Revamp Your Denim with these 5 Cool DIY Ideas

Have you got all the denim piled up in your wardrobe? Seeing them day by day while looking those on the streets with stylish and up-to-date denim with distressed, patchwork, embroidery detailing. You so wanna get them but your wallet says a no-no? Do not worry! We have got you covered!

Just follow through these cool and simple DIY ideas to revamp your denim as if it is as new as ever!

#1 DIY Embellished Denim Shirt

Source: Honestly WTF

You probably have one button-down denim shirt in your wardrobe and it seems like a bit boring after all? Bedazzle the plain denim with some sparkling rhinestones, buttons and pearls. Trust me,  a little of that shimmering details do amp up your usual ensemble. Try it out!

Materials you need:

  • A denim shirt
  • Assorted buttons
  • Flat back pearls
  • Assorted rhinestones
  • Jewel-it washable glue
  • A pair of flush wire cutters
  • A toothpick
  • A disposable wooden spoon or plastic container

** Tips: Make sure that you prepare two sets of embellishments if you are planning on embellishing the collar


  1. If you have prepared shank style buttons, remove the back of the buttons first using the flush cutter.
  2. Then, squeeze a little of the glue on a wooden spoon or container. Dab a little of the glue with a toothpick on the back of a button, rhinestone or pearl.
  3. Start placing the embellishment from the tip of the collar and work outwards from there.
  4. The glue will take some time to dry. So, be careful not to touch the other pieces while positioning the embellishment.
  5. Repeat the same design for the other side of the collar.
  6. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before wearing and handling the shirt. It is recommended to dry clean the shirt.

That’s it! You have just added some wow factor to your denim shirt without much spending. Feel free to decorate any part of your shirt. You can try embellishing your pockets or even on the upper part of the shirt! Happy embellishing!

#2 DIY Heart Stamp Jeans

Source: Pretty Life Girls

Add some fun prints on your jeans. Some prints on the jeans are a great match to the neutral outfits you go for. The plain old jeans may be monotonous so those fun prints help to enlighten the entire outfit. Plus, they are easy to go well with any simple basic top! Get started with a heart-shaped patterned DIY jeans. Here is how you do it:

Materials you need:

  • A pair of jeans
  • Fabric paint
  • Sponge brush
  • Heart punch
  • A piece of cardboard

**Tips: Have your jeans ironed before you start to get a better result!



  1. Prepare a heart shape cut-out from a piece of cardboard. Punch the shape out using a heart-shaped puncher. If you do not have one, you may draw and cut the shape out using a cutter.
  2. Pour out some fabric paint in a container. Dip your sponge in the paint.
  3. Here is the trick. Once you have dip the sponge with paint, wipe it on a cloth for several times.
  4. Then, place the cardboard on the jeans and dip the sponge lightly on the jeans.
  5. Continue with stamping the hearts in an alternate order.
  6. Repeat step 3 once the paint in the brush finishes.

Voila! Heart-shaped stamp jeans are done with just a few simple steps. You may not master it on the first few hearts or because you dipped in too much paint for the first time and the heart shape got ruined. Not to worry! A damp towel and dish soap are coming to your rescue. Just scrub the heart off with the towel and soap. Then, try again.

#3 DIY Uneven Jeans Hem

Source: Honestly WTF

No hem is the in thing now! Who says all apparels need a hem to be complete? The unfinished is the finished now. Let your hem free by cutting it off and let it down frayed and raw. For this DIY no hem jeans add a little edgy touch to it by having the hem uneven.

Also, yay to those who always have the too-long jeans problem. The length always frustrates you and perfect length of jeans is nowhere to be found for you. Now, you may let go your frustrations as custom your jeans to your desired length with a frayed hem is now possible and on trend! So, what are you waiting for?

Materials you need:

  • A pair of straight leg jeans
  • Fabric shears
  • Seam ripper
  • Ruler
  • Pen




  1. First, cut the hem off for both sides of the leg. Cut them right above the stitch line or to your desired length.
  2. Try the jeans on. Measure how high do you want the front to be.
  3. Then, take the jeans off and overturn it.
  4. Make a few marks on the jeans at the desired length and draw a line across using a pen and a ruler. You can have it about 2 and a half inch for the front.
  5. Cut it along the marked lines.


6.Use a seam ripper to remove one horizontal thread at a time.

7.Finally, wash it in the washing machine and dry it with a dryer before wearing.

Tada! No hem jeans are done within few minutes. Right now, you’ll just have to complement this fabulous piece with a pair of peep-toe ankle boots or flats! With just that, your trendy mode on!

** If you do not want it at an uneven length, feel free to have it the same length! Steps will still be the same.

#4 DIY Distressed Jeans

Source: Instyle

Distressed or ripped jeans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We have all levels of ripped jeans from a minimal to extreme ones. So, now you can do it your own and have it your style. Sometimes the ripped areas do not fit your knees or you just didn’t like the way it is ripped. Yeah, why not? Just ripped one your own for a perfect fit!

Materials you need:

  • A pair of jeans
  • Tweezer
  • Safety pin
  • Box cutter/scissors
  • A magazine/thick cardboard



  1. First, wear your jeans on and mark the areas you wished to distress using a chalk.
  2. If you would like to distress the knee area, it is best to cut 2 inches above and below the knee.
  3. Then, insert a magazine into a leg at the cutting area to prevent the box cutter from slicing through both layers of fabric. You may use cardboard as well as long it is thick enough to prevent it from slicing through.
  4. Slice the horizontal line you have marked with the box cutter or scissors
  5. Slice a few horizontal strips and space each strip about 1/2 inch to an inch apart. For an ideal distress, start with a short strip at the bottom and work upwards with longer strips midway and end with a short slice.
  6. Then, flip the first strip over and start to extract each white thread with a safety pin. Tease out one at a time and do it with care.


7. Use a tweezer to remove the short vertical thread.

8. Just repeat step 6 and 7 for each strip.

Yup and that’s it. Your distressed jeans is now done. If you would like to go for a variety of distress effect, try different tools that can be found at home.

Source: AEO

Each tool creates a different texture and outcome. Try them out and you will discover the wonders of distress.

#5 Patch Your Own Denim

Source: Boat People Boutique

Patchwork denim is one unique piece that you should have. It comes with a combination of a few patches of fabrics from different textures and design. Giving the denim a new look or rather a makeover. If you would like to have it in a simpler style, patch it with different tones of blue. Trust me, a little patchwork on the denim does bring a fresh look to your outfit!

Materials you need:

  • A pair of loose denim
  • Assorted fabrics (that share the same colour palette)
  • Hand sewing material



  1. First, place your denim on a flat surface.
  2. Choose a few types of fabric that you wish to patch it on your denim.
  3. Measure the fabric to your own desired size and shape. Cut them out.
  4. Try positioning them on the jeans before sewing to see if it looks good and giving you the effect and the style you wanted.
  5. Then cut the access or do any adjustments to the fabric if there is any.
  6. Pin the patches onto your jeans to secure it in place and hand sew them with care. If you do not want to hand sew it, you may also glue the fabrics for a longer lasting design.


** Tips: Rolling the cuff up? For extra style, add a matching trim to your jeans cuff.

Check out the tutorial for clearer and more visual steps.

Have you got some idea on how to revamp your jeans from this list?

Hope this DIY steps would help you to get in style without having to cost a fortune.

Share with us on how it goes. We would love to hear from you!

Revamp your denim now!

Stay tuned with us for more DIY ideas!


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