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Summer, the perfect season to go for vacations and trips. Not only that, it’s also good news for all the brides out there as they can finally plan for their weddings! Weddings are not just about the locations and weather, but wedding dresses also take up a large part in order to make the whole wedding complete. The choices that are available in the market are definitely more than you can think of, it’s all depending on your style preference and your budget as well. Keep in mind that a wedding is a once in a life thing so don’t let the high temperatures limit you from choosing your dresses. We’ve handpicked a few best wedding dresses from luulla so without further saying, let’s go straight to the point. Read on to find out more. 

1.A-line wedding dress


As the saying goes, less is more. Sometimes a simple wedding dress is enough to sparkle up your day and add a little cheer to your day. Below are some dresses which have proven that. 

V-neck light wedding dress, wedding dress with tail, simple super fairy bridal dress,Custom Made

V-neck light wedding dress

$149.40 USD

This is a v neck spaghetti strap wedding dress with an overlapping part in front of the dress and not to mention that behind the dress has this backless design which can show your beautiful back. The small details in front of the dress definitely make the whole dress look more elegant and graceful. This dress is perfect for those who want to go simple yet have this fairy vibes.

Simple, handmade lace wedding dress, off shoulder light dress, white light wedding dress,Custom Made

handmade lace wedding dress

$185.30 USD

Here’s another wedding dress that you can consider wearing on your wedding day too. This is a off shoulder lace wedding dress which is half visible that makes it a little bit sexy. Moreover, at the back of the dress has a bowknot which makes the whole dress look cuter. This wedding dress is perfect for those who want to look cute and sexy at the same time.

New,satin simple wedding dress, white prom dress,Custom Made

satin simple wedding dress

$139.50 USD

This is another simple wedding dress with bubble sleeves and some buttons in the middle. At the back of the dress has this v-shape design which will make your body figure look nicer and longer. This dress has this french style which is perfect for those who are looking for a dress that is full of feminine vibes. 

2. Wedding gown


Wedding gown has always been a dream to every bride as it is the most romantic thing they can own. Every design is meant to sculpt the body shape for a stunning and sophisticated look. We definitely love all the gorgeous summer wedding looks.

New ,off shoulder prom dresses, white wedding dresses, ball gown party dresses,Custom Made

white wedding dress

$179.10 USD

Featuring the floral design that pairs with a v neck cutting in front of the dress has created an eye-catching look which is totally a dream for every bride. Furthermore, the lace design on the sleeves also makes it look extra striking. 

Bridal princess wedding dress, dream simple super fairy wedding dress,Custom Made

Bridal princess wedding dress

$242.99 USD

Here comes another wedding dress that you can consider adding it into your shopping cart! The lace design that matches with the small details that lies along the gown has created a stunning and sexy vision. Just look at the details, it’s surely something to be remembered! This wedding gown design definitely makes it undeniably unique and romantic. 

Long sleeve wedding dress,square neck bridal dress with big trailing,princess dress with puffed sleeves,custom made

Long sleeve wedding dress

$179.10 USD

Who says you can’t pull off a long sleeve wedding dress in the hot and warm summer days? This dress has proven you wrong. What’s unique about this dress is that it has this fabric across your neck which elevates the whole look. This dress is effortlessly airy, soft and light which provides you with a great mobility even under the hot sun.  

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