Magical Mason Jar Christmas Decorations and Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

It’s officially December and Christmas is just 2 weeks ahead. If you can’t get enough of Christmas decorations, this blogpost is dedicate for you as I’m going to teach you how to turn your boring mason jar into some magical Christmas decorations! Plus, these mason jar Christmas decorations can be great and creative gifts for your best friends and families! Thinking of saving yourself some money on gifts, keep calm and continue scrolling to find out more! Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the point!


1. Festive Mason Jar Candle


If you plan to make your friends and family something speical yourself. Why not give Christmas mason jar candle a try. Not only it is easy to make in bulk, it is also a crowd’s favourite! Trust me, everyone loves candle especially during this candle lighting season! Either you can buy candles and put into a mason jar which is decorated by yourself or you can actually make the candle yourself.

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Have a thing for the classic Christmas plaid, then this candle is extremely perfect for you!


Wrap the mason jar with wide plaid ribbon. Secure it with jute strings tied in a bow. Hot-glue a pinecone and artificial greenery to the bow. For a final touch, wood-burn a snowflake or polka-dots onto four wooden beads and thread onto four of the string ends. Place a tall, slender pillar candle in the jar.

Source: Amanda Formaro via Carftsbyamanda

If you adore the white snowy Christmas like me, then pick this design. This mason jar candle is so gorgeous as if it is covered with freshly fallen snow! It will look extremely great all lit up on your holiday table, mantle or even lining the walk to your door.


First, cover the rim of your mason jar with lace. Then, wrap the entire rim wth twine. You can then use pinecones as a decoration, just glue them to the twine and then to the jar. After that, it’s time to stir up the Snow-Tex with a palette knife or whatever you prefer. When you’re done, it’s time to put the Snow-Tex on the pinecones and around the rim. You can use your fingers while putting this Snow-Tex in order to have a better control. Then, add some epsom salts to the jars to create that snow floor effect. After this, you can finally put your candle down inside. Now, all you have to do is let the Snow-Tex dry!

Source: Kerryanne via Shabby Art Boutique

Want to light up the cosiness of your crib this festive season? This Christmas township mason jar candle is perfect for you! You can get the township candle holder template here.


If you’re reusing the old mason jar, make sure you clean it with soap water and remove any labels. Then, measure the inside of your jar using a piece of paper. After this, make your template fit this measurement and then inset inside of the jar. Use a cello tape to secure it in place to prevent it from moving while you’re painting. After that, use a small brush and black paint to paint the design. You can either follow the design exactly or let your imagination flows by painting what you want! The first layer of paint will be patchy but that’s okay. Leave it to dry and when you paint on the second coat it will be opaque. Then, it’s time to place your painted jar inside an old cardboard box and lightly spray the top third of the jar with Santa Now. Lastly, insert candles and walaaa your very own Christmas Township mason jar candle is all done!


2. Mason Jar Snow Globe 
Mason Jar Snow Globe
Source: Cyd Convers via The Sweetest Occasion

Who needs store-bought snow globes when you can actually craft your own?! It makes a super cute gift for your friends and family as you can actually personalised the snow globe based on their preference!  All you need to do is sprinkle some faux snow in the bottom of jar, and add trinkets and small toys. Finish off with ribbons, or lace and display them for all to enjoy!

Source: Simple Craves And Olive Oil


First, use a waterproof glue and glue all your ornaments on the mason jar lid then let it dry aside for at least 60 minutes. ***Take Note: If your ornaments are too small to be seen once the lid is screwed on, you may want to glue them on top of a small block first to give them some height. Then, it’s time to fill your mason jar with water, glitter and a few drops of glycerin to make the glitter fall more slowly. ***Take Note: Remember, when you place the ornament in the jar it displaces some of the water, so be mindful when adding the water. Lastly, assemble your snow globe by placing the lid on the jar and then screwing the cap on and you’ll have the perfect personalised snow globe! Shake it and enjoy it!


If you don’t feel like adding water into your snow globe, it will still look pretty and classic. Just that it technically wouldn’t be a true snow globe without the water. These would make awesome Christmas gifts, especially for someone who appreciates handmade presents (and really, who doesn’t??) They’re my favourite kind of gifts 🙂



3. Fairy Light Mason Jar
Source: Carrie via Making Lemonade

Fairy lights in a jar is just perfect to spice up this festive season. They bring such illumination and light into the space where you locate them. It also looks like you have numbers of fireflies in the jar. Most important is they are super easy to make! All you need is stuff in a bunch of string lights in your mason jar.

Source: All Things Heart and Home


First and foremost, tap the top of the light string to the lid with washi tape. Then, carefully dropped the battery box to the bottom of the jar, and covered it with burlap. You can also add in a mini mirror garland if you want. And walaaa you are all done! Pretty easy isn’t it?!

Source: Lights & Decor

Fairly light jar looks extremely pretty when you place a few together instead of one. They look great on a nightstand or elsewhere in your home. Not only it spice up Christmas, it is also suitable for weddings and other special events.


That’s all for today’s topic!
Have fun making this pretty D.I.Ys for your loved ones!
Do not hesitate to share with us your ideas on utilising mason jar for Christmas decorations and gifts!
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