How To Pack Light And Look Stylish For Winter And Autumn Vacation

Packing for cold weather can be quite challenging when you’re trying to pack light, right and still look stylish!

As who wants to pay pay extra for overweight luggage.

Even worse, dragging unwanted weight through airports, hotels with no elevators and across new cities.

However, how are you supposed to pack light without underpack and get forced to hunt down the items you got to stay warm in unfamiliar places?

Today, I’ve put together some tips on what you need to pack  in the limited luggage space and how to look effortlessly chic like locals.

First, the key to pack light is layering! Pack clothes which you can easily layer with, mix and match to create a different look or wear individually for different weather conditions or activities.


Step 1 – Pick an outerwear that can keeps you warm and stylish at the same time.

It is ideal if you can get by one piece of outerwear the entire trip if you want to travel light. However, if you have longer trips or you need to put together casual and dressy looks you may bring two options.

For those who can get by one outerwear, I will strongly recommend you to pick parka as it is the warmer option among all due to it extend further to cover some or all of your butt and upper legs insulate more of your body. Besides, it looks stylish on any type of casual look.


Army Green Parka Jacket

Upgrade your outerwear’ drobe in this parka which featuring the on-trend color army green, a hoodie which keep your head warm, a coated fur detailing which keep you warm and stylish.

$39.00 USD

For those who need to attend some special occasions, I’ll recommend you to pack an a black coat such as trench coat for the additional piece. This is because black coat will always look great and it is perfect for dressier travel outfits.


Black Trench Coat

This black trench coat is everything you need to elevate your cold weather looks. The featuring of fur collar not only keeps your neck warm but also create that luxe look. The showcases of double breasted and belt will give you a well defined waistline, preventing you from looking too bulky.

$41.89 USD


Step 2 : Choose two lightweight knit sweaters which are in different styes so that you can mix and match for different looks.

I will suggest you to opt one turtleneck style as it not only keeps you warm but also super versatile. Regardless how you layer them, they will make your style on point! For the second piece, you can pick any of your preference, whether you want a lace up knit, a choker or a basic crew neck knit.



Black Polka Dots Turtleneck Knitted Sweater

A piece of turtleneck knitted sweater featuring tiny polka dots detailing which adds a splash of interest to the look.

$29.99 USD


Knitted Sweater Featuring Lace-Up Detailing

Level up your sweater game with this unique piece of knitted sweater featuring the on-trend lace-up detailing on both sides.

$29.99 USD


Step 3: Opt two long sleeve t-shirts for casual layering, a blouse and a button down for more dressed up look.

While traveling, I always love to pack slouchy and comfy t-shirts as they are good for layering. Try to opt for those light material and choose those basic and minimal styles if you are going to layer a sweater on top. To extend your travel wardrobe it’s always a good idea to throw in a dressy top or two depending on your travel needs. For this Autumn/ Winter capsule, I’ve included a beautiful chiffon blouse that works well for a dressed up look or the casual look by team it with a pair of jeans. A button down is another must have saple which gives you the pull together look effortlessly.




Grey Slouchy Long Sleeve Shirt  Featuring Foldable Sleeve

A grey slouchy long sleeve shirt is every wardrobe staple as the draped silhouette gives you the ultimate comfort to chill in all day long.

$19.00 USD



Black Long Sleeve Shirt Featuring Stripes Detailing

A black long sleeve shirt showcases crew neck and stripes detailing on the sleeves.

$20.99 USD 


Chiffon Long Sleeve Blouse Showcasing Bow Tie

A preppy style chiffon long sleeve blouse featuring a bow accent front tie.



White Button Down Shirt Featuring Lace Detailing

A white shirt featuring button down front and lace detailing hem which add an unique accent to the top.

$28.00 USD



Step 4: Pack 3 pair of bottoms which make sense for your trip.

I always pack 3 pairs of bottoms including the one I’m wearing while I’m traveling. I pretty much just pack jeans, one in blue and one in black because they are super versatille and comfy to walk in. To elevate your bottom, you can always opt for distressed jeans or flared jeans. If jeans ain’t your thing you can always opt for leggings or even joggers. While travelling I also like to pack an A-line denim skirt in case I want something more fancy. To beat the cold all you need to do is wear a pair of tights underneath the skirt!





Blue Distressed Jeans 

A pair of skinny jeans featuring distressed detailing is everything you need to make your everyday look on point!

$29.00 USD 


Black Jeans featuring Distressed Detailing

A pair of black jeans works great with any type of tops. This pair of jeans which showcases minimal distressed details will definitely elevate your bottom.

$22.23 USD


Denim A-Line Button Down Skirt

This denim skirt showcases the A-line silhouette which looks flattering on any body type and will make you look slender. The showcases of button down front and 2 pockets on each side gives an unique touch to the skirt.

$28.00 USD


Step 5: Pack only 2 pairs of shoes.

In order to pack light, you must bring only 2 pairs of shoes. Two pairs of shoes for travel is actually more than enough. Pick one of the most comfortable shoes you have so you will not have blisters after hours of walking. Besides, you have to consider the type of winter weather you will be traveling in. For instance, if you’ll be encountering snow and or rain, a pair of waterproof shoe is essential. You can go for a pair of ankle booty as they are comfortable yet stylish at the same time. If you’ll not going to experience snow or heavy rain, a pair of minimal white sneakers is a comfortable walking around alternative! For a Fall/ Winter appropriate dressy option, go for a high-heeled ankle boot.



Black Lace-Up Pointed Toe Ankle Boots

A pair of black ankle boots featuring pointed toe and lace-up front detailing.

$43.00 USD


White Slip On Sneakers

Upgrade your shoe rack with this minimal crisp white slip on sneakers which are made of canvas material.

$25.00 USD


Beaded Embellished High Heel Ankle Boots Featuring Open Toe Detailing

For a Fall/ Winter appropriate dressy option, go for a high-heeled ankle boot. This pair featured high shine beaded embellishments which create beautiful stars pattern. The open toe detailing is good for showcasing your nail polish.

$29.90 USD


Step 6: Pack two types of bag.

I will strongly suggest you to cary a backpack as it is more comfortable to carry for such a long hour and you can stuff in all your neccessities. Whilst for the second bag, you can pack a clutch or mini crossbody in case you have fancy dinner or special occasion to attend. 


Step 7: Never ever forget about all your cold weather accessories.

Beanies, gloves and scarves add that final touch to your outfit and will keep you warm! Touch tech gloves are great to keep you warm and look up stuff on your phone when you’re out and about. For scarves and beanies, you can bring extra to make your outfit look different since they are lightweight .



White Plaid Scarf

Top up your A/W look with this minimal white scarf with plaid design. 

$19.00 USD 


Black Plaid Scarf

This black scarf which featuring flannel details will elevate your A/W look immediately. At the same time, it will keep you warm and cosy!

$19.00 USD


Black Gloves

Gloves come in handy when the weather turns chilly. This gloves which made off faux leather will keep your hand warm and stylish!

$19.00 USD


Beige Knitted Beanie

A beige knitted beanie is everything you need to keep your head warm and stylish. The showcasing of pom pom detailing add a splash of cuteness to the beanie.

$17.99 USD


Parental Advisory Logo Knit Beanie

Burgundy is the colour that shouts Autumn and Winter. This minimal knitted beanie has this parental advisory logo attached on it, creating the edgy street style look.

$25.99 USD


P.S Don’t forget to toss in chapstick, a travel sized bottle of lotion, some socks and thermals before zipping up and taking off!

That’s all for today.

I hope you find this article useful and ease your struggle in packing for your upcoming vacation!


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