The Most Hyped Hairstyle in 2016 – The Half Bun

If you’ve noticed, a lot of celebrities, fashion elites or even the teen living next door are styling the half bun instead of the usual top knot this year.

What’s appealing about this style is it looks simple but at the same time it looks like you’ve actually done something to your hair, even if you haven’t washed it for days.

Thus, today we’re going to show you how does this work on your hair regardless of length you have.

P.s half buns don’t have to be sloppy and undone. If you style it right, you can rock this hairstyle from office to a party night.

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1. Half Bun for Short Hair
Margaret Zhang 章凝
It’s extremely hard to have variations for short hair but with half knot, it’ll definitely add a splash of interest to your look!
Amelyn Beverly
Here is another option for those who have short hair. Position your half bun at the crown of your head and curl the remaining hair.

2. Half Bun for Mid Length Hair
Vivid Ng
Half bun is the hairstyle which you can rock not only during the Summer but also the cold Winter!
Betilla Wong
She looks absolutely chic and stylish with the half bun!
Boho Tailor
Who says half bun couldn’t work for an office look? Boho Tailorhas proven you wrong!
Tine Andrea – The Fashion Eaters
She add a splash of edge to her minimal and sleek look.
Yanyan Chan
The half bun definitely add a splash of fun and edge to her look!
3. Half Bun For Long Hair
Chiara Ferrangi
She looks extremely stunning in the half bun!
Liz Marie
She created the casual and relax kind of look by wearing the half knot hairstyle!
Christabel Chua
On a lazy day but still want to look put together? A half bun will definitely add a sense of style to your look! The half bun look extremely fab on Christabel!
Chiang 江芷妍
If you want to create the swag and street style vibe. Half bun is also definitely the on point hairstyle you can go for!
Jestinna Kuan
If you want more dimensions for your hair you can always curl your hair after tying the half bun like what Jestinna did.
Tifanny Foo
By pairing the half bun with a dress, Tifanny looks feminine ye edgy at the same time.



Christina – Hair Romance

3 Simple Steps To Create The Half Bun

        1. Grab a section of hair from the top of your head.

             If your hair has a thick volume, don’t pull hair from below your eye line.

             However, if you have fine hair, you can always add more to make the bun look more voluminous.

        2. Then use an elastic band, pretend that you’re going to tie a ponytail but before you pull the hair all the way through, create the bun.

              For the hair tie, I’ll suggest you to pick the color which match your hair.

        3. Lastly, if you want to create the messy kind of look, pull the pieces of hair apart.


 Cool Tips:

             1. The half bun looks good if you start with second-day hair. If not you can always add dry shampoo for the texture.

             2. You can always play with the positioning of your half bun. For an edgier look, try placing your bun on top of your head. For the cute and casual look, place your bun at the crown of your head.For the elegant and sophisticated style, wear your bun low.

             3. If you want more volume, wrap the bun with extensions.

             4. If you want to cover the bare sports, fill in them with a little eye shadow which is in the same shade as your hair.

             5. If you want more dimensions for your hair, you can always curl it after you’ve finished creating the half bun.

Things you might need: 


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