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Fashion Lovers out there !

Saint Patrick’s Day is COMING !!!!!!

Aren’t you guys excited about it??!!

Are you READY to enjoy the Irish culture & religious feast

by taking part

in the parades, dances or just indulge yourself with some mouth-watering unique food and loved ones?

Keep Calm & Be Inspired ūüėÄ


So, before I give you some fashion tips, I would love to give you a brief idea on what Saint Patrick’s Day is as some of you might not really know what is the true story behind this well-known festival. Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural celebration which will be held on 17th of March (Calendardate 2016).¬†The date marks the traditional death of the saint and it honours Saint Patrick and Christianity in Ireland (Calenderdate 2016).¬†Moreover, it also celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish population.¬†During the festival, people will be wearing green attires or anything with shamrock symbols to attend parades and festivals (Calendardate 2016). If you wish to know more on this festival do click on this website.

Okay now lets BAAAAACK to the main topic ! What To WEAR for this occasion ? What outfit can suit this festive well YET stylish? I will say pick the basic items and do some mix and match!


1st Outfit¬†–> Green Dress X Metallic Clutch X Ankle Boots X Clover Necklace¬†X Knot Belt¬†

1. Green Dress 


Clover Necklace 


St Patrick’s inspiration nails


Knot Belt


Metallic Clutch


Ankle Boots



If you are a fan of dresses, I will suggest you to pick this combination.

Wear a piece of basic green dress with some ruffle details on the bottom of dress. This will creates a feminine look yet appropriate for St Patrick as GREEN is the symbolic colour !

To enhance your waist line, I propose pair it with a belt! Try to find belts which are unique and fun like this knot belt!

Then pair your dress with a pair of ankle boots to create that FEMININE yet EDGY look !

To finish your look, carry a metallic clutch, wear a clover necklace or even paint your nails in GREEN !

P.S if the weather is cold in your country, wear a black trench coat.


2nd Outfit –> Green Dress X Clover Bangle X Black Hand Bag X¬†Black Studded Pointed Heels¬†

Green Dress with Detachable Beaded Necklace 


Clover Charm Plated Bangle 


Black Hand Bag


Black Studded Pointed Heels


Here is another option for ladies who prefer dresses !

First, wear a piece of elegant green dress with some detachable beaded necklace. The beaded necklace will make the entire look more classy.

If you do not favour beaded necklace, NO WORRIES as you can just detach it!

For bag, opt for a classic black handbag.

Then end your look with a pair of black studded heels and a clover charm plated bangle !


3rd outfit –> Green Trench Coat X Shamrock T-Shirt X¬†Boyfriend Destroyed Jeans X¬†Black Boots X Black Leather Backpack

Green Trench Coat 


Shamrock T-shirt 


Saint Patrick’s Inspired Nails


Boyfriend Destroyed Jeans


Black Boots 


Black Leather Backpack


For those ladies who aim to celebrate the festival in some comfortable clothes. This combination is definitely perfect for you as they are comfy yet chic to style with !

First wear a shamrock printed T-shirt with a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans. Destroyed Jeans will always create that chic look even though you only pair it with a t-shirt!

Then layer it with a green trench coat to look more FESTIVE !

Then complete your outfit with a pair of black studded boots and a black leather backpack !

Walaaa, you are ready to ROCK this festive like nobody else!


4th outfit¬†–> Black Cropped Top X Jade Green Skirt X Light Green Pointed Heels X Black Bullet Shoulder Bag X Clover Earrings

Black Cropped Top with Sweetheart Neckline


Jade Green Skirt


Light Green Pointed Heels 


Black Bullet Shoulder Bag


Clover Earrings


For the forth outfit, I will play around with some BOLD and FUN pieces.

First, I will choose a cropped top with a sweetheart neckline, then I will pair it with a A-line jade green skirt.

With the aid of A-line skirt, it can help those ladies who are not confident with their figures as A-line skirt literally FITS everyone !

For shoes, pick a pair of light green pointed heels! FYI pointed heels is extremely important for this season !

Then finish your look with a black bullet shoulder bag to give your outfit a BOLD personality.

Lastly, wear a pair of clover earrings.


5th outfit –> Green Cardigan X Black Turtle Neck Top X All Button Down Denim Skirt X Black¬†stiletto heels X Gold Clover Necklace¬†

Green Cardigan


Black Turtle Neck Top


Gold Clover Necklace


Saint Patrick’s Manicure Inspirations


All Button Down Denim


Black Stiletto Heels

product-hugerect-598949-204883-1449294540-d6819b2bd39756d71c6b26dcdeff7bcb.449294541_type_hugerect_nid_598949_uid_204883_0So, it has come to the last outfit.

For the last outfit I will highly recommend to those who are more conservative in picking colours.

Wear a black turtle neck with a high waist all button down denim skirt.

Then pair it with a pair of black stiletto heels.

To show more festive mood, layer your outfit with a green cardigan, a gold clover necklace as well as paint your nails in GREEN!


With all these fashion tips


Who says dressing up for Saint Patrick will ended up like Christmas Tree??

Whatever you look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement!!!

Hope You Enjoy Reading Luulla’s Blog.

Stay Tune for More Fashion Tips

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