How To Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

Pleated skirt is the ultimate wardrobe staple for all seasons that every girl should own at least a piece!

This bottom piece is very functional, eye-catchy and versatile as it goes well with any of your favourite tops, outerwear and most important it complements any style.

Whether you urge to create a preppy look, vintage look or even a professional look, pleated skirt is sure to make you look fantastic!

Moreover, pleated skirt is absolutely great in tricking the eyes by creating a slender figure!

Not to mention, one thing which makes me adore pleated skirt is the airy and lush movement it gives.

Without further do, lets jump straight to the inspiration section and check out how the fashion elites nail their pleated skirt look.

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential


Olivia – Whatoliviadid
Look elegant and classy in a neutral knit sweater, burgundy pleated skirt an a pair of calf boots.
Alexandra Martinez – The Style Martini
The pleated skirt is definitely a winner. And with oversized ruffle sweaters, they just look super cute. Trust me, you’ll be steal the crowd away in this outfit!
Kristy Wu – Kristy Who?
A pleat midi skirt can easily look really dressed up. Hit a happy medium between fancy and casual by adding a plain tee, a choker necklace, and a pair of strappy high heels. If you want something bold, try to add a pop of metallic like Kristy!
Kathleen – Carriebradshawlied
Channel some bold colors such as red and see how amazing it makes your outfit pop!
Alisha Thornley
Create that haute and professional look with a black chiffon button down skirt and a satin pleated skirt. Don’t afraid to channel bright colors as they will look great on you!
Amelyn Beverly – Beverly Ville
Combine two trends in one by wearing your pleated skirt with a lace-up back sleeveless top for something ultra-feminine and pretty. Bonus points if you finish the look with a hat!
If you are the lovely girl, this look is dedicate for you. Pair a white oversized sweater with a white pleated skirt. Then finish off the look with a beret and a pair of strappy block heels.
Xaria Tan
Create that romantic and feminine look with a sleeveless top, pleated skirt and a cute crossbody.

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

1. Keep it edgy and eye-catching with a floral pleated skirt this Fall/ Winter.

For top, I’ve chosen a black off the shoulder long sleeve top to stay warm, comfy and sassy!

Then, I’ll be layering a piece of black leather biker jacket to create that edgy vibe.

For skirt, instead of opting a plain pleated skirt, go for something bold like this black floral printed.

Floral prints are definitely the MUST haves this Autumn/Winter.

To complete this look, wear a pair of black tights, slip into a pair of gorgeous burgundy ankle boots and carry a black leather clutch.



Black Leather Biker Jacket


Black Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Top


Black Long Floral Pleated Skirt


Black Tights


Burgundy Lace-Ups Ankle Boots


Black Leather Clutch

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

2. Stay comfy and cosy in a simple white long pleated skirt.

If the weather is chilly and you don’t feel like dressing up but don’t want to end up looking sloppy.

Wear a oversized sweater, you can either go for a plain pullover or a knit sweater!

Then, match it with a long white pleated skirt as the pleated skirt can keep you warm and stylish.

For shoes, go for a pair of comfy and crisp white sneakers.

Then finish off this look by carrying a white leather backpack.



Pink Knit Sweater


White Long Pleated Skirt


White Sneakers


White Leather Backpack

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

3. Be the Parisian chic, you can never go wrong with a long pleated skirt.

For top, I’ve chosen this gorgeous birds printed chiffon long sleeve blouse with bow accent detail.

Then, I’ll be pairing it with a pink long pleated skirt.

To add a splash of elegance, wear this outfit with a pair of pointed toe strappy high heels with rivets embellishments.

Then, finish off this look by carrying a white crossbody.

Now, you have the perfect Parisian chic look! Bonjour~ Madam!



Birds Printed Chiffon Blouse with Bow Accent


Pink Long Pleated Skirt


Nude Pointed Toe Strappy High Heel with Rivets Embellishment


White Leather Crossbody with Rivets Embellishments

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

4. Channel your romanticsm this season with everything feminine and elegant.

For top, I’ve chosen this exquisite and breathtaking white lace high neck long sleeves blouse.

Then, I’ll be pairing it with a camel tone long chiffon pleated skirt.

For shoes, slip int a pair of nude strappy high heel sandals.

Complete this look with a black crossbody with chain straps.



White Lace high Neck Long Sleeve Blouse


Camel Tone Long Chiffon Pleated Skirt


Nude Strappy High Heel Sandals


Black Leather Crosbody with Metallic Clasp and Chain Straps

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

5. Be the independent lady that rule the workplace in this outfit combination.

For top, I’ve opted a white collar long sleeve ruffles blouse.

The collar will add a sense of professionalism to your look which is extremely suitable for a workplace.

Then, match it with a black long pleated skirt as black and white can never go wrong!

For shoes, I’ve picked this gorgeous black and nude pointed toe strappy block heels.

Lastly, finish off this look with a cream hue handbag.



White Collar Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse


Black Long Pleated Skirt


Black And Nude Rounded Pointed Toe Strappy Block Heel


Cream Leather Handbag

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

5. Hit the perfect balance of casual by pairing a plain tee with pleated skirt.

 If you prefer something simple and sassy, this is the to go outfit for you.

For top, I’ve chosen a baby pink slouchy plain tee.

Then, tuck it into a white pleated skirt.

If the weather is chilly, layer a piece of ripped denim oversized jacket which will elevate your casual look immediately.

Top off your look with a cute knit beanie, a pair of white sneakers and an edgy black leather crossbody.



Distressed Oversized Denim Jacket


Pink Slouchy Tee


White Long Pleated Skirt


White Sneakers


Knit Beanie


Black Leather Crossbody

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

6. Channel the sporty girl look by pairing a pleated skirt.

Amaze the crowd and steal their attention away in this outfit.

For top, I’ve picked a lace bralet, then I’ll be pairing it with a black long pleated skirt.

To add that sporty vibe, I’ll recommend you to layer a piece of bold statement bomber jacket.

Then, finish off this look with a pair of black trainers.



Eagle Embroidery Bomber Jacket


Black Lace Bralet


Black Long Pleated Skirt


Black Trainers

How Tos: Style Pleated Skirt, The Wardrobe Essential

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