How to Treat Your Wanderlust Even When You Are At Home

Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel or perhaps just leave where you belong and go somewhere else for new discoveries and adventure.

Now with technology, it is likely impossible to avoid all those alluring and breathtaking places and countries especially attractive deals pop up as you scroll down your Facebook newsfeed. And better, having to scroll to one of your friends’ post with travelling photos is making that wanderlust worse. That kind of awful pain in the heart as your wanderlust strikes just forces you to have this slight thought of leaving everything behind and just go. But in reality, this seems to be not that easy at all!

I can totally relate to you. But let us not allow this wanderlust go any deeper, instead treat it from near than afar. Yes – treat it right here where you are. Follow me through and be assured to get your wanderlust treated in no time.


1. Have a home makeover

Home makeover? Yes, it may sound strange. But we always start something from home. So why not this time as well? Home has been the most comfortable place on earth and yet is somewhere you are kind of bored with as you have been stuck in there the whole time. So change a little of arrangement here and there like how you would arrange your couch and tv sets. Add on with some frames or decorations.

Feeling a bit restless? Treat it as your usual spring cleaning! Keep what you need and eliminate the excess. After it’s all done. You’ll be surprised to feel your living space fresh and new!

2. Try a new hobby

We are so sure of one thing that we like to do and that would be our hobby. Each of us may cultivate different types of hobbies depending on our character and personalities. Some may opt for a challenging one while some may want to keep their hobbies to time alone with themselves. That’s fine. But now, let us turn our habit mode off and tune in to something new. There are so many things to attempt and sign up for like yoga classes, calligraphy, photography, voluntary work, horse riding and so forth.

Who knows, you might discover a new you and widen your hobby interests!

3. Insta-journaling

Invest in a camera or just use your smartphone camera to snap a shot of your day. Take a shot of something memorable each day and share it on social media as a way to express yourself. Share to your friends on the way you live your life from your perspective. You must be thinking, what is there for me to take since I will be doing a routine job and going off to same places like work or school each day?

That is the point! At all times, we have this thought of something literally new are only worthy of our camera. But being able to reflect and take something out of the regular routine each day would mean so much more because this shows that every day is a new day to you! Start observing the tiniest little things in your life and capture them. It can be someone or something you are grateful for. Or maybe scenery and nature.

Journaling your day with photos along with a short caption below it. You may use certain apps as well which allows you to capture photos and store it as a journal. If you are more of a wordy person by all means, write them down in a book. After some time, it would mean so much and satisfying as you reminisce on the photos.

Take something out of the regular routine each day would mean so much more because this shows that every day is a new day to you

4. Find out and try new cafes or restaurants

Are you a foodie person? Just google new cafes or restaurants and try them out. Give yourself or your family a treat. Maybe set a meal each week to try new food. The varieties of food are endless and I am sure you definitely have not tried them all. Start from local to foreign cuisines.

If you are on a lower budget, cook them yourself. Search for recipes and go grocery shopping for them. Cooking requires skills – no doubt but it is really enjoyable especially when the outcome is successful and when the taste of the food is up to par with your mum’s or an ordinary cafe’s cooking. Achievement unlocked!

5. Back to Nature

It is time to get back to nature and inhale a breath of fresh air from its natural surroundings. Carefully observe and discover the wonders of nature that seem to pass by swiftly by our hectic lives. Just catch the sunset or sunrise over the weekends. Watch the sky as it changes colour. Wow! An everyday setting that we experience that seem ordinary and yet it is the most remarkable thing that happens in our daily lives.

If you are more of an adventurous person, I guess you know what I would suggest next since its back to nature. Yes, hiking! Go on the hunt and hike up the mountains or walk through the forest. There are so many magnificent parks and breathtaking mountains to be explored. If you are not of an outdoorsy person, go for it too! Take up the challenge and start with easier ones for beginners. If you never taste it, you’ll never know how good it is, right?

6. Plan a stay

Book a hotel stay or even an Airbnb stay for a weekend getaway. Waking up in the morning to a new bed, new room and air can somewhat help to cure the wanderlust in you, without having to cost you a fortune or travelling too far. Sounds like a great deal?

Have a break, have a short stay. Embrace this one or two days of rest to fully calm your soul and mind from all the stressful things in life. Just walk away from it for a moment. Do not get me wrong. This is not a way to avoid your problems. But, problems and stress will always be there, they come and go. So just put them aside for a moment, they can wait!

7. Start planning

After all that is said, it does not mean that travelling outside where you belong is something out of reach. It can still happen as long as we start the plan. Planning is a great start in making one step closer to a dream come true. Prepare a bucket list on things you wish to achieve and places you wish to visit. These are small little steps that help you to visualise your abstract plans. Sooner than you know, you will be where you want to be the moment you open your eyes!

Not only plan but save! Take this time to gather all the information you need and save for the trip. When it is the right time, gear up and go!

Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan

Are these gonna work?

Try them and share with us on how you treated your wanderlust while you are at home!

We love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more interesting topic from us. See you soon! 🙂

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