Homecoming Styling Tips and Trends You Need to Know

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events throughout the year which is hitting us very very soon. Homecoming party is all about fun, friends, dance and building memories which keep us getting all the more excited! With such a big event and big crowd, no doubt everyone wants to put on their best looks on that particular day to impress, garner compliments and the list goes on.

If you are not that party-girl type or probably the first them heading to such event, fret not as we will be guiding you through with top tips and trends you need to know for homecoming to ensure you have the best experience.

  1. Choosing the right dress

This is definitely on the top of every girl’s priority list. When it comes to any events from birthday parties, weddings to special occasions, picking the right dress or dress shopping keep the girls buzzing with excitement the most and yet it can be quite troubled and a hassle in picking the best one.

Knowing the on-trend styles is important but wearing it right is even more crucial. Read on to find out the top trends for homecoming dresses to find one that best suits you.

Two Piece

Two-Piece with Sleeveless Lace Top and Skater Skirt, $134.83 USD (Promo Price)

Two-piece dresses continue to have its moments on the red carpet. Two-piece style is fun, youthful and keeps you away from being ordinary. There are many styles of necklines for tops you can go for from halter, strapless to off-shoulder styles. Teamed with a flared skirt which are made for dancing or bodycon silhouette if you wanna show off your curves.

The fun part about two-piece is that it allows a small peep of your skin, for a sexy hint without baring too much. Also, it is versatile as it allows mix-and-match.

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Sparkly Embellished Style

Strapless Sweetheart Gold Sequins Short Tulle Homecoming Dress, $139.00 USD

Homecoming is just once in a year, why not give it all out and shine to your heart’s content? If you have this in mind, go for the sparkly embellished style dresses that are gonna make your every shimmy shimmy move perfect. From subtle to fully encrusted bodice, the shimmering crystals with beautiful beadwork definitely light up the room and calls for attention the moment you step in. Another sparkly option would be sequins.

V-Neck Beaded Chiffon Homecoming Dress, $136.99 USD
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Lovely Lace and Florals

Lace is absolutely timeless with a drop of vintage flair. While florals keep things sweet and feminine. Rolling out the princess magical moments that you have been dreaming of. You can go for full lace for an elegant touch or floral appliques that give your look a pop of colour.

Short Sleeved Lace Tulle Homecoming Dress, $141.30 USD

Love the soft effect from this lace homecoming dress. The lace bodice exudes a feminine and modest charm while the sheer tulle overlaid the purple lining for a unique touch.

Spaghetti Strap A-line Homecoming Dress with Floral Appliques, $121.78 USD (Promo Price)

This spaghetti strap floral appliques homecoming dress is truly an eye-catcher. Love the contrasting effect you get from the floral appliques.

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Little Black Dress / Minimalist Styles

If you opt for something minimal and simple, little black dress and minimalist style dresses are a low-key beauty option. These are the styles you can easily pull off for any themes and yet never go out of style. Even if it is simple, you can totally stand out with modern details like open back, cutouts, off-shoulders and plunging necklines. Or amp it up with jewelry and accessories.

Halter Black Homecoming Dress with Open Back, $113.99 USD (Promo Price)

You can totally depend on this cute little black dress to stand out at the homecoming parties. Extremely figure-flattering and keep the eyes on you and the jaw dropping as you turn around.


Cold-Shoulder Ruched Short Homecoming Dress, $112.31 USD (Promo Price)

You do not need the bling to shine all the time. This sweet chiffon dress topped with a ruched bodice that adds captivating dimensions and textures to the overall look. Complemented with cold-shoulder straps that drape softly over the shoulders for an added detail.

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2. Comfortable Party Heels

Choosing the right heels are extremely important. I would say as important as the dress or even more. Find a pair that you can totally count on and can lasts you throughout the night, perhaps on the dance floor because most likely you will be on your feet most of the time.

Those sky-high stilettos may be sexy and flattering, giving the substantial lift you desire. However, it may not be practical especially for girls who rarely wear heels.

So, here are the tips in finding your perfect heels.

Style –  Simple or embellished

A complete and a perfect outfit is all about balancing them up. If you have an embellished dress, tone it down with simpler design heels. While if your dress is leaning towards the simpler style, then you may go for embellished heels to make a statement.


Pick the right colour tone that matches with your dress.

You can play safe with neutral colours like black, silver, nude and gold. They are simply the go-to colours that matches well with almost everything.

For girls who would like to show off their daring side, try complementary colours.

Source: Stylecraze

If you like to keep things matchy matchy, you can go for the same colour but with different shades.

Height of the Heels

Stilettos are no longer the only go-to option for ladies. Now, you can totally rock on a variety of heel types for a smashing look.

Opt for block heels for more stability. For girls who are not used to heels, block heels offer you better comfort and height at the same time.

Kitten heels can be comfortable and petite too.

Well, there is no definite guideline indicates that every girl has to appear with a pair of heels. If you are not a stiletto-gurl at all, go for anything deem comfortable to you, ballet flats or sneakers would work as well.

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Extra tip: Try on your heels one week before the real day. Wear them and walk around for about 30 min a day. Breaking in your heels helps to ensure that you are comfortable and are used in walking in them.

3. Perfect finishing touches

Glam it up with final touches from jewelry and accessories. All you need to remember is that balance is key even when it comes to accessorizing your look. These are the accessories you can go for ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, rings and headpieces. They are simply additions to enhance your looks so it does not mean you need them all for a perfect homecoming look.


The type of jewelry you should go for depends much on the type of necklines of your dress. When you have straight or strapless necklines, style it up with statement necklaces, sparkly pendants or choker necklaces. Basically your choices are limitless as strapless styles goes well with most styles.

If it is high neck, you may opt out necklaces and keep it simple with earrings only.

When you have plunging necklines, you can go for long necklaces that complements the lining or a choker necklace for a sophisticated touch.

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Simple or Statement Pieces

Should you go for simple or statement pieces? This depends if your dress is simple or elaborated with details. I’m pretty sure you are kinda sinking in why balance is key. You do not want every detail to compete with each other but rather complement one another.

So the rule here is, choose one accessory you want to focus on. If your dress is simple and you want to make a statement with earrings, keep your hairdo and hair accessory minimal. If your dress is fully embellished, wear simple pendant necklace and stud earrings because all you want is to draw the crowds attention to your glistening dress.


An essential piece to keep your what you need for the night. These clutches are essential as well as adding an elegant touch to your overall looks. Depending on your styles, have your pick from simple, embroidered to embellished clutches.

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