How to Get Rid of Boredom this Summer

Summer is on its way this year. So, it is time to plan on what you should do to make this summer the best one! Try something new and different this year to wrap it up with meaningful and unforgettable memories. Get out of the limits this summer because life gets boring when you stay within the limits you already know!

Find out here on the best activities you can try this summer to get rid of boredom.

  1. Plan a Hiking Trip

Source: Nelson Kootenay Lake

Summer is the best time of the year to get your legs exercised. Plan a hiking trip with your friends or family to a mountain like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone National Park or at any hiking trail suitable to your own liking. It is best to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment and enjoy the tranquillity and peaceful atmosphere of nature.

Source: Odyssey

So go on a leg day and a quiet time with nature through hiking. I am sure it will definitely be rewarding as you reach the top peak of the mountain, being awed by the wonderful creation and breathtaking view. Also, take a mandatory individual shot as you reach the peak.

2. Make Your Own Tee

Let your creative side flourish by making yourself a t-shirt. Design to your heart’s content and suiting to your own style. You may go for shiny sequins, colourful paints or even creative cut outs.

Source: Hey Wanderer Blog

Here’s a really simple way to turn your ordinary plain to tee to a cool one-in-a-million piece.

Source: Hey Wanderer Blog
  1. Get a stamp with any design on it.
  2. Now, prepare the stamp pad with some felt scrap pieces of different colours. Tie those felts together with rubber bands.
  3. Then, soak them completely in a container filled with bleach.
  4. Once it is soaked with the bleach, take the stamp pad out from the container.
  5. Place your tee on a flat surface.
  6. Just touch the stamp gently on the pad to have a coat of bleach on it.
  7. And tap the stamp on the tee to get the patterns. Reapply the bleach after about every 4 stamps.

Voila! DIY your own tee checked!

Style it your own way and discover more ideas to make a special one for yourself and loved ones!

3. Host a Pool Party

Source: Via Blossom

Get yourself wet and cool by hosting a pool party. You need not have to have it big. Just have it your way! It’s all about the people you’re with and the splash is all you need to combat the heat. Just get your slide out and pump up your giant pool floats. Add on with some refreshing sparkling drinks and snacks.

Source: Via Blossom

Pop with some colourful colours to hype up the tropical feel. Popsicles, muffins, cakes, mixed fruits, balloons, and titbits. You name it all. But of all, friends and laughter are definitely the best part in any summer vacations.

4. Catch up with the Must-See Movies in Summer

Grab your popcorns and lie your way down comfortably on the couch is what you need to chill yourself this summer. Check on the latest movies to watch with your buddies. Even better, go all out for a movie marathon!

Watch it all from different movie genres to get all your emotions jumbled and cray cray like roller coasters. Get your movie list ready and start jotting them down before it slips your mind. Check out the 2016 movies you should catch up this summer with this list.

5. Swimwear Shopping Time

Source: Real Simple

Beaches and suntanning is something you cannot avoid during summer. Thinking that a pair of sunnies and floppy hat is adequate to endure through the summer? No, you missed out the highlight which is the swimsuit. Get yourself one this time and pick the best swimsuit that fits your shape and figure.

Source: Pop Sugar

Now, it comes with really captivating and sophisticated designs that you cannot resist. From ruffles, one-piece, bikinis to a high-waisted swimsuit. All is there for you to discover. Keep an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a piece and style you never thought you would like. Find your fit and the perfect swimsuit this season to get your summer high!

6. Pamper yourself with Summer Manicure

Pamper your little fingers and toes with awesome summer designs. It’s time to show them off after hiding under those boots and gloves during winter. Get them decorated with these nail designs.

Source from left: O.P.I, SarahScoop, Essie

7. Go for a Relaxing Getaway

A relaxing getaway is all you need to run away from all the stress and worries and find your peace of mind back. Go grab a map and scrutinise over the places that would interest you. From Asian, European countries or to other states.

If you do not know where to start with, head over to the Mediterranean side. If beach holidays are something you are looking for, these Mediterranean beauties are just fit for you!

8. Get involved in Volunteering Activities

If fun and play show up a dissimilar kind of meaning to you, go for volunteering jobs instead. Level up your experience and widen your horizon that does not limit to your own world and thoughts but including the life of others as well. The satisfaction from the sense of achievement and contentment you get from lending a hand to others would definitely change the way you see things and people.

Source: Volunteer Ireland

Get your friends to participate along with you this summer. These are some of the volunteering ideas you can start with:

  • Donate old clothes or household goods
  • Organise an event to clean the environment
  • Visit the homes
  • Be a volunteer tutor
  • Teach computer skills to the elderly
  • Check out to participate and volunteer in campaigns and events.

So, do not be surprised to get your maturity levelled up this summer by making a difference in your community!

That’s all for now. Spend your summer in a remarkable way this year with this list.

Let’s make a habit of trying new things!

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to share with us your thoughts.

See you then!


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