Passive-Aggressive Secret Santa Gifts Under $20


If you are on Santa’s Naughty List this year, plan B should be resorting to inexpensive but thoughtful gifts for everyone this Christmas. Your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers or simply anyone who comes to mind because you’re a saint (ha-ha!) who would want to put a smile on their faces. I understand that some indecencies are justifiable, while some people just make us naughty to the bone. Intentionally or not, I don’t blame you for not being perfect but this your last chance to redeem yourself before the year ends. For you little devils out there, people will wish they got you as their secret santa when you present them these ‘nice’ gifts that they will love. Splurge and feel 100% guilt-free because they’re $20 and below!




Geometric Colour Blocking Halter Bikini Set
$15.00 USD

A fun and sexy bikini set for her to rock in when she goes for her next summer vacay. After all, she needs a getaway from the hell amount of crap you’ve loaded on her.


24K Gold Plated Poker Card Deck 
$17.99 USD

 We could all use some 24K magic in the air when we’re gambling and taking huge risks in our lives.


Pointed Toe Leopard Print Ballerina Flats
$14.00 USD

I bet she wishes she were as ferocious and wild like you. Let her be in your shoes in this fierce lookin’ leopard print ballerinas.


Handmade Dream Catcher
$9.99 USD

A dream catcher because what you said might have tarnished someone’s dreams. Why not be nice and offer a little encouragement instead?


Cat Faced Shoulder Bag
$15.99 USD

Your loud mouth may have let the cat out of the bag and people aren’t happy about it. Even the cat.


Oversized Knitted Sweater
$20.00 USD

People around you will need to keep warm cause girl, you’re an ice queen with a cold heart.


Red Square Decorative  Linen Pillow Case
$9.99 USD

A beautiful linen pillow case because of all the silent tears she cried into her pillow at night over your mean remarks. She could use a new one.


World Map Wanderlust Leather Watch
$9.99 USD

It’s about time that pour soul go travelling. Inspire her wanderlust so that she goes somewhere far, far away from you and your relentless drama.


Orange-Grape Essential Oil Scented Candle
$13.99 USD

Scented candles that release the sweet essence of orange with a hint of grapes because it sets the mood. *wink


Elmo Sesame Street Toddler Cutlery Set
$8.00 USD

Eat your heart out, <insert name here> ! Here’s a cute cutlery set you can use.


Captain / Sailor Teddy Bear
$12.00 USD

For the one who always, always, always state the obvious. Aye, Captain Obvious!

satin dress

Cami Red Velvet Dress
$20.00 USD

A seductive looking dress for your bestie who tolerates and parties with you. Double trouble!


Blue Water Bottle with Portable Tea Strainer
$2.99 USD

A new water tumbler for your friends who always have to keep up with you. Just in case they get exhausted and need to refresh.


Basic Printed Graphic T-shirt
$14.99 USD

For the one who takes things waaaay too seriously, a subtle reminder to relax.


Sip Through Wine Glass
$19.99 USD

Help someone unwind while sipping on wine in a stylish wine glass. It takes more than a glass of wine to forget and undo everything that went wrong. Or leads to trouble.


Lego Block Cup
$10.00 USD

For the one who needs to rebuild their lives after the damage you’ve caused. Show you’re sorry (or not) and it can be sorted out over coffee. Slowly, one block at a time.


Women’s Ruffled Casual Cotton Socks – 5 Pairs
$3.99 USD

Know someone who’s getting cold feet? Here are 5 pairs of socks to toughen up.


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