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“Rose Quartz & Serenity”

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Pantone made waves since they announced not one,but two colours of the year for 2016.

This year’s spotlight colours will be Serenity and Rose Quartz.

They are both pastel hues which I personally a big fan of besides nude and monochromes.

Pantone said they have chosen the baby pink and dusty blue to evoke a soothing sense of order and peace.

Furthermore, it is also used to challenge traditional perceptions of colour associations.

In short, Pantone is making the statement that COLOURS are for everyone !

Lets BEGIN with some inspirational images from Fashion Bloggers!

Amelyn Beverly | Singapore Fashion Blogger
Amelyn Beverly | Singapore Fashion Blogger
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.00.51 PM
Jocina | Singapore Fashion Blogger
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.10.10 PM
Sasa Zoe | New York Fashion Blogger
Manuella Lupascu | Bucharest Fashion Blogger
Manuella Lupascu | Bucharest Fashion Blogger
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.17.37 PM
Galant | Ukraine Fashion Blogger

From the images above, you can see that most of the fashion blogger either only wear rose quartz or serenity only or they wear both together.

and the results are still fantastic.

So, Lets Begin With Our Experiments !


1st Look

Lets Get Creamy~

Cream Blazer X Rose Quartz Dress X Pink High Heels X Cream Handbag

Cream Blazer

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.47.44 PM

Rose Quartz Strappy Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.38.46 PM

Pink Strappy High Heels


Cream Handbag


Statement Ring 


For this look, I will play around with cream colours and rose quartz.

If you are afraid of wearing too much pink hues, this combination will be perfect for you as the cream colours will neutralise the pink and make it look even more soothing.

You can wear this for work and even a night out.

During the night, all you need to do is take off the cream blazer and show off your SEXY BACK !

P.s If you love rings, why not wear a statement ring ?


 2nd Look

Keep Calm~

Serenity V Neck Romper X Serenity Chunky Sandals X White Bullet Shoulder Bag X Wishbone Necklace

Serenity V Neck Romper

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.49.41 PM

Serenity Chunky Sandals 


White Bullet Shoulder Bag

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.17.53 AM

Gold // Silver Wishbone Necklace


The second look, I will do mix and match with different serenity fashion items to create a calm or peaceful look.

For the outfit, pick an easy to style romper, then layer a necklace if you feel uncomfortable with the V neckline.

If you have more tanned skin, pick the gold one. It will make your skin look even more shimmer!

To finish your look, carry a white bullet shoulder bag. Do you know that bullet bag is totally a hit in 2016?

Then slip into a pair of serenity chunky sandals and off you go !


3rd Look

Get Warm & Cosy~

Grey High Collar Sweater X Tea Length Rose Quartz Skirt X White Faux Leather Slip-on X Tote Bag

Grey High Collar Sweater


Tea Length Rose Quartz Skirt


White Faux Leather Slip-On


Tote Bag


 For a cosy day, instead of choosing monochromes, choose rose quartz or serenity item to match it.

It will definitely give your outfit a twist and still keep you warm!

For the top, you can still wear your high collar sweater. Try to wear grey or white pieces.

Then pair it with a rose quartz tea length skirt and a pair cute white slipon.

To complete this look, carry a tote bag which you can easily just dumb in anything you want and carry it everywhere.


4th Look

Preppy All Your Way

Chiffon Blouse X Serenity A Line Skirt X White Sneakers 

Chiffon Blouse in White

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.28.19 PM

Serenity A-line Skirt


White Sneakers


Ballerina Girl Necklace


To create a preppy look, its easy. The tip is keep it short.

Wear a sleeveless chiffon white top with a cute A-line serenity skirt.

Then wear a pair of sneakers instead of flats or heels.

Then layer a cute necklace and you are ready to rock the campus !


5th Look

Simple is the key to true elegance~

Rose Quartz Maxi X Pink High Heels X Black Statement Clutch

Rose Quartz Maxi

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.20.36 PM

Rose Quartz High Heels


Black Statement Clutch

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.56.30 PM

Rose quartz not only makes you look elegant but also romantic !

Dress yourself with a rose quartz maxi and a pair of sexy pink high heels.

Then carry a statement clutch !

Now, you are ready to go for a date, prom night or even stroll around the Parisian Street !


6th Look

Cutie Pie~

Serenity Sweater X White Pleated Skirt X Rose Quartz Backpack X Lace Trim Socks X Rose Quartz Sneakers

Serenity Sweater 


White Pleated Skirt


Rose Quartz Backpack


Lace Trim Socks


Rose Quartz Sneakers


To create a cutie pie look is to put both pastel colours together !

YEEES you do not hear it wrongly ! Both rose quartz and serenity will definitely make your OOTD look BAAAM !

For the top, I will suggest pick a serenity sweater. Then pair it with a white pleated skirt.

To finish the look wear a pair of lace trim socks and a pair of rose quartz sneakers !

If you wish to carry a backpack go for a matching colour.


7th Look

Beach Look

White X Rose Quartz Two Piece X Nude Heels X Sunnies 

White & Rose Quartz 2 Piece


Nude Heels




For this look, it is suitable if you are going for vacation by the beach i.e Maldives or even Abu Dhabi.

Pick some light weight and “flowy” outfits like this two piece. A white crop top with some ruffle details and a rose quartz skirt.

You can wear a pair of nude heels if you are having meals by the beach and change to slippers when you are going a stroll.

P.s dont forget about your sunnies !


8th Look

Easy Breezy~

Loose Fit Serenity Dress X Rose Quartz Oxford Shoes X Pantone Sunnies

Loose Fit Serenity Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.41.43 PM

Rose Quartz Oxford Shoes


Pantone Sunnies


For a lazy day and you have no time to style !

This is definitely the perfect combination that will help you.

Throw on a loose fit serenity dress and a pair of rose quartz oxford shoes!

If the sun is bright bring along a pair of pantone sunnies.

Now, Easy Breezy Look is done !


9th Look


Rose Quartz A-line dress X Hot Pink High Heels 

Rose Quartz A-line Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.42.12 PM

Hot Pink High Heels

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.50.30 PM

To be as sweet as cupcake, you need to be daring in wearing all shades of pink!

Dont doubt it wont turn out to be a easter bunny.

All you need to do is keep it simple for the designs and play around with the palettes.

I will suggest you to choose a flowy and ruffles dress. Then pair it with killer heels.


Whatever you look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement!!!

Hope You Enjoy Reading Luulla’s Blog.

Stay Tune for More Fashion Tips


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