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Today, we are going to share with you some styling tips on how to be CHIC in COMFY clothes !

First, lets get inspired by images from Pinterest as well as fashion bloggers.


Source: Pinterest
Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.22.00 PM
Daria | Russian | Fashion Journalist
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.30.32 AM
Ricci | Toronto, Canada | Fashion Youtuber
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.40.54 PM
Catherine V | French | Fashion Blogger


We all  OFTEN come to a point that we are SUPER LAZY to dress up as we have tons of COURSEWORK // WORK need to be done // busy studying for FINALS !


Of course none of us enjoy leaving the house looking like slobs.

Lucky for all of us, there are several outfits out there that are just as comfy as pyjamas!

Most IMPORTANT is they all look thousand times more appropriate in public XD! (Phew~)


 “Tips & Tricks for Staying Cozy While Looking Chic”

  • Jeggings –  These are the trick! They look exactly like a pair of jeans, but are soft and stretchy.

  • Embrace your glasses – They not only save your time in putting contacts, you can also go out without eye makeup if you have thick-rimmed glasses! All you need to do is put on some gloss or lipstick.
  • Oversizes – Oversize items just literally the life savour during lazy days. BUT remember when you have oversize top, try to go for a tight bottom or the other way round as you do not want to look too baggy or bulky !
  • Top knots – A messy bun on the top of your head not only masks greasy hair BUT also looks super stylish !!! It’s a great trick to pull when you’re too busy or lazy to do your hair!
  • Beanies – Great way to hide greasy roots.


Lets Start to Mix & Match !!!


Look 1 

Faux 2 pieces Knitwear X Ripped Jeggings X Flats X Black Handbag

Faux 2 Pieces Knitwear

product-hugerect-600144-227482-1449579300-3ce06bd8d5dc87ca02d1ff1e07ee6ae7 (1)

Ripped Jeggings


White Flats


Tassel Black Handbag


For the first comfy look, pick a faux two piece knitwear for your top. This is because people might eventually think that you spend some time in layering your outfit when you just slip in for seconds.

Then pair it with a pair of ripped jeggings and a pair of comfy flats that easy to put on !

To finish this look, carry a black tassel handbag so you can toss all your necessities such as wallet, phone, notebook etc in it.


Look 2 

Sweater X Black Jeggings X Grey Canvas Sneakers 

Flora Sweater


Black Jeggings


Grey Canvas Sneakers


For the second look, opt a statement sweater i.e a flora sweater for this coming Spring!

Thus, you can chill in comfy sweater yet look fashionable.

For the bottom pick a all black jeggings and opt for a simple “READY TO GO” sneakers !

P.S Whenever you have a statement item, try to keep it simple for the rest so you wont look overdress.


Look 3

Long Cardigan X Sleeveless Top X Boyfriend Jeans X Oxford Shoes

Long Grey Cardigan


Pastel Sleeveless Top


Boyfriend Jeans

product-hugerect-604989-131585-1450948244-f95265f4b6695cdf0b9e9829fb7fbf75 (1)

Oxford Shoes


For the third look, I will suggest you to pick some lightweight outfits.

First wear a pastel pink sleeveless top to welcome the coming Spring.

Then pair it with the comfiest jeans in the world, BOYFRIEND JEANS!

To complete the look, wear a pair of white oxford shoes and a long cardigan!


Look 4 

Oversized Hoodie X Denim Shorts X Sneakers

Oversized Hoodie


Denim Shorts


Grey Sneakers


For this look, go for a oversized hoodie !

Believe me, I can wear oversized hoodie all the time, they are so cozy to chill with!

Then pair it with a denim shorts if you can stand the weather, but if its too cold you can wear a pair of jeggings.

To finish this look, I will suggest wear a pair of high top grey sneakers!


Look 5

Top Knot X Scarf X Loose Fit Basic Dress X Lace Socks X Canvas Shoes

Top Knot


Red Scarf


Loose Fit Basic Dress


Lace Socks


Casual Canvas Shoes


For the fifth look, I will say wear a DRESS !

The condition is dont pick dress which is too tight, try to opt for loose fit dress so you wont feel uneasy in it!

Then pair your dress with a scarf to warm yourself if the weather is cosy.

When you have scarf on your neck, try to tie your long hair into a top knot! I promise it will look more stunning!

To finish the look, slip your feet into a pair of lace socks and wear a pair of casual canvas shoes !


Look 6

White Shirt X Black Suspender Wide Leg Pants X Black Statement Flats

White Shirt with Graphic


Black Suspender Wide Leg Pants


Black Statement Flats


For the 6th look, you can either pick a basic white shirt or go with a bold white shirt i.e white shirt with graphics on it.

Roll your white shirt sleeves up and layer it with a suspender wide leg pants jumpsuit !

Then wear a cute statement flats to complete your look !


Look 7

Long Sleeves Tunic Dress  X Chunky Ankle Boots X Black Leather Backpack

Long Sleeves Green Plaid Check Tunic Dress 


Chunky Ankle Boots

product-hugerect-585949-157367-1446794526-bc77b110af57a5c1c04a985add9e4313 (1)

Black Leather Backpack


If you like comfy style, TUNIC is the item you need to embrace !!!

Wear a long sleeve flannel tunic dress with a pair of black chunky ankle boots.

If the weather is cold, you can add a pair of thick socks underneath.

To make this look more chic, carry a black leather backpack !


Look 8

Loose Blouse X Long Denim Skirt X Black Flats

Loose Blouse


Long Denim Skirt 


Black Studded Flats


For the 8th look, I will say go with something which is in loose fit.

For example a loose fit blouse with some details.

Pair it with a long skirt so you will not feel uneasy.

Then slip into a pair of comfortable flats with some studded details ! Tadaa you are now comfy and stylish !


Look 9

Loose Fit Dress X Long Necklace X Sneakers 

Loose Fit Dress


Long Necklace


Pastel Blue Sneakers


For this look, I will go for a light weight and loose fit white dress. A loose fit dress is the BEST to go around !

Then pick a long necklace to accessorise your white dress so it wont look too plain.

Besides, with a long necklace, it will make the entire outfit stands out!

I will say go for a pair of pastel blue sneakers to give your outfit a soft look.


Look 10

Beanie X Oversized T-shirt X Denim Shorts X Canvas Shoes



Oversized T-shirt 


Denim Shorts


Canvas Shoes


For the last look, nothing can beats an oversized Tshirt !

Then wear your oversized T with a pair of denim shorts and a simple gradient canvas shoes !

To complete this look, wear a beanie and now you are READY to go !


Whatever you look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement!!!

Hope You Enjoy Reading Luulla’s Blog.

Stay Tune for More Fashion Tips


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