Summer Vacation tops

Summer is coming soon and what’s the to-do-thing in summer? Yes, vacations! Summer is all about going to the beach chilling or going on some vacations. It’s the time of the year where you should relax yourself and plan some vacation trips with your family or friends. However, you need some clothes to bring along with you when you go on vacation. Having a lack of ideas of what to wear or a lack of closets in your wardrobe? Don’t worry, we have got some ideas covered for you! Read on to find out what you can wear when going on summer vacations.


This dress is a floral pattern summer dress presented to you by luulla. The printed floral pattern on top of the dress has the beach vibes which makes you feel like summertime. It comes with three patterns and three colours which allows you to choose according to your own preference. The wavy pattern below of the dress has made it look extra charming and elegant. It’s definitely a perfect long dress that you would want to wear in summer.


Here’s another dress that you can consider to wear during your summer vacation, a black colour short dress. As the saying goes ‘’you can never be underdressed or overdressed with a little black dress’’, a black dress is definitely a perfect option for you as black colour is always on trend and it never goes out of fashion. Not only that, the lace design has made it look extra beautiful and mysterious. In this dress, it will perfectly fulfill your fairytale dream and you can wear it to any occasion!

This is a floral printed dress that has a bowknot on top. The reason why you should consider buying this dress is because the daisies can bring you joy and it’s like sunshine to the ground. Moreover, the cutting of the dress can perfectly shape your body and allow you to show off your body figure confidently. Hence, it’s also another dress that you should consider adding to your wardrobe!

2. Two-piece clothes

Two-piece clothes are the easiest and the most convenient outfit that you can think of especially during vacations as you don’t have to worry about what outfit to match with and you can just wear this and you’re ready to head out. This comes with a short tank top and a skirt with a plaid pattern. Plaids never go out of style and it’s perfect for those who want to go for a simplistic style during vacations.

This is a seaside vacation set that comes with a bikini top and long pants. The bikini top has two bowknots with one at the back part and one below the top which makes it really unique. Also, this set is made from knitting material which is extremely comfortable to wear. Moreover, this set comes with three basic colours which include khaki, white and black that are simple and you can’t go wrong with these colours.

This vacation suit comes with a short crop top and a high waist skirt. From far, the crop top looks like a butterfly pattern which is beautiful and attractive. Additionally, the polka dots pattern is like the punctuation to your whole outfit and it has the power to bring your outfit together without needing any extra accessories.

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