

Literally not me!

24% of millennials have cut the cable cord in favor of streaming media if you know what I mean.

And Netflix users reportedly combine to spend a whole 10 billion hours per month using the service!

So, what R you waiting for, if the costumes above do not meet your style, just chill with Netflix!

Source: @dela_renz_oh
Netflixed and chilled is the one of the best costume you can rock it with your friends. P.S it is indeed one of the easiest costume to rock!
Source: @chinkybutkinky
Simple and chic look by wearing a Netflix sweater with a black leather skirt! Who says you need to squeeze your brain to get the perfect look, just C~H~I~L~L~!
Source: Pinterest
Team up with your bestie and pull off this look!
Source: @jillianne.jiggs
Attending Halloween party with your boyfriend? Try Netflix and Chill, you two will make the cute couple!

If you don’t feel like spending extra money on clothes, let me teach you how to re-create the “Netflixed and Chilled” look without the Netflix t-shirt.

First, grab a piece of red clothing as red sort of symbolise Netflix.

Then, pair it with a pair of elastic sport shorts to create that lazy and chill vibe.

Wear a pair of black and white stripes knee high socks as it will make you look like you’ve been chilling on your bed.

Slip into a pair of black sneakers and grab this cute ice-cream crossbody to finish off the look.

P.s To add more drama, you can always carry a popcorn as a prop and wear a pair of slippers.



Red Cable Knit Sweater


Elastic Waist Sport Shorts


Ice-cream Chain Crossbody


Black Socks With White Stripes


Black Sneakers

This is the second option for those who want to rock the Netflix and Chill Look.

Wear a pizza sweater with a pair of red elastic waist sport shorts.

Then slip into a pair of white sneakers and wear a “censored” beanie!




Pizza Infinity Sweater 


Red Sport Shorts


White Sneakers


Censored Beanie

That’s all for today,

I hope this post give you some inspiration on how to style for this Halloween!

It’s not necessary to dress exactly like the character, all you need is grab the main traits and turn it into your own style!


Sending Love From Me To You!



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