The Perfect Travel Shoes : Foldable Ballet Flats


As the number of female travellers are on the rise, there is no better travel companion than a pair of comfortable shoes. Introducing one of the most trendy and travel-friendly pieces that has ever been invented, get your hands on travel ballet flats. Yes, I repeat, TRAVEL BALLET FLATS!

How can any traveler not think of packing a pair of these flexible footwear?If you have a long day ahead which involves a whole lot of walking to do, travel ballet flats are here to the rescue! It’s a total game changer. Rather than bringing those space-consuming , ouch-inducing pair of high heels while on-the-go, travel ballet flats are the perfect alternative. You can fold these beauties into half and easily stash them in your carry on. As they have a flexible construction, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged. They are have a different sole than the regular ones and the elastic topline makes these flats designed to fit and conform to your foot.

Look no further. I’ve round up the perfect travel flats that will look decent no matter what outfit you don. Simply tap on the flats below for more details. Just look how cute these travel ballet flats are!




For a fashion-forward style, try on these two-tone chic ballet flats. It adds the right amount of pop to any outfit.

Patterned Pointed Toe Travel Ballet Flats Adorned with Ribbon
$24.30 USD


Shaped from glossy patent leather, these ballet flats feature a tiny, slim bow for a classic touch.

Rounded Toe Glossy Travel Ballet Flats Adorned with Ribbon
$31.50 USD


The diamond quilted fabric adds a bit of glamour and sophistication to an otherwise simple shoe.

Diamond Quilted Travel Ballet Flats Adorned with Ribbon and Charm
$31.50 USD


Go bold or go home! Captivate attention in these glossy and bright coloured flats.

Neon Travel Ballet Flats With Elastic Topline
$31.50 USD


Stay on top of your fashion game by completing the look with these oh-so-adorable dog embroidered ballerina flats.

Dog Embroidered Travel Ballet Flats
$31.50 USD


Oversized Square logo embellishes the simple ballerina flat. Designed with a cushion at the heel, these duos are made for comfort.

Rounded Toe Squared Buckle Travel Ballet Flats
$31.20 USD


Perfectly casual, yet classy, these striped flats will instantly jazz up any basic outfit you throw on.

Striped Pointed Toe Travel Ballet Flats
$ 31.50 USD


 Sometimes, all you need is a classic pair of ballerina flats topped with a bow. Keep it cool and simple.

Pointed Toe Travel ballet Flats Adorned with Tiny Ribbon
$26.40 USD


Available in classic shades, they will coordinate with almost any of your favourite outfits.

Pointed Toe Glossy Ribbon Travel Ballet Flats
$23.40 USD

For added crazy comfort, you can always create another layer of padding by inserting these gel silicone shoe pad. They cushion and protect your feet from any uncomfortable rubbing or pinching. Slipping these gel insoles will prevent blisters as they will help to hold the ball of your foot in place.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.42.43 PM

Gel Silicone Shoe Liners (3 Pairs)
$5.00 USD 

For that warm fuzzy sock feeling but not wanting the geeky sock look, get your hands on these cotton shoes liners. They’re wardrobe essentials designed to fit under your shoes for that no-sock-look. These socks are really thin and small in pack with makes it easy to carry along with you. You’ll only need a few of these on your travels because you can hand-wash them and they’re quick to dry.

shoe liners

Cotton Shoe Liner Socks ( 5 Pairs)
$4.99 USD

What’s not to love about these shoes? They so fashionable and they won’t kill your feet. In fact, it’s feels like wearing clouds on your feet. Stay tuned for more fashion tips.


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