Scarf Season : 5 Ways to Wear A Scarf


Summer may be over but at least scarf season is here. The perfect body warming accessory, the addition of a scarf will instant elevate your outfit while captivating a whole lot of attention to your neck. Style it with scarves this season like these IT girls!


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Don’t be caught wearing your scarf the same, old way every fall and winter. Looking chic in a scarf is a easy. Here are some neckwear inspirations for you to switch things up a little and stay fashionable throughout the chilly season.

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5 Innovative scarf looks :

 1. Double Loop



How to do it:

1.  Get a long scarf and fold it into half lengthwise.
2. Knot the diagonal ends together
3. Put it over your neck, twist and loop again.

2. French Knot



How to do it:

1. Fold the long scarf in half and put it around your shoulders.
2. Grab one loose end of the scarf and pull it over and under the scarf loop.
3. Take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop.

3. Square Blanket Scarf


Source: Cortinsession

How to do it:

1.  Fold your scarf evenly and form a triangle.
2. Cross the two loose ends of the triangle behind your head.
3. Pull the scarf to the front and tuck the ends under the scarf.
4. Fluff it out until the desired look is achieved.

4. The Muffler



How to do it:

1. Hang the scarf over your shoulders and wrap it loosely around your neck. Depending on how long your scarf ism you can wrap it around a few times.
2. Tie the two ends together on your shoulder and you’re done. You can make another knot if the ends are too long.

5. Wear it as a vest



How to do it:

1. Hang the scarf over your shoulders and adjust it so that it hangs evenly on the front.
2. Belt it up with a waist-belt.


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