Jewellery for Every Type of Prom Dress Neckline

The best way to spice up your prom dress is super easy, all you need to do is add some jewelries. However, it is somehow challenging to pick the correct ones that complement your dress without looking too much going on. Besides, thinking of which pieces can be showcased perfectly with your dress neckline is even more though.  Does a lariat necklace looks flattering on a sweetheart neckline? Can I wear statement necklace with my one shoulder dress? No worries, I’ve got you covered with some cool tips and pieces which will work best with your prom dress neckline. Keep scrolling and find out more!

1. Dress Neckline: Straight-across and Strapless


If you’re wearing a strapless and straight-across neckline, congratulations! As your choices are limitless due to this is the best neckline to showcase different types of jewellery. You can go for a bold statement earrings such as chandelier earrings, long earrings, teardrop earrings. Besides, a massive statement necklaces will also complement this neckline. In short, just wear something that you feel comfortable in when you have a clean straight-across neckline.


Geometric Circle Dangle Earrings 

For the simple and sophisticated look, amp of the glam with this minimal pair of geometric circle dangle earrings which feature a golden hoop.

$6.99 USD


Crystal and Pearl Choker Necklace

Choker is having a huge come back this year and this choker which featuring pearls and crystal embellishments is everything you need to make your look standout!

$20.99 USD


Crystal Geometric Long Earrings

Add a splash of glitz with this bedazzling pair of long earrings which showcase crystal geometric pattern.

$36.00 USD


Crystal Stud Earrings

This pair of stud earrings which features crystal detailing is the perfect piece to inject a sense of luxe to your prom look.

$27.90 USD


Geometric Gems Long Necklace

Make a show stopping prom look by wearing this unique and beautiful geometric gems long necklace.

$31.00 USD

2. Sweetheart Neckline


If you’re styling  a classic sweetheart neckline that will accentuate your curves, your jewellery options are pretty open like the straight-across neckline. Regardless, its a minimal and subtle piece or a dramatic bold statement jewellery. However, bare in mind that try to keep from looking over-accessorized. stick to only one piece of jewellery. Either you go for a piece of earrings or a piece of necklace.


Geometric Crystal Stud Earrings

Spice up your prom look with this pair of glamorous geometric crystal stud earrings.

$14.00 USD


Pearl and Crystal Dangle Earrings

Create that ultimate classy prom look with this exquisite pair of earl and crystal dangle earrings.

$ 7.99 USD


Pink Gemstone Chandelier Earrings 

Think Pink this season with this lovely pair of pink gemstone chandelier earrings.

$ 8.00 USD


Gold Long Tassel Earrings

Add a little movement to your look with this glamorous gold long tassel earrings which features some pearl detailing.

$4.99 USD


Gold Diamond Choker Necklace

Inject a splash of edginess to your prom look instantly with this cool piece of gold and diamond choker.

$6.99 USD


Rose Gold Necklace with Crystal and Pearl Embellishments

If you’re the rose gold freak, then this delicate rose gold twisted necklace with crystal and pearl embellishments is perfect for you!

$33.99 USD

3. Square Neckline


If you’re wearing a dress with a square neckline, a bold statement necklace will looks flattering! A square neckline naturally frames your chest, leaving it open for a beautiful necklace. Whether it is a bold choker necklace or a collar necklace, it will complement you!


Back Geometric Statement Necklace

Stand out from the crowd looking fab wit this black geometric statement necklace.



Turquoise and white Pearl Layer Necklace

Your evening look will be anything but boring when you style this turquoise and white pearl layer statement necklace.

$44.50 USD


Gold Statement Necklace with Beads and Bow Accent

Add a splash of loveliness to your evening look with this pretty gold statement necklace with beads and bow accent.

$ 49.50 USD


Crystal and Glass Flower Statement Necklace

Look bold and dramatic when you wear this cool statement necklace that features crystal and glass flower embellishments.

$20.00 USD

4. Scoop Neckline


A scoop neckline is a traditional and feminine neckline. Hence, keep it simple, minimal and clean with dainty and exquisite necklace, bracelet and earrings. Never muddle it oversize jewellery.



Gold Necklace with Pearls Pendant

Accessories need not be big to be great. This exquisite dainty gold necklace with pearls pendant will add a splash of sophistication.

$11.00 USD


Crystal Hollow Out Flower Stud Earrings

Inject a splash of glitz with this stud earrings that feature crystallise hollow out flower pattern.

$9.00 USD


Flower Crystal Rhinestone Long Tassel Earrings

This beautiful pair of long tassel earrings is highlighted with flowers design crystal rhinestone.

$14.99 USD


Dainty Pink Stone Necklace

Look minimal and elegant when you wear this dainty pink stone necklace.

$64.00 USD


Rose Gold ‘T’ Cuff Bracelet

Add some detailing to your hand by wearing this beautiful and minimal rose gold ‘T’ cuff bracelet.

$9.90 USD


5. Off The Shoulder Neckline


Off the shoulder which is kind of similar with the strapless and straight across neckline enables you to style literally any and every kind of jewellery pieces. Since this neckline leaves a lot of skin bare, fill the space with chokers, statement earrings to bring the eye up.


Crystal Jewelled Choker Necklace

When you’re styling off shoulder pieces, this crystal jewelled choker necklace will instantly make your evening look pop with its dazzling effect!

$20.99 USD


Pink Crystal Long Earrings 

Give your evening look a splash of colour with this pretty and lovely pink crystal long earrings.

$9.99 USD


Black Gemstone Dangle Earrings

Channel the all black theme with this gorgeous piece of dangle earrings that has this gorgeous black gemstone detailing.

$4.00 USD


Crystal Water Drop Choker Necklace

Look extremely luxe when you wear this crystal water drop choker necklace.

$22.50 USD

6. High Neckline


When you’re styling a high neckline, avoid necklaces and you should limit yourself to only one accessory to prevent yourself looking overwhelmed. You can either go for stud earrings or hair accessories to spice up your look. At the same time, these accessories add shine to your look without taking away attention from the detailed bodice.


Red Gemstone and Crystal Stud Earrings 

Add a splash of Victorian vibe with this exquisite and gorgeous red gemstone and crystal stud earrings.

$9.99 USD


Golden Leaves hair Comb

Make your hair anything but boring with this greek goddess inspired golden leaves hair comb.

$6.99 USD


Golden Floral and Lace Headpiece

Style your hair with this beautiful golden floral and lace headpiece. Regardless you have straight or curly hair, this headpiece is sure to looks flattering on you!

$15.00 USD


Golden Butterfly Headpiece

Absolutely beautiful golden butterfly headpiece  which is the perfect accessory for any style of hair – curly, straight, even a messy bun!

$16.00 USD

7. Plunging V Neckline


If you’re channeling the seductive plunge v neckline where your  skin and curves are exposed, you have a few options of accessories. For instance dainty earrings, dangle earrings, choker necklace that will elongate your torso, making you look long and lean.


Gold Dreamcatcher with Tassel Drop Earrings

Give your look a glamorous twist with this gorgeous gold dreamcatcher with tassel drop earrings.

$18.00 USD


Geometric Crystal Stud Earrings

Amp up the glam of your evening look with this absolutely stunning geometric crystal stud earrings.

$12.00 USD


Crystal and Gemstone Long Earrings

Dazzle the night away with this heavenly gorgeous crystal and blue gemstone long earrings.

$34.00 USD


 Silver Sphere Dangle Earrings 

Look simple and sophisticated with this delicate pair of silver sphere dangle earrings.



Blue Gemstone and Crystal Stud Earrings

Make your look stand out in this pretty blue gemstone and crystal stud earrings.

$10.00 USD


That’s all for today’s topic and I hope you guys find this helpful in picking the perfect jewellery pieces for your prom dress style!

Do not hesitate to leave us your thoughts because we’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more topics from us as we update on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Till next time!

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