Ring In the New Year with These 7 Gorgeous NYE Hairstyles!

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away! Whether you’re going to have a family party on the New Year’s Eve or plenty of parties to attend, the occasion definitely calls for a unique hairstyle that is sure to give maximum wow-factor to your entire NYE outfit. Team your holiday glam makeup and showstopping NYE outfit with these elegant hairstyles and slay the New Year’s Eve like an A-list celeb!

Here, I’ve rounded out 7 edgy and glamorous hairstyles that are sure to complement your outfit perfectly. Keep scrolling and get inspired with us!


1. Side Braid 

Let out your inner rock chic in this edgy side braid hairdo paired with an elegant wavy hair! If you’re looking for a fun, flirty and edgy hairstyle that suits your bold characteristic, this hairdo is absolutely perfect for you to rock the NYE party. 

Source: Twist me pretty


1. Give your hair a big, elegant, wavy texture by curling it with your favorite hair curler.

2. Once you’ve done curling, create a deep side part and divide the smaller side into two sections.

3. Secure the top section with a hair clip, then start french braiding the bottom section. Secure the french braid with a bobby pin.

4. Start braiding the top section of your hair. Once you’ve done, secure it together with the bobby pin.

5. Tie your hair up and leave a small section near the nape of your neck. Now, tie the braid sections with the small section of hair with a clear elastic.

6. The last step is to add more texture to your wavy hair with your preferred hair gel and you’re good to go!



2. Sleek Top Knot Bun

Slay the sleek top knot bun like Kendall Jenner to match your killer NYE outfit! This hairstyle is fairly easy to do within 5 minutes and all you need is just a brush, a hair tie, some bobby pins, and some hair products and that’s it!

Source: Byrdie


1. Flip your hair over to create a high ponytail. Remember to brush your hair while doing so to ensure a smooth and tight texture.

2. Create a small standing loop by pulling your hair half-way through the hair tie. Make sure the loop is small enough to stand so that it won’t flop to one side.

3. Then, wrap the remaining piece of your hair around the base of the bun and secure it with some bobby pins or U-shaped pins.

4. To create a sleek top knot bun look, spray some hairspray all over for a chic look and you’re done!


3. Festive Space Buns

Add a touch of edginess and futuristic vibes to your NYE outfit with this festive space buns that is super easy to recreate! All you need is an elastic tie, a brush, and some some bobby pins and that’s it!

Source: Ruby Radzik @ Youtube


1. Brush your hair to create a smooth and non-frizzy texture.

2. Split your hair into two sections, and twist each section into a high bun.

3. Secure each bun with a hair band that is matching your hair color.

4. Lastly, spray some hairspray to keep the style looking chic!

5. For added effect, amp up the festive space buns with a right amount of glitters and sparks. Mix clear hair gel with your preferred glitter, then apply it onto your part using a brush.


4. Bombshell Waves

 Transform yourself into a bombshell with the signature Victoria’s Secret angels signature hairstyle! This hairstyle is not only great for night parties, but also for the everyday casual look. Read the instructions below to master the tips of creating a bombshell blowout!

Source: People


1. Start off with a textured, dry hair. Grab a section near your ear and start curling with your favorite wand.

2. Clip the bottom of the section in the curling iron, leaving the ends out because straight ends are the key to that bombshell wavy look.

3. Then, start rotating the wand away from your face, leaving a 2 inches space from the root.

4. Hold the wand vertically for about 3 to 4 seconds.

5. After 3 – 4 seconds, release the hair and do not touch it, allowing the curled section to cool completely.

6. Repeat the same process around your entire head and voila!


5. Side Swept Waterfall Braid

If you’re looking for a romantic and graceful hairstyle, look no further than this alluring side swept waterfall braid! The combination of an elegant wavy hair with a waterfall braid will sure to have you looking extremely gorgeous and gain couple of compliments!

Source: Missy Sue


1. First, brush through your hair to ensure a smooth and tangle-free hair. Then, create a deep side part on the right side and sweep all of the hair over the left shoulder.

2. Grab a small section near the forehead and divide it into three strands.

3. Now, let’s begin with braiding your hair like how you normally would. Cross the top strand over the middle, then bottom strand over the middle.

4. Next, we will continue with waterfall braiding technique. Cross the top strand over the middle, and bring in a new section of hair mixing it into the braid.

5. Then, instead of crossing the bottom strand over the middle, drop it down to create the first waterfall piece. Grab a new section right behind the waterfall piece and cross it over the middle and mixing it into the braid.

6. Continue step 4 & 5 to create a waterfall braid, and keep braiding towards the left side of your hair and down to the nape of your neck.

7. Once you’ve reached the neckline and the last section of your hair is mixed into the braid, tuck the braid underneath your hair and hold it in place with some bobby pins until it is completely secured.

8. Spray some hairspray to smooth down any frizzy hair and keep it in style. That’s it!


6. Half Up Dutch Fishtail Braids

Add a touch of flair to your everyday casual wavy hair with a half up dutch fishtail braids! Whether you’re going to attend a family dinner or NYE party with your friends, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for ladies who are obsessed with the classy and sophisticated look.

Source: Missy Sue


1. Start off with a dry and smooth hair with an elegant wavy texture.

2. Once you’ve done curling your hair, it’s time to add in some pretty braids for a touch of festivity vibes.

3. Part your hair near the center of the forehead, then, grab a small section near the part.

4. Divide the small section into three strands and cross the right strand under the middle strand, then cross the left strand under the middle strand.

5. Now, switching it to a dutch fishtail, you’ll need to grab small sections from one side under to the opposite side while adding new sections into the braid. Keep braiding downwards until it reaches the top of the ear.

6. Once you’ve reached the top of the ear, curve the braid towards the back of the head by adding new sections to the top of the braid without adding any new sections to the bottom of the braid.

7. When the two dutch fishtail braid meets each other at the back of the head, do a few more stitches and secure the braids with bobby pins.

8. Go back through the braids and pull out the edges to make them look bigger and more volume.

9. Then, lay one braid over the other at the back of your head, and secure it in place with a few bobby pins. Make sure those bobby pins are hidden underneath the braid.

10. Remove the bobby pins from the ends of the braids and you’re done!


7. Slicked Back Wet Hair

This edgy and slightly retro hairstyle is the hottest and easiest red-carpet look you can achieve with a little effort. Smart and sophisticated, this hairstyle is also perfect for showing off your sexy full face makeup with a sharp bone structure.

Source: Beau Grealy for Sunday Style Australia


1. First, brush through your hair to remove any tangles for a smooth hair and sleek hair texture.

2. To add a little bit of shine to your hair, apply gel-based hold product with a fine-tooth comb.

3. Be sure to comb your hair from root to tip, and push back the hair at the top for a retro, slicked back look.

4. Lastly, finish off with some hairspray to keep the style looking sophisticated.


That’s all for today’s topic and I hope you guys found some inspiration for your NYE hairstyle.

If you find these hairstyles difficult to create, do not worry because practice makes perfect.

Out of all these 6 gorgeous hairstyles, which is your favorite?

Tell us because we’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more awesome topics from us and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Till next time and happy 2017 in advance!



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