How I Style Denim Jackets

I believe denim jacket has become such a familiar term that everyone knows it! Denim jackets have been in style for years and it has no sign of going anywhere (which I’m so thankful for!)! I am sure everyone has at least one piece of denim jacket, whether it is an oversized one which you’ve borrowed from your mom, or the perfect piece which you’ve been rocking 24/7 since you were in high school. If you don’t own any denim jacket, make sure you get it right away as every IT girl knows that adding a denim jacket is a surefire way to instantly make any outfit cooler! Apart from pairing your denim jacket with basic tee and jeans, this off-duty staple also works with a myriad of versatile pieces such as dresses.

I’ve got 7 stylish denim jacket looks for you to try on! So, make sure you continue reading!

Without further ado let’s begin with some inspirations from the A-list.


The Fashion Cuisine
She created that chic look by styling her ripped denim jacket with her stripped shirt, denim jeans and a pair of slip on shoes.
Thrifts and Threads
Channel your inner girlish vibe by pairing a denim jacket with a mini skirt.
Fabes Fashion
Denim jacket can never goes wrong with basic!
Wonderful You
Create that edgy street style look by coordinating a black top with a pair of distressed jeans, a pair of mules, a denim jacket and a choker necklace.
Aviza Style
Look girlish and edgy at the same time when you throw on a denim jacket over a printed dress.



Denim Jacket X Basics 

Create that everyday stylish look effortlessly by wearing a white slouchy basic tee with a pair of distressed black jeans. Then, slip into a pair of pink sneakers so you can walk all day without feeling tired. Top off your white tee with a heavily distressed denim jacket and a piece of choker necklace with pearl detailing. You can rock this outfit to classes, or even shopping date with your girlfriends.


Heavily Distressed Denim Jacket

A piece of oversized denim jacket with two front pockets, button down, and some heavily distressed detailing.

$30.00 USD


White Slouchy Tee 

A minimal white slouchy tee featuring a scoop neckline is everything you need to make your everyday statement stylish in an effortless way.

$19.00 USD


Black Denim Jeans With Distressed Detailing

A pair of black denim jeans showcasing some distressed detailing on the knee area definitely injects an edgy accent.

$22.23 USD


Pink Sneakers

Elevate your street style look with a pair of sneakers in this gorgeous pink hue and lace-up design.

$33.99 USD


Choker Necklace with Pearl Detailing

Spice up your look with a piece of black choker necklace with this luxe pearl detailing.

$6.99 USD


Denim Jacket X Skirt 

Aside from styling your denim jacket with the basics, you can add some fun by pairing it with a skirt. For this second look, I’ve coordinate a pink sweater and a distressed denim skirt for that cold weather look. Then, I topped off the outfit with a darker shade of blue denim jacket. Then, I added a splash of edginess with a black crossbody with chain shoulder straps and slip into a pair of black hollow out lace-up high heel ankle boots.


Denim Jacket 

A piece of denim jacket showcasing button down front, two front pockets and perfect darker shade of wash.

$17.10 USD


Pink Sweater with Cutout Detailing 

Spice up your cold weather day’s outfit with this cute pink sweater with a cutout detailing.

$23.99 USD


Distressed Denim Skirt

Make your half bottom WOAH with this gorgeous distressed denim skirt.

$17.10 USD


Black Hollow Out Lace-Up High Heel Ankle Boots

Elevate your Autumn/ Winter looks with this sexy pair of black hollow out lace-up high heel ankle boots.

$39.99 USD


Black Crossbody Featuring Chain Straps

This minimal black crossbody showcasing a metal buckle closure and a chain shoulder straps.

$17.99 USD


Denim Jacket X Floral Printed Dress

For lazy days, you still want to look stylish and put together. Just team your denim jacket with a floral printed long dress. Then, coordinate it with a pair of white slip on sneakers and carry a eye catching blue leather handbag! Trust me, there’s no thinking required and you will look hot af!


Denim Jacket 

This perfect shade of blue denim jacket showcases button down front and pockets.

$25.00 USD


Black Spaghetti Straps Floral Long Dress

Create that romantic floral look with this gorgeous black spaghetti straps long dress with floral printed.

$29.00 USD


White Slip On Sneakers

A pair of minimal and sleek white slip on sneakers will spice up your everyday basic look.

$33.00 USD


Blue Leather Handbag

$29.99 USD

This stylish blue leather handbag features one zipper pocket on the outside, two side zippers and some metal embellishments. When the side zippers are unzip, the handbag can turn into another style which enables you to style it differently.


Denim Jacket X Turtleneck 

Denim jacket goes extremely well with turtleneck. Not only it gives you that chic and effortless look, it also keeps you warm and cosy during the cold weather season. For this outfit, I’ve opted a grey turtleneck sweater, then I’ll style it with a pair of denim jeans with distressed detailing. To add some fun and detailing to the look, carry a black embroidered shoulder bag and slip into a pair of black high heel strappy stilettos. You can also dress it down with a pair of sneakers. Lastly, finish off this look with a denim jacket.


Denim Jacket 

This perfect shade of blue denim jacket showcases button down front and pockets.

$25.00 USD


Grey Turtleneck Sweater

For the simply chic look, all you need to do is throw on this comfy and cosy grey turtleneck sweater.

$21.99 USD


Blue Jeans With Distressed Detailing

This gorgeous pair of blue jeans showcases distressed detailing will make you look lean and tall.

$29.00 USD


Black Embroidered Handbag Featuring Chain Straps and Rivets

This season is all about embroidery, embrace this trend by carrying this gorgeous black embroidered handbag which comes with a chain straps and some cool rivets detailing.

$31.99 USD


Black High Heel Stilettos Sandals Featuring Ankle Straps

Dress up your outfit with this sexy pair of black high heel stilettos sandals featuring ankle straps.

$35.99 USD


Denim X Crop Top

If you love crop top but don’t want to fully commit to the belly-baring style, then this is the perfect look for you! For top, I’ve chosen a black spaghetti straps crop top. Then, I’ll be styling it with a pair of faux two piece leggings which come with this cool flannel tie on waist jacket. Lastly, finish off this look by layering a distressed denim jacket, wear a black ‘homies’ beanie, carry a quilted leather shoulder bag and slip into a pair of black ankle booties.


Heavily Distressed Denim Jacket

A piece of oversized denim jacket with two front pockets, button down, and some heavily distressed detailing.

$30.00 USD


Black Spaghetti Straps Crop Top 

Make your top half smoking hot in this black spaghetti straps crop top!

$9.50 USD


Black Homies Beanie

Spice up your street style look with this black homies knitted beanie.

$8.99 USD


Faux Two Piece Leggings with Flannel Tie On Waist Jacket

Lazy to dress up but don’t want to look sloppy? This faux two piece leggings with flannel tie on waist jacket is your life safer as it will make you look put together without trying hard.

$25.00 USD


Black Leather Crossbody with Quilted Texture and Chain Straps

Inject a luxe accent to your outfit with this black leather crossbody with quilted texture and chain straps.

$23.99 USD


Black Side Zip Design Ankle Boots

Update your Autumn/ Winter looks with this beautiful black side zip design ankle boots.

$35.00 USD


Denim on Denim 

Denim goes well with literally everything and for this outfit, I’ve created a bombshell look by pairing denim with denim. For top, I’ve picked a white plunge v knitted sweater. Whilst, for bottom I’ll be styling a pair of statement denim jeans with this cool rose embroidery and frayed hem. Then. layer a piece of denim jacket over the white sweater and complete the look by carrying a tassel suede shoulder bag and slip into a pair of black ankle booties.


Denim Jacket 

This perfect shade of blue denim jacket showcases button down front and pockets.

$25.00 USD


White Plunge V Knitted Sweater

A white knitted sweater showcasing a plunging neck detailing.

$19.99 USD


Rose Embroidered Denim Jeans with Frayed Hem

Denim jeans can be anything but boring when there has this gorgeous rose embroidery details and frayed hem.

$32.90 USD


Brown Tassel Shoulder Bag

Inject the bohemian accent to your look instantly with a brown tassel shoulder bag.

$21.99 USD


Black Pointed Toe Lace-Up Ankle Boots

This pair of black ankle boots features pointed toe and lace-up detailing.

$40.99 USD


Denim X Dress 

If you are the girlish girl who wears dress 24/7, this is the look dedicate to you!  For this look, I’ve picked a simple black knitted long sleeve skater dress. To beat the cold breeze, I’ll be coordinating it with a pair of black over the knee boots. Since the dress and boots are in black,I’ll add some colours to it by carrying this cool statement shoulder bag which featuring tribal pattern and embroidery detailing. Lastly, top off the look with a piece of denim jacket.



Heavily Distressed Denim Jacket

A piece of oversized denim jacket with two front pockets, button down, and some heavily distressed detailing.

$30.00 USD


Black Knitted Long Sleeve Skater Dress

This black knitted long sleeve dress is the perfect piece which you can style it every season and occasion! Not to mention, this versatile piece can transform into different looks depending on your styling.

$25.99 USD



Tribal Pattern and Floral Embroidery Crossbody 

Add a splash of edginess to your everyday look with this bold tribal pattern and floral embroidery crossbody.$37.99 USD


Black Faux Suede Over The Knee Boots

Slay high this cold weather season with this minimal black faux suede over the knee boots.

$24.99 USD


That’s all for today’s topic and I hope you guys know how you can style your denim jacket into different ways!

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment on which look is your favourite as we would love to hear from you!

 Stay tuned for more awesome topics from us as we update on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Till next time and don’t forget to be awesome.

“When in doubt, wear denim!”



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