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HEY GEEK GIRLS -REJOICE! Because today’s topic is going to be about #PokemonGo OOTD!

Just when you thought Pokemon Go, the newly launched mobile game sensation couldn’t get any crazier, it has already invading fashion. Now, you can wear like your fave Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go on your phone, cool right? Inspired by the Pokemon Go mobile game sensation, I have created a few OOTDs that you should be wearing while catching some rare Pokemon out there. Why? Because it is creative and fun! Long story short, let’s keep calm and go on a Pokemon Go Adventure!



1) Ash Ketchum.

To look like one of the Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, you just need a few items such as a blue leather jacket, a baseball cap, a pair of denim trousers and a pair of navy canvas shoes. On the inside, opt for a teal green camisole tank top because it is summer, the less fabric the better to keep you cool. Lastly, carry a green backpack because you’re going to store your snacks, water, and phone charger, right?



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2) Misty.

Just when you thought crop top is a recent trend thing, back in 90s Misty was the original trendsetter of crop top, high waisted denim shorts, red suspenders and a tall ponytail. Inspired by Misty character in Pokemon, you just need a bright yellow crop top and wear it underneath a denim short overalls. Carry a feminine red backpack and lastly, wear a pair of red sneakers.



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New-2016-S-XL-Top-Quality-Women-Girls-Washed-font-b-Jeans-b-font-Denim-Casual (1)

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3) Brock.

Over the span of the anime, Brock had wore three different outfits, all of which have had the colors orange, green and brown, with blue shoes. For the top, I have picked a bright orange tank top and pair it with an army green vest. Then, wear a pair of brown jeggings and slip on a pair of blue sports shoes. Lastly, carry a blue canvas backpack because that’s where Brock carries all his supplies, maps and books while he travels. Oh! Just in case you met someone you like, you may want to put on a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses (just like how Brock met Nurse Joy every time)!



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4) Pikachu.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love this chubby and cuddly rodent Pokemon which is covered with yellow fur? To dress up like your fave electric-type Pokemon, you just need to have three colors in your outfit, which are yellow, red and black. I have picked a girlish pastel yellow dress because the cutting of the dress is fit and flare, it can show off your waistline and appear slim. Buckle a thin belt on your waistline will create a visual tuck in, making your body appear thinner. Wear a pair of black color chunky heels with a bowknot detail, it will give you a flirty and fun look. For the color red, I have chosen a pair of sophisticated red rose earrings to polish up the entire look. Lastly, carry a vintage yellow handbag to store all your important stuff such as your cushion compact, wallet, and power bank.



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5) Charmander.

Charmander is a cute dinosaur-like Pokemon who walks on two feet. Most of its body is covered with orange color and the flame on its tail indicates Charmander’s life force.

To wear like this cutest Fire-type Pokemon, all you need is a majority of orange color and a little touch of yellow, green and white colors to your outfit. For the top, I have picked a chiffon material long sleeve blouse and pair it with a yellow color pleated shorts. For the footwear, opt for a white color fish head heels to indicate the feet of Charmander. Carry a tote bag with a brighter orange hue to show a color contrast to your outfit. Lastly, put on a pair greenish earrings to polish up your look. It looks like Charmander’s eyes, don’t you think?



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6) Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff is a globular, chubby, fluffy and cuddly balloon-type Pokemon. To dress like Jigglypuff, all you need is pink, pink and pink. So, for the bottom, I have hand-picked a pink, oversized sweater and pair it with a piece of black skinny jeans. This combination will give you an effortless yet chic look. Slip on a pair of pink pumps with lace detail on it and carry a pink tote bag. Add on a leaf statement necklace with green stones on it to contrast the over-loaded pink color. Lastly, put on a pair of rosy pink mirrored sunglasses for that edgy and cool look.



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7) Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur is a greenish, hunching dinosaur-like Pokemon that walks on four legs. It has a huge bulb on its back that it is able to shoot seeds out of.

For those who ships Bulbasaur and wants to dress like it, opt for a mint green camisole tank top and pair it with a green pants with yellow belt on it. Slip on a pair of white heels with mint platform that resembles Bulbasaur’s feet. Then, carry a dark green color handbag to add a perfect contrast to your all-green outfit. Lastly, add a pair of red flower earrings to polish up your look.



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8) Squirtle.

This light blue turtle Pokemon is covered with three major colors which are blue, brown and beige. To dress like Squirtle, opt for a cute pastel blue summer dress. If you’re feeling cold in indoors, throw on a beige color high low cardigan to keep you warm. For the footwear, wear a pair of striking blue heels with a bowknot detail at the back of the heels. Carry a brown leather fashion handbag to add a bit of sophisticated look to your outfit. Lastly, add on a pastel blue watch with floral details on it.



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9) Togepi.

For the last Pokemon, it is a cute egg-shaped Pokemon that belongs to Misty. Togepi’s egg shell is covered with red and blue pattern on it, while its entire body is beige in color.

To dress like Togepi, wear a beige color sleeveless blouse and pair it with a blue pants with a zip up detail on it. Wear a pair of cute flats with black bow design to give a girlish and chic look. Add on a bright yellow necklace to your outfit and carry and tote bag with red stripes on it.



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That’s all for today’s topic on #PokemonGo OOTD!

I hope you guys find today’s topic interesting and fun!

Tell us what you think because we’d love to hear it from you. <3

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